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Benefits of Peanut Paste and Recipe for Cooking paste

One of the most delicious and nutritious sweet treats is a peanut paste. To taste, it resembles a chocolate, but is somewhat different from it. The real peanut paste is made from the roasted peanuts, but recently there have been many fakes and chemical additives that make this product not natural and even harmful. However, we will consider the true peanut paste (which can be cooked even at home), which in some cases is an excellent substitute for meat products. 

Repeatedly, in the movies one can see how children consume the peanut paste instead of ordinary food. Actually, the same thing happens in real life because the peanut paste is very nutritious, and even delicious. Most often, the paste is smeared on sandwiches or croutons and consumed with tea, coffee or any other drink. Well, let us take a closer look at the nutritional properties and composition of this product. 

Composition of Peanut Paste 

The peanuts' food-value and caloric content are not much inferior to the beans' or peas' ones. As you know, the peanuts do not contain cholesterol, hence, and its paste is also safe in this regard. In general, the peanut paste contains the following vitamins: 

- vitamins B and E; 
- vitamins PP and A. 

Moreover, there is a mass of useful micro-elements in it, such as zinc and magnesium, folic acid and iron, iodine and so on. In addition, the peanut paste contains antioxidants that play an important role in the organism, helping and fighting cardiovascular diseases. Another feature of the peanuts is the fact that it is made in a cold form, so all the valuable properties of peanuts are not only preserved, but also supplemented with other components that make up the composition. So, there are saturated fatty acids in it, which reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the organism. In addition, the nutrients have useful functions on the heart and liver, and many other organs. 

Useful Properties of Peanut Paste 

The benefit of peanut paste is rather two-valued. On the one hand − it is very feeding and useful, on the other − sometimes all these properties may come out, as they say, "sideways". So, firstly, let us talk about the beneficial properties of the peanut paste. Above of all, it is known for its antioxidants. With their help, the organism copes with the adverse effects of free radicals more easily and effectively. Also, the nuts in the composition help cope with the cardiovascular diseases that arise suddenly, or develop gradually at one time or another. 

Also, the peanut paste is rich in fiber. This substance helps better and correct digestion of food, and in addition, helps eliminate hunger, suppress appetite, and make it clear when the body is completely saturated. This property often enough helps with diets and weight loss. In one serving of the peanut paste (if you spread it on the bread), it will contain about 7-8 grams of dietary fiber, and the necessary daily dose of it is 20-30 grams per day. Often, there is talk that the peanut paste is an indispensable source of protein. However, if you calculate, this figure is not any huge. Imagine that the two tablespoons of the peanut paste contains about 7 grams of protein, and for an average person, about 80-100 grams of this substance per day is needed. 

But, mind you, it is just protein, not pasta. In order to eat so much protein you need to use one half of a pint of the paste a day, and that, you see, is a lot too. However, no matter what it was, from peanut butter paste you can extract a lot of protein and the rest can be obtained from other products. 

How make peanut paste yourself?

As a rule, the peanut paste is too expensive in stores, so you can make it with ease at home. However, it is necessary to prepare for this: 

- about 200g of peanuts; 
- half a spoonful of salt; 
- about 5-10g of honey; 
- 20ml peanut oil. 

First, you need to roast raw the peanuts. To do this, wash them in water and put in the oven at a temperature of 356 °F. Time for roasting is about five-seven minutes. Further, after the peanut is ready, it must be cleaned of the shell. Now, put it into the blender, adding salt and honey to it, and grind about two minutes. After this time, you must start slowly adding the peanut paste, about two-three tablespoons, while continuing to whip it up. After a few minutes, it will be seen how the mixture becomes soft and similar to paste. At this time, you can add salt or oil to your taste. 

Such a paste can be stored in the refrigerator for two months, under the right conditions, and at a sufficient temperature. Thus, the peanut paste will make your life and especially the life of your children more bright and sweet, at the same time and useful.

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