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Useful and Harmful Properties of Water

Many of us are used to believe that the more complex and exotic the product, the more useful it is − citrus have a large amount of vitamin C; meat contains a large amount of protein, etc. And what is about water? This is the simplest, but indispensable liquid for the human body and the most versatile chemical solvent. 

Remembering the lessons of biology immediately comes to mind the fact that a person on 70-80% consists of water. This indicates that it is extremely important for his body. The lack of water can lead to disruption of the body, the various natural processes that occur in it. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and dangers of the water, how important it is for us, and how important it is not to forget about it. 

Water and Human Body 

The amount of water in the human body varies in different ways. There is no exact figure and it cannot be because this indicator depends on the several factors, such as an age and individual characteristics. In the newborns, for example, the greatest water content is about 80%. Further, this figure is reduced to 75% in the children, and up to 70% − in the adults. In the elderly, the water level in the body is only at 55-60%. 

Thus, the younger the body, the more saturated with water. With age, the amount of water noticeably decreases, which causes aging of the skin, failure of normal functionality of the organs, the metabolic disorders and decreased the brain activity. All this is due to a deficit of water. To fill the deficiencies of the fluid, you must observe the daily rate, which is 30-40 ml per one kg of weight. Thus, a man weighing 143 pounds should consume at least 66-88 ounces of water per day. The golden rule of drinking water is the rule of "eight cups". Drinking eight cups of the liquid a day, a person will completely replenish the body. In addition, in the case of diseases, a hot climate and a high temperature on the street, the amount of water you drink can be much higher. 

Scheme of Optimal Water Intake 

For a healthy and proper water intake, it is necessary to adhere to a certain scheme, and the more precisely you will observe it, the better: 

- a cup of water on an empty stomach; 
- a cup of water 30 minutes before eating; 
- a cup of water after 2.5 hours after eating; 
- a cup for an hour and a half before bedtime. 

Having built such a schedule, and adhering to it, after a while you will not notice how you do it already on a subconscious Remember – drinking an extra cup of water will not bring to you harm, but becomes precise useful. 

What Is Danger of Shortage of Water in Body? 

The use of water is more than obvious − it takes part in the most of biological processes that take place in the organism. Helps cleanse the body from the outside and from the inside; helps rejuvenate it at the cellular level. 

To our great regret, according to statistics, only one in five people consume a normal daily amount of water. The rest consume no more than a third of the norm of fluid per day. And this concern only the water contained in food, fruits, vegetables, other drinks (tea, coffee, carbonated water, etc.). 

Thus, the most of us do not get the normal amount of H2O per day, which causes a variety of negative consequences. The damage, causing by the shortage of water, is simply colossal. The fact is that when there is a lack of fluid in the organism, it takes it out of the body's cells and the blood. This leads to a disruption in the functioning of the heart and brain, lungs, liver, joints and so on. The skin on the face and body becomes dry and flabby. Increasingly appears fatigue, headache; the motor skills of a person partially become lower and he becomes disseminated. Naturally, the immunity decreases. In this case, it is the best to seek help from a doctor, without forgetting to consume water in large quantities. 

Benefits of Water for Body 

The useful properties of water are known since ancient times. The water was, is and remains the source of life, without which all life on the planet Earth will perish in the literal sense of the word. Any living organism, any bacterium or micro-cell contains water and necessarily needs it. 

The modern medicine in no way denies the beneficial effects of water on the body and often recommends a plentiful intake of fluids during illnesses, during the postoperative period, etc. 

Regular using of water leads to the removal of salts from the kidneys, the removal of toxins and slags from the liver, the purification of the body's cells from heavy metals and other contaminants. The water helps stabilize the kidneys, acting as a natural filter. In other words, the more you drink water, the easier it is for kidneys to remove harmful substances from the body. Using 5-7 oz of the warm water in the morning after sleep will help clear the mucous membrane from toxins accumulated at night and "start" the digestive system. 

The use of water in sufficient quantities leads to organism cleansing from the fat deposits. The less a person consumes fluids, the easier it is to accumulate the fat in the body. In addition, the water does not have calories (unless, of course, there is a question about the bottled water), which is very useful and indispensable in losing weight. 

The liquid on the digestive system has a beneficial effect. The water helps reduce the risk of infectious diseases, acts as a natural lubricant for the joints. Cartilages and joints, which contain a little liquid, become more fragile, which leads to the increased risks of traumas, pain, aches and the development of such a disease as the arthritis. The water is an excellent thermoregulator. During the physical training and active workload, its reception is extremely important. It helps stabilize the body's temperature, reduce the likelihood of heart disease. During training, it is undesirable to consume too much water, as it will cause heaviness in the stomach, bringing discomfort. One or two cups before training, two cups during classes, and as many after training − is an excellent scheme of drinking the fluids. 

Important! Remember that today the quality of water is getting worse due to global pollution of our planet. Use only filtered water, the benefits of which will be much more than usual. This water can contain heavy metals, microbes and bacteria, resulting in more harm. Taking the clean water will help avoid this problem.

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