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Benefits of Strawberries for Healthy Body

Strawberries are a good source of the useful properties and minerals. This berry has long been accustomed to the diet of our ancestors and was a favorite treat for the young ladies and children. The benefits of strawberries are invaluable even by the modern standards, although many still underestimate them. In this article, we will discuss what is contained in the strawberry, the beneficial properties and harm that it has, and how important it is to use it during the ripening period. 

Description of Plant 

The berry growing on dachas is called a garden strawberry, sometimes − a wood strawberry. There are many varieties and types of strawberries, but all of them, without exception, are very useful for adults, and for children and the elderly. 

It is noteworthy that the strawberries ripen before other berries and fruits. Usually, the beginning of their ripening is in the middle of May, but already at the beginning of this month, on the shelves you can meet the fresh strawberries. There are varieties of the strawberries that continue to bear fruits for a year. The use of this berry leads to the restoration and strengthening of immunity. Due to its low caloric content, you can use the strawberries without exception. 

The Benefits of Strawberry Jam

On the basis of strawberries make a lot of useful food and dishes. From the strawberries makes a jam, the eating of which in winter is very, very useful. Cooked according to a special recipe it can also have a low calorie value, without affecting the level of sugar, and helps relieve stress. 

During the using, the strawberry stimulates the production of hormones of joy, which leads to a good mood and vigorous state of the health. Endomorphins are stimulated too, thereby optimizing the metabolic processes. Together with the strawberry jam, serotonins enter the body contributing to the normal functioning of the intestine. 

The jam ensures proper functioning of the genital organs, positively affects the brain, it is useful for the high motor activity. Thus, this delicacy will be an excellent substitute for the fresh berries and the harmful sweets for children and adults. 

Benefits of Strawberry Compote 

One more a treat is the strawberry compote. A delicious, healthy drink has all the same properties as the jam or fresh berries. Due to dilution with the water, the amount of vitamins and minerals decreases, but still remains within the reasonable limits. Moreover, such compotes are usually mixed with other berries and fruits, as a result of which the drink becomes very tasty. 

The strawberry compote is low-calorie, it will be useful to those who have problems with sugar in the organism. To improve the immunity in winter, the freshly frozen berries can be prepared as an excellent drink that will be both tasty and useful. 

Using of Frozen Strawberries 

Another option for the storing/preparing strawberries is frost. The frozen strawberries have all the same properties as the fresh berries, but with a lower calorie content. However, for this, it is necessary to freeze it correctly. To do this, the strawberries need to be carefully washed, so that it becomes clean, dried, so that the frost does not form the droplets of ice and only then put them to freeze. 

Useful Composition of Strawberries

So, what valuable micro-elements and substances the strawberries conceal? According to the study of these berries, it includes: 

- vitamins of different classes and groups ("C" and group "B", as well as "E" and "D"); 
- dietary fibre and pectins; 
- fatty acids and iodine; 
- minerals and micro-elements. 

These components are present in both the fresh berries and the frozen ones. Therefore, to correct the body and strengthen the immunity in winter with the help of berries and fruits can also including the frozen strawberries. 

The calcium and iron, Included into the composition, stimulate the growth of bone tissue, promote the rapid regeneration of epithelial cells and warn against the micro-ruptures. The berry's leaves also have beneficial properties. On the basis of them you can prepare a valuable vitamin tea since it is there that minerals are kept in their pure form. Among the substances that are present in the strawberries, it is worth highlighting tannin, agrimonin, flavonoid and proanthocyanil. 

Is There Any Harm to Strawberries? 

This question often sounds on forums and in news discussions. Of course, like any other natural product, the strawberries have several drawbacks. First, it is an individual intolerance. The person feels discomfort and burning, as a result of which he stops using. 

Also, to consume a lot of strawberries to the people suffering from gastric diseases is contraindicated. However, small doses will not do any harm. It is not recommended taking the strawberries during the period of taking medication from the high blood pressure. This can put pressure on the kidneys. 

Remember that the planting strawberries should be as far from the road as possible. Any berry perfectly absorbs substances and metals from the environment, which can cause the poor quality of berries.

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