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Useful Properties and Application of Cloudberries

There are numerous berries growing in our Earth northern regions. One of them is a cloudberry. Its berries are not only delicious, but also very useful. This is a favorite delicacy of the inhabitants of the tundra and the Arctic. People who eat cloudberries' fetuses are firmly convinced that the plant has miraculous properties. 

It is necessary to recognize that they are right because doctors note the high content of vitamins, minerals and other useful components in its composition. In this article, we will try to tell you about the beneficial properties of cloudberries and how to use it for the treatment of ailments. 

Useful Composition of Cloudberries 

The mature fruits of cloudberry contain many proteins, dietary fibre and organic acids. Contains the sugar, the citric and the malic acids, a huge amount of vitamins C and A, in moderation contains the vitamin PP and a group of vitamins B. Among the minerals, there are in the cloudberry: 

- ferrum and potassium; 
- phosphorus and cobalt; 
- pectin and tannins. 

In addition, the composition includes anthocyanins, which are of particular benefit to the human body. The vitamin C, the content of which is four times the amount of this vitamin in oranges, as well as vitamin A, which is more than in carrots, contain in these berries. 

Useful Properties of Cloudberries 

So, now let us speak about the beneficial properties of cloudberries. In order to assess its usefulness, it is enough to look at the useful composition given above. The cloudberry is an excellent product for preventing the health of the circulatory system. It improves the blood circulation, saturates the cells with the oxygen and promotes the accelerated regeneration of tissues. The use of cloudberries leads to the restoration of vision, and in the north, these berries are used to treat the scurvy and the avitaminosis. 

Cloudberry improves the blood coagulability, is effective in the diarrhea, removes the excess fluid from the organism, thereby eliminating the puffiness. Since the berries also contain potassium, this makes them irreplaceable for the cardiovascular ailments. 

The cloudberries perfectly cope with the cold. This berry, by its nature, is a powerful diaphoretic and antimicrobial agent, so to get rid of high temperature or fever, the fetuses of this plant will do better than ever. Juices and fruit drinks based on the cloudberry fruits, perfectly quench thirst, help restore the strength and help cope with a huge range of diseases. 

Using of Cloudberry 

These berries are considered the strong antioxidants, so the cloudberry prevents the formation of cancer cells and slows the premature aging. It significantly strengthens the immunity, and if you had the opportunity to consume a little more than 3.5 oz of cloudberries per day, you would definitely forget about what the diseases are. 

The berry promotes the removal of harmful cholesterol from the organism. It is also popular for the treatment of ailments associated with the genitourinary system. It is used as a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory agent. A juice from the cloudberry fetuses has the property to quickly and effectively heal the wounds, and also disinfects from the bacteria. 

It is recommended to eat the cloudberry at the chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, as well as in the disorders of stomach or intestines. The cloudberry is used as an astringent means and also useful in hypertension. The pectins and the tannic organic products, Included in the composition are useful for the mucous membrane, cover it with a film, not allowing the bacteria to be absorbed into the blood. 

This berry is useful at the obesity. Biologically active substances in its composition help normalize the metabolic processes, as well as the relieve swelling. Moreover, the cloudberry has fairly low calorie content (about 40 Kcal); so this is another factor in the piggy bank against obesity. 

To prepare a remedy for stopping the bleeding, take one tablespoon of dried cloudberries' leaves and steamed them with one cup of steep boiling water. After the mixture has cooled, strain it and take per 2.4 oz at least three times a day. To prepare a remedy for nephrolithiasis, the amount of water must be doubled. The course of treatment provides for intake up to four times a day per 3.4 oz. 

Cloudberries tincture. The tincture of such a magnificent plant as the cloudberry is drunk for the metabolic disorders and the gout, as well as for the kidney stones. To prepare this product you need two teaspoons of leaves to pour the 8.5 oz of steep boiling water. After four hours of insisting, the drink can be taken in equal doses throughout the day. Regular use of such medicinal tincture contributes to relief with the low acidity gastritis and all kinds of malignant tumors. 

A cloudberry's tea. To make this medicinal tea, you need to take the cloudberry leaves, add to them the same quantity of leaves of strawberries. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed and used as a substitute for regular tea. In addition, it is possible to prepare a generic fortifying remedy. We take one part of dry cloudberry leaves and two parts of rose hips. Fill the mixture with a cup of boiling water and let it be brewed for about an hour, you can add a little honey. This drink is recommended in the amount of no more than two cups per day. 

Against a cold and a cough. It is used against the cough and the colds and also for the treatment of tuberculosis. The cloudberry has not only the anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect, but also has the hemostatic properties. To prepare the tincture, you need two teaspoons of the plant's leaves and one cup of steep boiling water. The decoction insists not less than four-five hours. After filtering, the tincture may be taken in equal parts during the day. When coughing, also drink the decoction of medicinal dried sepals. It is advised to brew daily as an ordinary tea and consume at least seven days. 

As for contraindications, they are worth noting only for the individual intolerance, as well as for the people with gastritis of increased acidity (including ulcers).

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