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The Whole Use of Grapes in One Article

One of the favorite products that many are looking forward to in the summer is the grapes. This berry belongs to the genus of Grape. The fruits of the grapes can have a varied shape, color and taste because it all depends on the kind of grapes with which we are dealing. This can be a spherical or ovoid grapes, it can be grapes with loose or vice versa − denser clusters. In all, about three thousand different varieties of grapes are counted. 

This berry is known to humanity since very ancient times. Most likely, the grape is one of the earliest berry crops that have been tamed by man. Some suggest that it was because of it that a person ceased to lead a nomadic life, and settled for its handling and using in food. And the most surprising thing is that they ate the fresh grapes not so often and much, like what they made of it − a grape wine. It attracted people with their attention and forced to constantly care for and take care of the grapes.

Among other things, the grapes are deeply religious plant, it is often mentioned in the Bible, and there are quite a lot of events connected with it, which has now appeared in various national traditions and rituals. But our task is to know, wherewith are the grapes so useful and sacred? The scientists have calculated and found that to obtain a sufficient amount for our organism of vitamins, minerals and other trace elements, it is enough to eat only grapes, and its amount per year should be about 132-147 pounds. Given that fresh grapes are simply not always available to us all year round and on average it turns out that a person consumes actually only about 66 pounds of grapes. This is hardly half of the required norm. Still think why you are so often ill and your body is exposed to various ailments? − The answers are in the following facts.

Product's Calories and Nutritional Value 

The grapes contain approximately 73 Kcal. Naturally, it still depends on what kind of variety you are dealing with. Depending on this, there may be a different amount of the carbohydrates, other substances that can make the berry more or less nutritious. However, in general, the caloric value pointed above is almost the same for the most varieties of grapes. In the dried grapes, the calories are much higher − about 280 Kcal. Therefore, the persons who have an increased tendency to fullness, it is better to refrain from the abundant using of such berries. Instead, you can drink the grapes in the form of juice. 

Concerning nutritional value, the composition here is the following: 

- there are no practically proteins in these berries, only 0,6g; 
- fats are also − only 0,5g; 
- but carbohydrates here are about 15.6g per 100g of product;
- water − about 80g.

Benefits of Grapes and Grape Products 

The chemical composition of the grapes is very rich and useful. So, in the berries contains about 5% of organic acids, about 50-60% of malic and up to 40% of tartaric acid. It also contains gluconic and citric acids, amber, oxalic ones and so on. In the grapes there is such a feature − the taste of berries is given by the free acids, and the bound acids form useful qualities. For example, the green grapes have slightly other compositions, respectively, and other useful properties. Useful composition of the berries can be brought to infinity, so let us consider directly the medicinal qualities of the grapes. 

It is worth knowing that grapes must be consumed before or after meals about one and a half to two hours. It is generally believed that the dark sorts of grapes greatly help in coughing up, so it has long been recommended for the treatment of bronchitis and severe cough, pleurisy and tuberculosis. Also, the grapes were used to treat the cardiovascular diseases and, incidentally, are used to date. During the treatment with the grapes the normalization of heartbeats occurs. Therefore due to that − the blood pressure stabilizes; the swellings are very quickly removed, and the shortness of breath much less begins to disturb. At the same time, aligning the work of the heart, the sleep becomes deeper and the overall well-being improves. The grapes are also useful for the treatment and calming of joints, promote active metabolism's improvement in the organism and also help remove the uric acid from the body. 

A grape juice also has many beneficial properties − in particular, it has a tonic effect, strengthens the immune system, and helps gain strength. In cases of depletion of the nervous system, the grape juice is also useful. In addition, this juice has the following qualities: 

- has a diuretic effect; 
- bactericidal action; 
- laxative effect; 
- has sudoriferous properties; 
- has expectorant properties. 

Helps to significantly reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, and increase blood pressure. Also, the benefits of the grape juice include the presence of peel, which helps in the intestines to form the flatulence. Best of all, you take the juice 1-1.5 hours before eating. Also, you can drink the juice from canned grapes (useful properties remain in it too).

Now a bit about the grape leaves. Sprigs and leaves of the plant have about 2% of sugars, and at the same time − a large amount of organic acids. The grape seeds have about 20% of butter, as well as many types of tannin, which include the lecithin and vanillin, and importantly - the acetic acid. The grape leaves and twigs of are very effective for migraine and headache, burning eyes and tumors. In this situation, it is advisable to use the following recipe: 

- mash several leaves and twigs of grapes; 
- mix them with barley flour; 
- add a little water; 
- stir to the state of gruel; 
- apply the gruel to a sore spot and cover it with a whole grape leaf. 

Surprisingly, the grape juice is used even from young leaves in folk-medicine. In this case, when taken, it has a positive effect on the stomach, prevents vomiting and ulcers in the mouth, intestines and what is very important − helps get rid of the bile diarrhea. Similarly, the usual grape juice is used; however, in the juice from the berries there is a large amount of acids, but in juice from the grape branches of these acids is smaller. Also, you can externally apply the grape juice − for example, to wash your hair, which will contribute to its growth and strengthening. 

The grape leaves will help with the hemoptysis. To do this, you need to prepare a syrup based on the grape branches as follows − add three tablespoons of sugar to a cup of water, and add to this five grape twigs. Take the syrup twice daily before meals. There is evidence that leaves of grapes greatly increase potency, and this is evidenced by the composition of medicines that are sold in the pharmacy and are aimed at improving the potency of men.

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