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Useful Properties of Buffalo Milk. Similarities with Cow Milk
Many of us, at most, are only familiar with two kinds of milk − the cow's and the goat's. Indeed, this milk is familiar only because the cows and the goats are widely exploited in agriculture, which makes the product so popular. However, if you will dig a little in the search of varieties of milk, you can find a buffalo milk, which is obtained from buffaloes − as a rule, we are talking about domesticated animals − Asian buffaloes. The peculiarity of such milk is that the immunity and health of these cows is much stronger than common ones, and therefore milk itself is much more useful.
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Kefir Is Most Useful Sour-Milk Product
The products of dairy origin are certainly very useful for our organism. Among such products as cheese, milk, cottage cheese, however, one of the most useful is the kefir. This product has an expanded list of useful properties and therefore, it is on the list of the extremely useful balanced food products.
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What Are Useful Properties of Sour Cream?
One of the cultured milk products, obtained from milk, is widely known to us, called a sour cream. It has been well-known since ancient times. The sour cream was made and is still being made at home, by collecting it from the second milk layer, which is under the cream. This product is highly nutritious and tasty, and absorbed quite a lot of useful properties. So, it has nutritional, biological and dietary value, which is represented by many useful properties. The sour cream is great for diet food, especially with this one which having ten percent fat.
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Delicious Bryndza − Than Is Useful, Than Dangerous?
One of the many products that are made from milk is a bryndza. This brine-ripened cheese has a white color, and looks very much like a classical cheese made from milk, but it has several differences. As a rule, the bryndza has a white or milky color, to taste a little bit sour, as well as by smell. The bryndza is not necessarily made from cow's milk.
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Cottage Cheese's Benefits and Harms − All You Need to Know
Discussion of the topics about sour-milk products have always been a few controversial. Some say that the dairy products are certainly useful and indispensable for the human organism, while others believe the opposite – they are not suitable for everyone. Moreover, many refuse to use for food them in general. Today we will look upon the cottage cheese and prove that it really is a useful product, rather than vice versa.
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