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Whole Truth about Bee Honey − Its Harmful and Useful Properties

The honey is a fairly widely known product of the plant-animal origin. In fact, it is a unique product with unique qualities. This is a really useful product without any exaggeration, and nobody doubts this. Moreover, the honey is a very tasty and sweet that is loved by both children and adults, in general, everyone, without exception. In addition, it has a deep history because it was used before our era − already at that time the people realized how useful product is the honey. 

Useful Properties of Honey

At once, we would like to note an important detail of this product, which is not available to other foodstuff. The honey has a long expiration date, and is practically not a spoiling food product. For example, during the diggings of tombs in the pyramids of Giza, the honey was found in the jars that survived in an edible state until our times. However, this is very surprising since honey is a product of natural origin.
As for the useful qualities of honey, first of all, we note its high caloric value. So, for 100 grams of honey, we have 300 kilocalories, and this is quite a considerable indicator. Also, the honey contains a high concentration of potassium, which allows it to self-destruct a different kind of bacteria in its composition. Probably, that is why the honey is so longevous. And since it destroys microbes, it is logical that using the honey, we also purify our own organism from microbes, at the same time cleansing and getting a taste of pleasure.
If we say more about the honey's composition, then it is found in it such useful substances:

- iron and calcium;
- chlorine and manganese;
- potassium and phosphorus.
Since these substances are of the natural origin and they are extracted by the plant roots from the ground, they are endowed with undoubtedly useful properties. And the more earth substances and plants accumulated these substances, the more they concentrate in the honey itself. Also, there is a dark honey; otherwise it is called the buckwheat one. This honey contains more copper, as well as more of those substances that we listed above. Therefore, the usefulness of such honey is slightly higher, which, accordingly, is reflected in its value.
Iron and manganese help increase the level of the hemoglobin, affecting also other components of the human organism. For example, there is an increase in the rate of growth and development of bones and muscle tissue. Contained in the honey, vitamin B2 also contributes to the function of the body growth, teeth and nails, and also stimulates the functionality of the thyroid gland.
Useful qualities of the honey can be discussed indefinitely. This is and its role in the treatment of colds, and an important role in prevention and psychology of mood. After all, few people know that the honey is an excellent depressant, much more effective than most drugs sold in the pharmacy.
It should also be noted the difference between the honey sugar and the other sugars. And it has the following advantages:

The honey is very easily and quickly absorbed even by a child's organism.
With its help there is a faster digestive function and purification of the gastrointestinal tract.
It is much easier to perceive by the kidneys, unlike the other types of sugars.
The fact that the honey is an excellent remedy for the treatment in the folk medicine speaks for itself − this is really a useful product.

Harmful Qualities of Honey

There are some contraindications and negative effects of the honey. However, we like this product very much. Basically, it concerns more of those people who are allergic and intolerant to the honey, and its other derivatives. For example, it can be the honey cakes, puffs, cakes and so on. There are the situations when an allergy occurs only on one type of honey (and indeed there are a lot of species), for example, for the honeydew honey. Unfortunately, for such people the attempts to consume the honey were not crowned with success, and moreover there are various side-effects. However, this does not mean that now it is not worth to use the honey because you can choose such a variety that really will taste and not cause an allergic reaction.
Also, the fact is known that the honey loses its qualities and even becomes harmful when heated. To be precise, when heated up to 1040 K, honey simply loses its qualities, and when heated to a temperature of 1400 K or more, it does become a toxic substance that adversely affects our body. But, a large number, especially our grandparents, do not even know about it, and often like to advise to put the honey in a hot tea. Now you know that this should not be done, and if you use the honey during a cold or URTI, it is better to eat it separately from tea. Moreover, it is better to refrain from the honey people who suffer from diabetes, or take it in very limited quantities.
But in spite of everything, the usefulness of the honey in many respects outruns its harmfulness; therefore it by the right is a useful, therapeutic product, which among other things is also very tasty.

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