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Whole Truth about Chocolate − Harmful and Beneficial Properties

The chocolate is a favorite delicacy not only for children, but for many of us. This is the product that first comes to mind when you hear the words "sweet" or "delicious." However, is there any benefit in chocolate, apart from moral satisfaction?! To understand this issue, we need to analyze the composition of the chocolate, and on its basis to do some conclusions. 

So, starting with the question of the benefits and harm of the chocolate, it is worth highlighting a few basic types of chocolates that will simultaneously be different in terms of their properties:

The black chocolate, which is made from cocoa beans (more than 75%) and powdered sugar. This kind of chocolate is not loved by everyone, as it is not sweet and causes bitterness, but we will discuss about its useful properties a little later.
The milk chocolate, perhaps, is the most popular and loved by all. It differs from the black chocolate only by the presence of dry milk;
The white chocolate, in which there is no grated cocoa (in the previous types it is not used), however, it contains the spray-dried milk and vanilline;
The porous chocolate differs only in the way of manufacturing, but it can be either black, or dairy or white;
The diabetic chocolate, in which does not include sugar, which is replaced by various additives, especially for people with diabetes.

Composition and Useful Qualities of Chocolate

So, we examined the components of chocolate, and now you can list what components are included in its composition. Among them of interest to us, the composition of chocolate contains proteins and fats, B vitamins, as well as various minerals:

- magnesium and calcium;
- potassium and sodium;
- iron.
The main component of chocolate is the cocoa beans. What can be said about the properties of these miracle fruits? They have a positive effect on the work of the nervous system and brains, increase the tone of the organism and mood and are a weak antioxidant. No wonder it is recommended to eat a chocolate bar before passing the exam, or during preparation to it.
The most useful in terms of health considered the black chocolate, even if it is not the most delicious. It has the most quantity of cocoa, which helps the brain's work and will be useful for those who do not want to grow fat, although even with the black chocolate you need to know the sense of proportion. Also, the composition of chocolate includes lecithin, which increases the working capacity and endurance of the organism, and improves memory processes. His absence will negatively affect the daily life, fatigue and lethargy will appear more often. Chocolate is also beneficial for the circulatory system, improving the blood circulation, thereby normalizing the arterial tension. Therefore, even the elderly, it is necessary to eat chocolate, albeit in small quantities.
Also, despite the widespread opinion, the chocolate is not the most harmful product for teeth, by no means. Unlike other sweets, it is completely harmless for them, and even vice versa − it positively affects the tooth enamel.

Harmful Qualities of Chocolate

The most dangerous enemy chocolate will be for those who do not know the sense of proportion, and who loves it madly. However, it will be difficult to keep oneself from chocolate; it is a really inviting and tasty product. It is interesting to know that the nutritionists recommend eating the chocolate no more than 0.9-1.0 oz per day. Otherwise, the chocolate will start to give the opposite effect. It includes the further growing fat of the figure, and also, if it is not the black chocolate, the organism begins to increase the level of cholesterol.
Also, it is alarming and that little-known fact that midges are running into the chocolate during the harvesting of cocoa and did not disappear completely after its preparing. Their presence in chocolate significantly impairs the quality of the product and makes it dangerous and harmful since these insects can be toxic.

Choosing Valuable Chocolate

In order to choose a really useful chocolate, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the product. An obligatory component of chocolate should be grated cocoa − and if instead of the chocolate comes cocoa powder, just put the chocolate back on the shelf in the store, and take a bar with really grated cocoa.
If you wish to buy a milk chocolate, pay attention to the presence of the cocoa oil in its composition. If it is there − it is great, if instead of it there are vegetable fats − refrain from it and look for the suitable one. There are so-called "confectionery bars" which contain various additives in the form of the sunflower or palm oil, etc. This "pseudo-chocolate" also does not differ anything useful, and its only advantage is its low cost.
Thus, pay close attention to the chocolate composition as you can often buy just a substitute for chocolate, thereby deceiving yourself and your body. In addition, the natural chocolate will always be indicated by the proportion of grated cocoa and its oil, which now helps you to better navigate in its usefulness.

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