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Sassy Water − Useful Properties and Recipe for Cooking

Absolutely all nutritionists agree in the common opinion that by observing any diet, a person should consume enough water and liquid. A water balance is one of the main pillars of the health of the organism and its harmonious functioning. 

Sassy water is a very pleasant drink, which not only helps to cleanse the body, but also to get rid of extra pounds. In this article, we will tell about the benefits of Sassy water and how it is used to lose weight. 

Origin of Liquid 

A beverage called "Sassy water" was invented by an American nutritionist, Dr. Cynthia Sass. It was she, who working on the next diet for losing the weight, decided to make an experiment, combining dietary products with drinking water. The drink which has turned out as a result, became very useful and relevant for weight loss. 

Now, the "Sassy Water" as it is called all over the world, is one of the most popular diet drinks. Its role in the body is the following − it starts the process of fat splitting, which helps lose weight at the initial stage of the diet. Observing the most sparing and "soft" diet, a person loses from 4.5 to 11 lbs, using the Sassy water. 

Recipe for Sassi Water 

To prepare a drink, it is sufficient to prepare the following ingredients: 

68 oz of water − the non-carbonated mineral or conventional filtered drinking water is needed for it;
1 medium-sized lemon; 
1 medium-sized cucumber peeled off its peel; 
a fresh grated ginger − the heaped tablespoon of the finished product; 
10-15 leaves of mint. 

Ingredients are thoroughly milled manually or in a blender. Next, mix and fill with the water. Put the drink in the fridge for 8-10 hours; the best left it at night. The next day, drink the contents in the amount of 68 oz per day. Thus, every day drinking a daily rate of this water and sitting on a diet, you will rapidly lose weight. 

The components of beverage may differ due to the individual intolerance or the allergy to certain ingredients. The main condition − the products should be fresh, juicy, containing vitamins. If you have used a dried lemon or cucumber, there will not be much use from such water. 

The water is consumed for 2-3 weeks, after which a two-week break comes. During this time, a person can lose from 11 to 33 lbs of excess weight. Naturally, the result will depend not only on water, but also on how the diet was observed, and how physically active a person was. 

Diet with Sassy Water for Weight Loss 

It is very important to observe the right diet, using this drink because not all diets are effective in combination with simple water. However, we hasten to please you with the pleasant news since using the Sassy water, there is no need to limit oneself in those or other favorite products. The diet with the Sassy water is as follows. 

1−4 day. Eat as usual, and to the extent that is acceptable for you. Exclude only the fatty, oversalted or too hot food. On the 3rd-4th day, try to reduce the portion of food and count how many calories you consume. In this case, of course, do not forget to drink 68-101 oz of the Sassy water, every day. 

5−8 day. Also, eat normally, but limit the amount of calories eaten during the day to 1,400 Kcal. The daily norm is about 1200 Kcal, so the value of 1400 Kcal will be quite sufficient for your body. Exclude the flour products and the pasta. Cutting the consumption of meat and cereals, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, all this with the Sassy water, 68-135 oz daily. 

The next 14 days the diet should pass in a normal rhythm − the diet should total 1600 Kcal, and the minimum amount of drinking the Sassy water is 68 oz. This diet is transferred almost painlessly and easily. You do not need to limit yourself too much and constantly starve.
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