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Everything You Need to Know about Berries

How much do you know about berries? For the most part, all we know is that the berries are delicious natural gifts from nature. As for the beneficial properties of berries and their effect on the human body, so in most cases, these are all known only at the level of rumors. No specific properties, most people are simply not known. However, in fact these properties of the berries have more than enough. At least take that fact that many of animals and birds are fed by berries for which they, at times, remain the only food. For us the berries remain a delicious treat, by which you can pamper yourself in the summer, and in the winter can enjoy the fruit drinks and jams out of them.

However, it is interesting that berries are used not only as a treat, but also a medicinal, curative remedy that helps our body to fight against viruses and infections, many diseases and ailments. Berries are often used in folk-medicine, where their medicinal properties are revealed to the fullest extent. Naturally, for the correct using of the medicinal berries, you need to know the special recipes, and then the benefits will be extraordinary. To saturate the organism with vitamins and minerals do not necessarily eat too many berries. It is enough to eat them a little, but different and at some intervals.
Berries are useful to include in the children's diet. For example, they can be added to cereals and other food products, from which the children, as a rule, refuse. If your child does not like the semolina, simply add the cowberries or currants, and then the baby will eat porridge with a big appetite. Also, various sweets can be decorated with the berries − the cakes and the pies, a variety of desserts and jellos. Also, the berries can be interfered with sour cream or sugar, with skimmed milk and cottage cheese, this will double the child's organism with the useful substances.
The berries can be frozen in the freezer, dried or rubbed with sugar, make jelly or marmalade, juice and other edible dishes and foods. The important thing is to cook them right. For example, freezing the berries will not be difficult, but it will be a little more difficult to dry them. To make the jelly or the jam from any berries requires a special recipe. Otherwise, it will become an unpleasant and useless mixture.
Numerous berries provide invaluable help in the fight against many diseases. Here, it is possible to note both the help in the struggle against infectious and virus diseases, and the help in the struggle against chronic illnesses. For example, all the berries mostly, one way or another, helps cope with colds, bronchitis, inflammation of the respiratory tract and so on. The berries have a softening effect, perform warming functions and the vitamins and the minerals that form part of them are absorbed by the internal organs, which bring the most benefits. Today, the majority of berries are used in the traditional medicine − they are part of tablets and potions, balms and other medications. For example, there are many useful juices that are sold in the drugstores to boost immunity and combat viral diseases.
The majority of berries provide the invaluable help and in a cosmetology sphere. Perhaps you know that the berries are an ingredient of face masks and creams having a rejuvenating effect on the skin, face and so on. Thanks to the large amount of antioxidants in the composition of the berries, obtained products help delay the aging processes and "frazzling" of the skin surface. Therefore, it will be useful for women and men to make facial masks or to wash with berry cosmetology products if they work in such work where the person is exposed to external aggressive factors (constant influence of the sun, heat, moisture, etc.). Thus, the berries help bringing the skin into its pristine appearance.

Contraindications and Harmful Effects of Berries

Despite the abundant number of berries' beneficial properties, there are some contraindications and harmful properties that you also need to know in order to avoid problems. So, the most types of berries have an increased acidity that is an increased acid amount in their composition. This, in turn, can cause some problems, if a person has, for example, a high acidity in his organism. Also, because of the difference in acids, they can react, and cause quite unpleasant physiological sensations.
The harmful properties of berries appear in abundant amounts of vitamins. Certainly, the presence of numerous vitamins is good, but it is harmful to the people suffering from hypervitaminosis and other similar diseases. Also, the berries are not always recommended to young children, usually in the age of up to three years. The acidity and the abundance of vitamins can also affect, in this case, the fragile, not yet entirely formed, organism of the child. Thus, the use of berries should also be controlled and limited by those who can suffer from them.
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