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How Useful Is Watermelon?

It is widely known that the largest berry is a watermelon. And this is really so because the size of watermelons can reach staggering dimensions. The berry, as a rule, ripens at the end of July − in the beginning of August, that is already at the end of the summer. In some cases, the watermelons are ripened in the autumn − in September, and this also has its own specifics. It has always been believed that the watermelon is useful, and most importantly, a delicious berry that becomes an excellent food product at picnics, holidays and just at home. However, recently the criteria for the watermelons have changed somewhat, and in order to choose a good watermelon in the market, you need to know a few rules and features.
We are talking about the improper cultivation of this berry, and this fact makes it tough to choose this berry in order not exactly to miscalculate it. Today, we will tell you all about this berry, focusing on how to choose the good watermelon.

Why Can Watermelon Be Harmful?

The matter is that recently there are no control frames in the market of cultivation and sale of the fruits and vegetables in anyway, which means that you can often come across a poor-quality product. The same applies to the watermelons because today, during their cultivation and ripening, various additives and nitrates are used, which are as a matter of fact strictly forbidden by the respective controlling structures. Such additives greatly stimulate the growth of the watermelons, which affects their composition, and in the end also on the harmful properties' presence. Thus, today you need choose a watermelon extremely correctly and unmistakable.
Often there are cases when the bad watermelon causes the unhealthy state of all members of the family − dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, high temperature, metallic taste in the mouth is very common symptoms in such cases. It is especially harmful to eat such watermelons by the children because their fragile immunity perceives the impact of harmful substances more strongly. The presence of nitrates in berries contributes to the corruption of the transport functions of blood, which largely reduces the level of hemoglobin, as well as leads to a lack of oxygen in cells and tissues.
To watermelon did not cause diseases and other problems, it is necessary to adhere to some "unspoken" rules. Firstly, you do not need to feed children up to three years old with the watermelon, if you are not completely sure of this berry. Secondly, it is not necessary to give too many products to them since the overabundance of the berry also leads to bad consequences. In general, you can eat the watermelons without any fear that were grown at your own location because in that case you yourself know that there are not and cannot be additives and nitrates in them.

Are There Any Benefits from Watermelons?

Despite the above warnings, the watermelon remains a very-very useful berry with its unique properties. So, it contains a substance called "lycopene" (splitting fats). This is one of the most powerful antioxidants, which contributes not only to slowing down processes, but also helps in the treatment of diseases such as male infertility. In addition everyone knows, that the watermelon is an excellent diuretic, and it is necessary for these to dispose properly. With a moderate consumption of the watermelon, it will help to stabilize the diuretic processes in the organism, get rid of the corresponding problems and so on. In addition, the pulp of watermelon contains dietary fibers, which are largely contributed to reducing cholesterol in the organism. In addition to the diuretic properties, the watermelon acts as a cleanser for the kidneys and liver, clearing them of wastes and toxins. Also, the watermelon is useful for the following diseases:

- gout and arthritis;
- atherosclerosis and gastritis;
- diseases of the liver and gallbladder;
- hypertension and anemia;
- Botkin's disease and so on.
In addition, the watermelon quenches thirst, improves mood and just tones up our body. The refreshing face masks are also made from these berries, which are applied for twenty minutes, after which the skin becomes soft and moisturized. 
And the main thing, as we said, is not to buy a nitrate watermelon. For this, it is necessary to know several rules regarding the verification and selection of watermelon.
1. Do not need to buy too big watermelon; it is not about the size, but just the opposite.
2. If you drop a piece of watermelon in the water, the good watermelon will make it only slightly turbid. The berry, saturated with nitrates, will color the water pink;
3. Try squeezing the watermelon. If you can hear the cracking − it is ripe, as expected. If it is not, it is possible that it contains nitrates.
4. The watermelon's pulp should always be roughened, and the veins of the berry should not have yellow tinges. If it is smooth, and the veins are yellowish, perhaps you are dealing with a chemically saturated product.
Also, forever remember one thing − the later you have bought a watermelon, the less likely it is to have nitrates in it. The watermelons bought in mid-July, probably contain harmful additives.

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