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Useful Properties of Fireweed and Contraindication

Among the plants that help the people to strengthen their own health for many centuries, there is one unique and unrepeatable − this is a willow-herb. Perhaps, you hear for the first time such a name, without even knowing that this plant is better known as a fireweed. This is the most that there is a well of useful properties, which we will discuss today. 

In this article, we will examine the properties of fireweed, its contraindication, as well as the therapeutic methods of application and some recipes for the brewing of these plants for the treatment of certain diseases. The plant is useful for everyone, regardless of sex and age.  

Nature has endowed the willow-herb with numerous useful substances. Thus, the plant contains iron and nickel, calcium, sodium and titanium particles, copper, boron and other useful substances. There are and bioflavonoids as well as tannins and pectin included in the composition. 

Vitamins of group B is in abundant amounts, as well as the ascorbic acid, that is, vitamin C. With the content of the last vitamin the plant is equated to champions. In 3.5 oz of the fireweed there is 0.014 oz of ascorbic acid, which is more than in the fruits of black currant and lemon. 

The protein can be found in the plant in small quantities − it is efficiently and quickly absorbed by the organism, thus, quickly saturating it with energy. The fireweed does not contain the caffeine, purine or oxalic acid, which adversely affect the health status. 

Useful Properties of Fireweed 

How can we briefly describe the benefits of the fireweed?  − Basically, it helps strengthen immunity, gives strength, relieves headaches and acts as a wonderful sedative. 

However, these healing properties of the fireweed do not end there. It improves the nerves, relieves the insomnia, and plant-based tinctures are taken during the epileptic diseases. According to the results of studies and conclusions of the neurologists, the fireweed perfectly suits as a means for getting rid of neuroses and psychosomatic disorders. 

A drink based on a plant copes well with stress, minimizes the pathological manifestations of depression. 

However, the benefits of the fireweed do not end on the neurological properties. It is used in the fight for the gastrointestinal diseases, with gastritis and ulcer diseases. The fireweed is useful in the colitis, in the presence of flatulence. Drinks and herbal infusions restore the gastric mucosa, improve the metabolism and stabilize the peristalsis. The grass has the beneficial effects on the condition of teeth and gums, perfectly suitable for the prevention of periodontal disease and caries. 

Another medicinal property of the fireweed is the anti-inflammatory effect. This plant is used for the diseases of the respiratory and lungs, with the broncho-pulmonary illnesses or the acute respiratory sicknesses. The fireweed is used to treat the male diseases of the genitourinary system, with the prostate adenoma and the prostatitis, to enhance the potency, etc.  

A drink based on the fireweed is useful for ailments of the circulatory system. For example, it is an excellent preventive medicine for the anemia. The fireweed helps strengthen immunity, increases the body's resistance to various pathogens and diseases. 

With catarrhal diseases, it is useful at a high temperature, removing fever and chills. Regular using of the fireweed significantly slows down the aging of the skin, which keeps it elastic and firm for a very long time. Therefore, the fireweed's mixtures, teas and decoctions are recommended for women and girls. 

Contraindication to Fireweed, Warnings to Use 

Using the fireweed, you need to take some breaks. Otherwise, constant using it, for example, more than one month, can lead to dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Caution should be used teas, broths from the fireweed with diseases such as the thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, with the varicose veins and the other diseases associated with the blood clotting disorders. 

Recipes and Application of Fireweed 

To use decoction for the prostatitis and the prostate adenoma, the following recipe is used: 0.5 oz of the crushed medicinal raw material (above ground and underground part of the plant) are poured the boiling water (7 oz) and insists for one hour. After, the mixture is filtered. Take 0.5 oz (one tablespoon) of mixture three times a day.  

For using in various diseases of the genitourinary system, including the chronic cystitis and the inflammation of the ureters: one tablespoon of the dry shredded raw materials (leaves) is poured boiling water (7 oz) and insists for two hours, after which filter into the clean dishes. Take one-third cup (2-3 oz) of medicine three times a day.  

For the external using of the decoction (for the otitis, stomatitis and angina): two tablespoons of the dry medicinal raw material are poured the boiling water (14 oz) (use the better purified water) and insist for six hours. After which the mixture is filtered and used as needed.

For brewing the fireweed tea, it will be enough when the fresh leaves will be put into the enameled pot with a layer of one-two inches; further pour up to four inches of the purified water at the room temperature. Then, put the infusion on a low heat and warm it. The next step is to infuse the product for ten minutes. As a brew, you can also take fireweed's leaves together with its flowers and filled them with 17 oz of the boiling water in the ratio of 2:2.

When treating gastritis, colitis, anemia, ARD, bleeding, two tablespoons of crushed rhizomes are poured the boiling water (17 oz). Cook for 20 minutes over a low heat. Strain it. Take one tablespoon three to four times a day before meals.

Agree the recipes of preparing for fireweed are not too complicated. You can buy this grass today in any pharmacy. Moreover, if you want, you can harvest it and prepare this wonder-grass for the winter.

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