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Recipe for Chocolate Cake with Avocado

Among sweet pastries and sweets it is so hard to find something really useful. Of the many recipes for culinary dishes, we want to offer you a recipe for a tasty, and the most importantly, very useful chocolate cake with avocado. 

To make it, you do not need dyes or additives − only the natural ingredients. Though, as a last resort, the paste-like dye may become the best suitable for our cake. With its help, you can decorate the cake making it attractive in appearance. 

So, for the preparation you need the ingredients to cook separately the cake itself, and the cream for it. For the cake, prepare: 

- a little butter to lubricate the molds; 
- one large and ripe avocado (weight, not less than 5-7oz); 
- about 11oz of sugar; 
- 12oz of deluxe flour; 
- about 2oz of cocoa powder; 
- one-one and a half teaspoons of soda; 
- two teaspoons of gluten-free baking powder; 
- 14oz of soy milk, if not − replace with usual (the benefit is somewhat reduced); 
- 5oz of vegetable oil; 
- two teaspoons of vanilla sugar.

To prepare a cream for the cake needs: 

- 3oz of avocado pulp; 
- 3-3.5oz of butter; 
- 7oz of chocolate; 
- 1oz of cocoa powder; 
- 4oz of milk (preferably of soybean milk); 
- 7oz of sugar; 
- one teaspoon of vanilla sugar. 

Preheat the oven to 284-320 ° F; prepare the baking sheets for the cake dough. Put the avocado and sugar in a food processor, whisk until smooth. Add the rest of the cake's ingredients in a bowl and a half teaspoon of shallow salt. Continue beating until smooth. Divide the dough into the molds, and bake each mold for 25 minutes or until the crust is completely cooked (the dough should rise, the inserted toothpick should not stick to the dough). 

Cool the short-cakes. During their cooling, start to prepare the glaze. Mix all the ingredients, bringing them to a homogeneous cream mass. Melt the chocolate, either over a bowl of water or in a microwave, and then allow it to cool for a few minutes. 

Sift the cocoa into a large bowl. Bring the milk to a boil and then gradually pour into the cocoa, stirring until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Let it cooling down for a few minutes. 

Mix the avocado with the sugar powder, melted chocolate and whisking until smooth. Spread the cream over the top-layer of the cake, and all inter-layers between the short-cakes. Leave the cake for ten minutes so that it stiffens, and you may start eating it. Such a delicacy will give strength and energy, increase appetite and positively affect the function of the liver.
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