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Useful Properties of Baked Apples. How to Cook?

Earlier, in an era when there were no chocolate sweet, or other, no less sweet products, made a variety of sweets from the vegetables or fruits. One of the brightest representatives of these dishes is baked apples. This classic dessert is known to all, and often the baked apples are covering with hot chocolate, or flavored with other products. In this case, the emphasis is on the taste; however, from the point of view of the usefulness of the product, the most correct will look just the baked apples. 

This product contains a lot of useful properties and qualities, which even do not have fresh apples. As in other cases, the thing is in the useful part, the calories that are added during the cooking apples, the vitamins, the minerals that remain in the composition. Therefore, let us look at the baked apples, from the point of view of the usefulness of this product. 

Briefly about Composition 

Regarding the baked apples' composition, they contain all the same vitamins and minerals, as in the conventional apples. That is only during the preparation of some mineral substances evaporate, but otherwise, it all stays in their place. 

Features this dish, if you treat it like the sweetness, the energy value, which is equal 110-112 kcal.

Useful Properties of Baked Apples 

The given product is distinguished, besides, with the low caloric content. This figure plays an important role, as the most of the sweets and sweet products are high-calorie substances, and are not recommended for diets. Here, all exactly the opposite – baked apples are recommended in the diet because of their low calories, and in addition, they include substances which are not less useful in such cases. 

As a rule, a healthy diet does not go beyond 2000 kilo calories per day. In this case, using one or even two servings of the baked apples, you saturate your body high, only 10% of the total diet. So, the baked apples can be safely consumed while on a diet. 

Also, the product contains large amounts of carbohydrates and dietary fibre, which help to cope with the incoming food in the organism. Both of these components will help as soon as possible and properly digest substances taken into the body during meals. By the way, there are not carbohydrates as much as fibres, only nine grams, but this amount is just in order to assimilate all the necessary substances. It is useful to eat baked apples in the first half of the day, at a time when the organism assimilates all the substances faster and more than it does in the evening. Use this sweetness will not make a body heavy, but rather give strength and energy necessary for life. Also, on the basis of research, another useful property of the baked apples has been proved, thanks to fiber − this is a fight against the disturbed metabolism. 

As for the other properties of the product, we should underline the presence of vitamins, particularly vitamin A. In one serving of the baked apples is contained about five percent of this vitamin and therefore to eat at least one such portion it is simply necessary. In turn, this vitamin helps improve the vision, for example in cases when it deteriorates due to organism aging. Also, it prevents the development of eye diseases and does not give the opportunity for infections to penetrate in the body. In addition, this vitamin helps to saturate the skin with strength and a healthy color, strengthen the teeth and bones from various harmful factors. 

The baked apples also provide the organism with large doses of iron. In particular, the last substance can prevent the development of many diseases, strengthen the immune system. It gets rid of cardiovascular diseases and also helps prevent diseases such as anemia, hypertension and so on. 

Simple Recipe for Baked Apples 

Recipes baked apples quite a lot, however, there are more complex and simpler recipes. We will provide you one of the most simple recipes, which does not need many ingredients.

So, you will need: 

- water; 
- cinnamon; 
- sugar; 
- apples themselves. 

Remove the stalk and core from the apples. Then, pour in a baking sheet of water and gently lay out the apples. Add sugar inside the fruits and slightly sprinkle them with cinnamon from above. Put the prepared dish in the oven, preheated to a temperature of 302 °F. Leave the dish in the oven for 20 minutes; if necessary, shift the baking sheet so the apples bake evenly. 

After the specified time, you can pull the apples and serve. For a more pleasant taste, you can sprinkle them with vanilla sugar, or other spices to taste. So, the baked apples are not just a tasty product, but will retain all the necessary and useful properties.
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