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Benefits of Blackthorn and Home Cooking Recipes
Currently, few people pay attention to such a special fruit as the blackthorn. The other names − this is called a prickly plum, thorn, goat's berry and oat plum. It has long been an inhabitant of homestead and dacha territories. It has long been an inhabitant of homestead and cottage territories. Only very few appreciate the small fruits with a tart-sour taste.
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Benefits of Strawberries for Healthy Body
Strawberries are a good source of the useful properties and minerals. This berry has long been accustomed to the diet of our ancestors and was a favorite treat for the young ladies and children. The benefits of strawberries are invaluable even by the modern standards, although many still underestimate them. In this article, we will discuss what is contained in the strawberry, the beneficial properties and harm that it has, and how important it is to use it during the ripening period.
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Benefits and Harms of Black-Сurrant
Initially, there was nothing known about the beneficial properties of black-currant. However, after a while its healing properties were manifested because of which the black-currant have become so popular and widespread. As is clear to all, in any kind of the currant there is a set of many vitamins, and the black variety is not an exception. So, what is useful in the black-currant and what are its medicinal properties?
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Benefit and Harms of Bilberry
As is known, the majority of berries that are growing today in the country and garden plots had been got from the wild plants. Among them is the bilberry, whose fetuses previously could be found only in the forest thickets and groves.
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Benefits and Harm of Sea Buckthorn and Its Contraindications
Among all kinds of berries, perhaps the most useful or at least one of the most useful is the sea buckthorn. Owing to this plant, many people get rid of the various medical problems, ailments or diseases associated with the various organs or systems of our body. It is interesting that the sea buckthorn grows not by a shrub, but by a tree, but this does not in the least prevent it from replenishing its medicinal functions.
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Useful and Harmful Properties of Cornel
Unfortunately, many forgotten and not investigated at all − are berries of the dogwood. These bright red fetuses are incredibly useful; a lot of tasty and curative products are making from them, so you can find enjoyment in eating them and simultaneously improving your health.
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Benefits and Harm of Viburnum
One of the most useful berries, albeit not far from the most delicious, is a viburnum. The fruits of this plant have long been valued for their useful and medicinal properties. As a rule, the most valuable berry − is after the first frost. During this period, it becomes less bittered, more useful, and therefore it is necessary to begin harvesting the viburnum precisely during this period. These plants are growing almost everywhere. It can often be found in the wild − on the banks of rivers, on the surface of relief beams, forests and plantings, and in country or residential areas.
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Useful Properties and Application of Physalis
One of the surprisingly useful plants that we are accustomed to see as a decorative one can be called physalis (strawberry tomato). This plant's fruits are somewhat similar to the Chinese small lanterns from the outside, and to the tomatoes inside. The physalis berries are very tasty, and most importantly - useful!
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Useful Properties and Use of Rosehip
A wild rose (rosehip) is the perennial wild plant, referred to the pink family. Its bushes have a height of about five to eight feet, the branches of bushes dangle like arcs, and the leaves of this plant have strong sickle-shaped spikes. In this article, we will discuss the valuable properties of rosehip, its medicinal effect on the human body and why it is really so useful.
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Useful Properties and Use of Black Nightshade
A black nightshade is called the annual herbaceous plant, whose height reaches over three feet during the ripening period. In nature there are many cultures and species of nightshade, but in this article we will consider the useful properties of black nightshade.
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