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Useful and Harmful Properties of Cornel

Unfortunately, many forgotten and not investigated at all − are berries of the dogwood. These bright red fetuses are incredibly useful; a lot of tasty and curative products are making from them, so you can find enjoyment in eating them and simultaneously improving your health.

In this article, we will discuss the beneficial properties of these berries, and give some recipes for this surprisingly useful product. 

Useful Composition of Cornel

Let us start with the cornel composition and what it combines in itself. Like in any natural products, many useful substances are present in that berries, which give them such useful and healing properties. 

A characteristic feature of cornel is the content of fructose and glucose and in its composition the number of these substances reaches 17 percents. The organic acids, such as the citric and the malic as well as the succinic acid are present there. The total number of them in the fetus is 3.5 percents. About 5 percents of this composition is occupied by the tannic, pectinic and nitrogenous substances, as well as the flavonoids. 

Of course, no one natural remedy can do without the vitamins. Vitamins A and P (or else, rutin) as well as vitamin C, are abundantly present in the cornel. Moreover, the content of ascorbic acid (that is, vitamin C) is extremely high, higher than that of black currant. In 100g of cornel contains approximately 50mg of ascorbic acid that is, in fact, a record quantity. 

In the cornel's fruit stones there are mineral salts and potassium, magnesium, strontium, calcium and iron. Here, there is a place for the essential oils, phytoncides and glycosides. About 35 percents of cornel's composition consists of the fatty essential oils and the organic acids. 

In addition to the berries, the leaves of the dogwood are used in the traditional cooking and folk-medicine that are rich in the tannins that participate in the diuretic and cholagogue processes, as well as the vitamins C and E. 

Useful Properties of Cornel 

Useful properties of these berries are manifested in almost everything − from immunity and ending with the ailments associated with the gastrointestinal tract. It is useful to use them in the off-season, when the body is potentially weakened and can be subjected to the catarrhal and epidemiological diseases. 

Vitamin C is especially necessary for reinforcement and maintaining the immune system, strengthening and activating the protective functions in the human organism. The cornel's help is effective in the case of poor digestion, appetite and indigestion of the stomach. These berries are invaluably useful for them. They will also be useful for high acidity, for those who suffer from heartburn, etc. 

Since the dogwood's berries are rich in phytoncids, they help in case of the infectious diseases and will have an antibacterial effect. Together with this, the cornel promotes the removal of heavy toxins and metals from the body, and is also used in the case of carbon monoxide poisoning, by vapors of mercury and lead, and so on. 

These berries contribute to the improvement of fat metabolism, tone up and give strength. It is recommended to use this cornel at the anemia, poor blood and other similar diseases of the circulatory system. A useful property of the cornel affects the increase of hemoglobin, the strengthening of the walls of blood vessels and the stabilization of blood pressure. It also has a strong antipyretic effect, so it is recommended at high temperature. 

Berries of a cornel are useful at the development of a diabetes. This is they who regulate the level of sugar, reducing it to the normal values. They are also recommended for using at the avitaminosis. 

Infusions and decoctions based on the cornel's leaves are also used in the folk-medicine. To treat the skin diseases, you may make a healing compress, in particular, at the eczema or the dermatitis. In addition, they are used for a diuretic or choleretic effect. Good are the dogwood's berries for the neurological and mental disorders, acting on the organism as a sedative medication. 

Contra-indications and Harmful Properties of Cornel 

To harmful properties of cornel it is necessary to carry an allergic intolerance, and contra-indications to the using should be taken into account for those who have too high acidity and for the persons suffering from the chronic constipation. Do not recommend the cornel berries at insomnia. 

Recipes of Cornel's Berries for Storing in Winter

Collect the dogwood's berries in the early autumn. Only ripe, fully red, but not soft fetuses are selected for storing. To prepare the berries for winter, it is enough to choose one of two ways − to freeze them in the fresh form in the refrigerator, or to prepare the product, based on the recipes offered by us. 

A compote. The best compote is obtained from a large-fruited variety of the dogwood. Peeled from the pedicels and washed its fruits put in a can and pour (but not up to the top) the boiling syrup cooked in a ratio of 34oz of water to 53oz of sugar.

Banks are hermetically sealing, put in a sterilizer with the water temperature of 176 °F and sterilized for 15 minutes. Then, straightway and enough quickly cool them to 104 °F, gradually adding the cold water into the reservoir.

A juice. The berries sort out, rinse and crush, remove the fruit stones, and from the pulp squeeze the juice through gauze. If it is sour, then it can be softened with the apple or the cherry juice. You can add the sugar syrup at the rate of 14oz sugar to 21oz of natural juice. The juice must be immediately heat treated. 

A jam. The large mature fruits of cornel's cultivars in which the fruit stones are easily separated, peel out and washed. Then, two times blanch in boiling water, dropping them into it by pieces in a grid or gauze; then, cooling them after each blanching with the cold water for removing some pectin, which, being in large quantities can cause the syrup to gelling. 

For each pound of fetuses prepare the syrup from 53oz of sugar and 18oz of water. The fruits put in the hot syrup and after two hours start cooking − boil until the required density. A few minutes before removing the jam from the fire, put in it 0.8oz of citric acid. 

The jam of cornel becomes lighter and its syrup is not gelled if you put more sugar in it (for example, 71oz at 35oz of fruit). In this case, it is necessary to pour out a part of syrup from the ready jam, having left only the necessary quantity, not covering the fruits up to the end.

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