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Dark Chocolate in Diet and Sports Nutrition

Do you think could you one day come to a doctor and get a prescription in the form of chocolate? According to the studies, this is possible. Scientists and doctors suggest that consuming a small amount of chocolate every day can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

Chocolate is often perceived as a product for "pleasure", which we must eat only from time to time. Given the high content of fat and sugar, this is not surprising because an overabundance of these components in the human organism can lead to health problems, such as the caries or obesity. 

Nevertheless, the results of the conducted studies recommend the regular, moderate consumption of chocolate, which can bring significant health benefits, especially when it comes to dark chocolate. 

Dark chocolate has the highest content of cocoa. This means that such chocolate has the highest level of antioxidants. In particular, this applies to flavonoids − the substances that are molecules that can prevent some forms of the cell damage. 

The consumption of black chocolate causes a decrease in the insulin resistance. This is a process where the cells of the body cannot respond effectively to the insulin, which increases the risk of developing diabetes in the second stage and the cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, a daily consumption of chocolate leads to the decrease in this process, which improves the functioning of the organism. 

In addition, the reception of dark chocolate affects the level of the liver enzymes, which ensures the normal operation of this organ and the entire body. A normal, average daily amount of consumption of the dark chocolate should be about one ounce per day. This figure has been proved by the conducted studies. Compared to the people, who do not eat chocolate every day, those, who eat this product on a daily basis, experience the decrease in insulin resistance and an improvement in the level of enzymes in the liver. The higher the consumption of chocolate − the more noticeable is the effect. 

The compatibility of the dark chocolate with other products is also important. It is perfectly combined with the use of tea and coffee, as it is rich in the antioxidants and polyphenols. In turn, these substances reduce the risk of cardio-related illnesses. Refusal to eat chocolate leads to the development of cardio-metabolic risks, which refers to the likelihood of developing the diabetes in a person, the onset of the heart disease or strokes. Consuming chocolate daily increases a physical activity, the skin cells rejuvenate at the molecular level, and a brain activity improves significantly. 

Can Dark Chocolate Be Included in Diet Food? 

The results of the research show that consumption of chocolate can reduce the risk of developing cardio-metabolic disorders by increasing the level of liver enzymes and protecting against the insulin resistance. 

Today, in the modern clinics you can get a recipe based on cocoa-containing foods, which also applies to the dark chocolate. This product improves the organism's condition, strengthens the "cardio-metabolic" health, promotes the development of high activity of the brain. 

Especially it is recommended to eat the chocolate to the children, but in strictly controlled quantities. The use of a large amount of dark chocolate leads to the development of caries and can lead to the metabolic disorders and the obesity. Therefore, one or two chocolate bars per day will be enough to add the missing substances in the organism. 

Meanwhile, it is important to distinguish between the difference between the chocolate, which contains the natural cocoa and the processed, synthetic chocolate, which contains a lot more calories. 

Black Chocolate for Sports Nutrition 

Using the dark chocolate, a physically active person or an athlete consumes the less oxygen when exercising, cycling, running at a moderate pace, etc. 

It is known that both the dark chocolate and the beet juice increase the level of nitric oxide, which is one of the key mechanisms on the way to the high sporting results. Taking the chocolate before and after training, the athlete stamina and efficiency increases during the training. 

Flavonols in the dark chocolate are great for improving the sports performance. Therefore, the chocolate is often included in the athletes' diet of developing their endurance. After establishing the optimal rate and duration of the chocolate intake, it is very useful for athletes to take this product for the effective training. 

Surprisingly, the increasing in the productivity of the organism, come into the effect simultaneously with the consumption of dark chocolate. Thus, at the high rates of exercise and high physical activity, the chocolate does not contribute to the development of obesity, it is burning in the body on the same day.

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