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Benefits and Harms of Cranberries

It is not a secret that some varieties of berries are used for making alcoholic drinks, tinctures, decoctions and so on. A bright representative of such berries is cranberries − very special and not characteristic of other plants berry. The greatest advantage of the cranberries is their resistance to the harshest climatic conditions because of which it can be found even in the cold north. In general, the cranberries and prefer such conditions − grows in the bogs and in the remote places from civilization because it is important for their ecology. In view of this, the cranberries have a lot of useful properties, which you probably would be interested and useful to know. Perhaps, it is the cranberry that will become the key to your strange and unpleasant ailments.

Useful Ingredients and Properties of Cranberries

Like any other berry, the cranberries are rich in minerals and vitamins. Thus, the composition of cranberries contains a large amount of potassium and calcium; phosphorus and sodium are present in large amounts; iron and manganese are no exception, as well as a number of other components:

- boron;
- silver;
- manganese;
- iodine;
- fluorine and others.
Vitamins in the cranberries are also a lot of − they are vitamins C and A, a group of vitamins B, as well as many vitamins K and E. There are also useful acids, for example, ascorbic and salicylic acids, as well as Omega-3, which also creates the high image to the cranberries. Thanks to this composition, many useful properties of these berries follow quite naturally.
The use of the cranberries helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, which for today is very important and necessary for every person. In this case, the endurance of the organism is increased and the work of the heart and the circulatory system as a whole are established. In addition, the cranberries act on the nerve cells of our organism, contributing to the emotional discharge and sedative effect. Drinking a glass of juice daily, a person is guaranteed to increasing immunity, detoxification of the harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract and purifying the internal urinary organs. 
The cranberries have an excellent anti-aging effect because it contains a considerable amount of antioxidants. By the way, their quantity is many times higher than the amount of antioxidants in the foods such as apple or carrots. Therefore, the cranberry juice in this plan will be more useful than the apple juice or the carrot ones. Thus, the rejuvenating effect of the cranberries is on a par with the blueberries and other berries, which also have the antioxidants in their composition.
Those people, who have ever consulted oncological clinics, know firsthand what the doctors advised use the cranberries and drink the cranberry juice in order to avoid the development of malignant tumors, etc. The fact that the cranberries inhibit the development and action of the cancer cells, so it can help both in some stages of the disease, and just for prevention. Also, cranberry juice is useful for the dental cavity − it strengthens the gums and makes the tooth enamel stronger, thereby it becomes more quality.
The invariable property of the cranberries is the resistance to catarrhal diseases − it will help to lower the temperature and remove fever, as well as get rid of a strong cough. In this case, you can use the wiped cranberries or the cranberry juice. Also, if it is used with other products, for example honey, the effect of treatment will increase doubly. The cranberries can resist and chronic diseases, in particular, gastritis. A few months after taking the product, you can really feel all of its benefits − the pain will disappear during and after eating. Vitamin C, contained in the berries, significantly affects the blood vessels walls and capillaries. If you consume the cranberries for a long time, the vessels will become more elastic and firm, and this, in turn, will help to regulate the blood pressure, so the berries will be useful to hypertensive and the people suffering from other blood diseases.
Among other things, it is useful to give the cranberries and the cranberry juice to children. The berries will promote the growth and strengthening of the body, and also significantly affect the immunity, which in fact, it is necessary in the childhood.

Contraindications to Cranberries

Abstain from the cranberries, first of all, needs those who has the acute ulcerous diseases since the high acidity of the berry will only irritate the ulcer and the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, it is better not to eat the cranberries in the event that there is gastritis of increased severity. In such cases, the cranberries will be just useless, and its using will offer no benefit.
In the rest, the use of the cranberries is allowed absolutely to everyone, regardless of age, size of the figure and weight, or the sex of the person. Besides, aside from common benefits of the cranberries, their use increases the mood, stimulates much of "hidden" energy, and then the body will be "wound up" for the whole day.

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