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Useful Properties of Calendula and Harm

When searching for a medicinal remedy for the treatment of skin or wounds it is worth turning to calendula. Its flowers and sometimes leaves are used in the folk-medicine for the treatment of various ailments. 

The calendula has a long history of use as a wound healing and soothing skin plant. Useful properties of this plant also consist in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. That is why, the most often used for external applications for wounds, abrasions and skin infections. Less often the calendula is used for internal use to get rid of the inflammation and infection of the mucosa. 

Useful Properties of Calendula 

There are numerous products for local and external use. The calendula ointment, for example, is a useful and versatile product that must be kept in a home medicine cabinet. In addition to treating the minor cuts and abrasions, this ointment is excellent for cracked lips and diaper rash. 

The calendula tea is also useful in the treatment of bladder infection or the stomach ulcers. You can use tea as a mouth rinse, tooth health and against the gum infections. The rinse helps with anginas and tonsillitis. The calendula's properties allow to use them in the bath, for the treatment of genital inflammation or hemorrhoids. 

The inflorescences of calendula help in the treatment of female health. The flowers of plant can help easily restore the menstrual cycle, get rid of the ovarian cysts and seals on the chest. The calendula is used in traditional medicine to treat the gynecological problems − cervical erosion and trichomonatal colpitis. Also, the plant has a strong antimicrobial effect. 

The calendula's properties have a great effect on the health of the hair. Rinsing up to the two or three times a week will help strengthen hair, fill them with the vital energy and health, make them obedient, less brittle and silky. Have you ever seen an advertisement of quality shampoos? − So, the same thing can be said and about the calendula! 

Medicines from Calendula 

Today, in any pharmacy you can find the calendula's ointment, soap, oil, cream or balm. In addition, in the pharmacies and supermarkets you can find dried plant flowers, calendula tincture, which is done by extracting a fresh juice from the leaves and young flowers, insisting them on alcohol. 

The calendula tincture is very popular among the doctors and admirers of the folk-medicine; it is used even during the minor surgical procedures (for the early healing of wounds) or the treatment of skin wounds and infections. For internal use, take one teaspoon, taking no more than three meals a day. 

Calendula Tea 

Insist one tablespoon of dried flowers on a cup of boiling water for up to five to eight minutes. Drinking two to four cups every day, or dip a clean cloth in tea and apply topically. 

Precautions for Using Calendula 

Of course, there are warnings to the use of ointments and medicines, based on the calendula. For example, it is not necessary to apply the ointment of calendula on the oozing and fresh wounds. In this case, use only the watery preparations − a tea of calendula, or a decoction from the plant that will quickly dry and disinfect the wound area, will perfectly suit. 

On fresh wounds, with superimposed seams, it is strictly forbidden to use calendula. So, it is necessary to wait for the seams to be removed, and the surface of the wound to be tightened with a crust. Only then can you start using preparations based on calendula, or other medications. The exception is a tincture of calendula or tea. Using them, you do not need to rub or rub in the tincture into the wound. The preparations based on the calendula should not be taken orally during pregnancy. 

Harmful Properties of Calendula

In most cases, the calendula and the medicines based on it are considered safe and non-toxic. But still, there are some harmful properties of the calendula, which you need to know about. 

In the calendula's inflorescences contain a large amount of carotene, which accumulates in the organism. Abusing a tincture of calendula, the accumulated carotene will begin to appear on the surface of the skin in the form of acne, allergic reaction and rash, yellowing of the skin. With caution to the calendula it is necessary to treat the people with bronchial asthma, bradycardia and low blood pressure. Non-compliance with the recommendations for using will lead to an increase in the symptoms of illnesses, worsen the patient's well-being. 

Not recommended calendula tincture and in cholelithiasis. In this case, the harmful property of the calendula affects the movement of the stones and the blockage of the bile ducts, thereby creating an obstacle to their removal. In addition, do not do a self-medicate − contacting a doctor for help, do not rush to change for tincture of calendula the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. Most likely, you really need the serious medical care.

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