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Blueberries in Fight for Health. Benefits and Harm

Among numerous of relatively small shrubby plants, which bear fruits with delicious and healthy berries, there is also a blueberry. This is quite an attractive, tasty and useful berry, the properties of which we will consider in this article. The bush is a small plant with gray curved branches. The blueberry leaves are small, about one-two inches long. In the flowering period, the inflorescences are formed, which have a white or pinkish tinge and a structure with small prongs. As for the most interesting part − fruits, they have a blue tint with a thin tarnish, the juicy berries and the most importantly that are edible. In itself the blueberry berries are small − just 0.4-0.6 inches in length. 

Previously, it was believed that the blueberries are not very useful for the organism, as when using it often a headache occurred, so it was called "bog bilberry". However, as it turned out later − it was not the blueberry at all, but a ledum − a plant that often grows next to this berry. Therefore, in the subsequent it turned out that the blueberry has only useful qualities. 

Gather these berries closer to the end of summer − autumn. The blueberries are used in a variety of applications − it is used fresh or canned, in the form of marmalade, jelly or jam, they use for making wine too. As for calories in the blueberry, it is a very low-calorie one and it contains only 40 Kcal. Concerning the nutritional value of these berries, here as not all is so interesting − just 1g of protein, 0.5g of fat and about 6g of carbohydrates. More interesting are the beneficial properties of the blueberries. 

Benefits of Blueberries − What Do They Consist of and What Heal?

The blueberry is a real treasure of nutrients, and thanks to them and the medicinal properties. The blueberry seeds, just like the pulp of product itself, have a large supply of vitamins, organic substances, acids and other useful products. Unfortunately, it is problematic to gather the blueberries − this berry is very fragile and tender, and it is very difficult to take it in a hand it without damaging. Therefore, with a careful collection of berries, they are placed in the special containers, in which they will be exposed to as little as possible shocks. It is interesting that in the northern regions the blueberries are placed in wooden boxes, they are specially poured with fish oil, and boxes are buried in the moss. So, the berry retains much longer than if it is stored in the refrigerator. But, in the most cases, it is customary to use these berries fresh since it is in such berries remain the greatest number of useful properties are. 

The blueberry has all the necessary properties to protect the organism from the radioactive substances, to strengthen the walls of capillaries and arteries in the circulatory system, to normalize the work of the liver and heart, and to maintain the functionality of a number of other organs in the body. In particular, we are talking about the intestines and pancreas since the blueberries prevent the penetration and growth of infections or bacteria in these organs. In addition, the blueberries largely support the activity of nerve cells, slowing their aging, therefore, they are useful and affect the work of the brain. Also, this berry has antiscorbutic and choleretic properties, prevents sclerotic ailments, and stimulates the work of the cardiosystem of the body. The blueberry seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect, and they are convenient to use, for example, with inflammation of the skin. Apply the blueberries in atherosclerosis and other hypertensive diseases. Also, if diseases such as the rheumatism or the angina occur, it is advisable to use some blueberry-based recipes. 

The berries of this plant are an excellent tool in the fight against diabetes, so often in the diet of knowledgeable people suffering from this unpleasant disease, you can find it blueberry. The fetuses of this plant help restore tissues, as well as enhance the effects of drugs that are used with the berries and are aimed at reducing blood sugar. Moreover, the blueberries contribute to the strengthening and normalization of the metabolic process. To combat the dysentery use a special decoction based on the berries which we are considering. So, you need to brew just one tablespoon of dried blueberries in the boiling water, leave to cool for about 15 minutes, and start taking the tincture three times a day, about 1.7-2.4 oz at a time. 

The leaves of blueberries, which also have numerous useful substances, are used in folk-medicine as a medicine, with which you can cope with many heart diseases and also use decoctions based on these leaves as a laxative. Remember that by regularly eating the blueberries, you help reduce the strain on the eyes, which, first, reduces the eye pressure, and second, it helps to restore the vision. On the basis of the blueberry juice are made with special means for combating fever, most gastrointestinal diseases, and also in order to increase the secretion of stomach acid. What is it needed for? This is necessary in order to influence the quickly absorption of food. Persons who work in industry and deal with the harmful working conditions − chemical plants, coal power stations, mines, and so on, must necessarily include the blueberries in the diet because it contains many pectin substances that promote the expulsion of harmful substances from the organism and products of the radioactive decay. 

The blueberry seeds have a special substance − phyllochionin (one of the subspecies of vitamin K1). In turn, this substance promotes the rapid coagulability of blood. In addition, it is also useful to consume berries together with their seeds, because they help restore vitality and give vitality, and this is especially useful for people of advanced age. Since the blueberries contain antioxidants, it helps to expel and the free radicals from the organism, which sometimes in large quantities, accumulate in the body. 

On Harmful Qualities of Blueberries 

It is impossible not to note the harmful qualities that the blueberries possess. After all, in each product to a greater or lesser degree there are contraindications. So, in the blueberries there are the large amounts of antioxidants. On the one hand, this is certainly good, but on the other hand, with the abundant use of berries, a violation of the functions of the muscular system can develop; this will be facilitated by the difficulty of getting oxygen into the body and into the muscles, in particular. Also, it is necessary to use the berries as carefully as possible to the pregnant girls and the nursing mothers. In this case everything is extremely simple − in the blueberries there are substances that cause an intoxication, or can cause an allergy in a small child. 

It is not recommended eating the blueberries for those with dyskinesia of bile ducts. The reason for this contraindication is simple - due to excessive use, the antioxidants and organic acids can weaken the function of bile secretion. And, as a result, this leads either to an exacerbation of the disease, or to the occurrence of serious pain, which is then very difficult to get rid of.

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