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Useful Properties and Harm of Jelly
The way of making sweets are completely different. Often, they are made from sugar, chocolate and so on. However, a product such as jelly is made in a completely different way. Today we will consider all the positive and negative properties of this product. And we will look at the jelly, prepared from the natural ingredients, and not from the chemically concentrated substances. To prepare this jelly, as a rule, it is used a warm fruit juice, which is mixed with the gelatin, and then put in the freezer. A few hours after cooling, the consistency becomes colored, beautiful and appetizing in appearance as a mass. So, what is more in this product − the useful or the harmful properties?
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Benefits of Peanut Paste and Recipe for Cooking paste
One of the most delicious and nutritious sweet treats is a peanut paste. To taste, it resembles a chocolate, but is somewhat different from it. The real peanut paste is made from the roasted peanuts, but recently there have been many fakes and chemical additives that make this product not natural and even harmful. However, we will consider the true peanut paste (which can be cooked even at home), which in some cases is an excellent substitute for meat products.
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Useful Properties of Baked Apples. How to Cook?
Earlier, in an era when there were no chocolate sweet, or other, no less sweet products, made a variety of sweets from the vegetables or fruits. One of the brightest representatives of these dishes is baked apples. This classic dessert is known to all, and often the baked apples are covering with hot chocolate, or flavored with other products. In this case, the emphasis is on the taste; however, from the point of view of the usefulness of the product, the most correct will look just the baked apples.
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Whole Truth about Chocolate − Harmful and Beneficial Properties
The chocolate is a favorite delicacy not only for children, but for many of us. This is the product that first comes to mind when you hear the words "sweet" or "delicious." However, is there any benefit in chocolate, apart from moral satisfaction?! To understand this issue, we need to analyze the composition of the chocolate, and on its basis to do some conclusions.
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Dark Chocolate in Diet and Sports Nutrition
Do you think could you one day come to a doctor and get a prescription in the form of chocolate? According to the studies, this is possible. Scientists and doctors suggest that consuming a small amount of chocolate every day can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
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Recipe for Chocolate Cake with Avocado
Among sweet pastries and sweets it is so hard to find something really useful. Of the many recipes for culinary dishes, we want to offer you a recipe for a tasty, and the most importantly, very useful chocolate cake with avocado.
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Whole Truth about Bee Honey − Its Harmful and Useful Properties
The honey is a fairly widely known product of the plant-animal origin. In fact, it is a unique product with unique qualities. This is a really useful product without any exaggeration, and nobody doubts this. Moreover, the honey is a very tasty and sweet that is loved by both children and adults, in general, everyone, without exception. In addition, it has a deep history because it was used before our era − already at that time the people realized how useful product is the honey.
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Favorite Marmalade − Benefits and Harm
The marmalade remains one of the favorite treats and products for today. It is adored by adults and children; besides, today the marmalade has a fairly wide range of varieties. For the first time the technology of making marmalade was invented in the Middle East, but after a while it spreads in Europe and around the world. For example, the French simply made a thick jam that could be cut using a kitchen knife. It is from here that the uniform name of this product appeared − "marmalade".
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