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Whole Truth about Chamomile Tea

It is known that a tea can be prepared from a variety of herbs and plants. So, for example, there is also the chamomile tea, which can be easily prepared on the basis of a camomile plant. It is noteworthy that such drink is not only delicious, but also useful. The camomile is really considered a medicinal product, not only folk, but also professional medicine. The chamomile tea will help get rid of various diseases − internal, superficial and others. If you know that the camomile (in particular, the chamomile tea) is useful, but do not know how and when to use it, you definitely should have information about this. 

Therefore, now we are going to introduce you to the chamomile tea, and maybe it will help get rid of various ailments. 

Useful Properties of Chamomile Tea 

Regarding the composition of tea, in particular, the camomile itself, it should be noted that it contains vitamins and organic substances, which are most positively displayed on its properties. Briefly about the composition of the camomile: 

- volatile oils (about 0.2-0.8%); 
- myrcene and adenine; 
- nonyl acid; 
- pectin and gum; 
- beta-carotene and choline. 

There are also vitamins D and E, a small amount of vitamin A. Now, based on this, we can speak about the useful properties. First, the chamomile tea is a sedative that helps during stresses, chronic insomnia and so on. As a rule, it is with the help of chamomile tea that you can calm your nerves. The chamomile tea is a very light soporific mean, thanks to which you can get rid of unreasonable fears or anxieties, calm hysterics and get rid of nightmares and bad dreams. Not without reason, the camomile was often used in hospitals and folk healers. Therefore, if you have the above symptoms, you should drink three-four cups of chamomile tea per day. For brewing tea, it is enough two-three teaspoons of the dried grass. It is important to use precisely the camomile (medicinal) because any other kind of this herb will be useless. 

The drink will also help strengthen immunity and make the body stronger and more resistant to the effects of diseases. Using two-three cups per day for two weeks, the level of hippurite is greatly increased, which contributes to the normal functioning of the body. Again, this is due to ingredients in the beverage − phenols, which help in the fight against bacteria. Thus, the chamomile tea is a tonic drink that will caution you against various viruses and bacteria. 

This tea helps and with the strong menstrual colics. It contains useful amino acids that help reduce the uterine spasms, and help relax the nervous system during this period. Therefore, before you will run to the pharmacy and buy any chemicals, try the chamomile tea's effect on yourself, and it will not keep you waiting long. Similarly, the chamomile tea helps with skin diseases. Especially effective it will be the drink in the fight against such ailments as the eczema and dermatitis, intertrigos and others. The use of tea can be both internal and external, for example, when it is necessary to make a compress. It is not for nothing that infants and children are bathed in the chamomile tea, thus disinfecting the surface of the skin from bacteria. Therefore, the chamomile is a universally recognized drug in dermatology. In addition, the chamomile tea is often used to get rid of colic, diarrhea or fever in children. In this sense, the main thing is to observe the correct dosage. For example, children up to five years of age can consume half a cup of tea a day. This will be enough to get rid of problems with their body. 

There are various diseases in the oral cavity, for example, the stomatitis or the appearance of small ulcers that cause severe pain in irritation. So, you can rinse the oral cavity with the chamomile tea in abundant quantities. Do this need three-five times a day, and after one-two days, the pain will disappear, and the disease itself will begin to disappear. In the same way, the chamomile tea helps with dental or headache. And not far the last, but very important property is the usefulness of right digestion. In this case, the chamomile tea helps getting rid of pains in the stomach and intestines, having a calming effect. 

Harmful Properties of Chamomile Tea

The harmful properties of chamomile tea should be included the allergic intolerance. In this case, you may see redness on the surface of the skin, in which case it is necessary to immediately stop the tea using. An overdosing is also possible. In this case, the symptoms will be nausea or vomiting, and again, in this case, you need to abandon the continued use of tea.

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