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Cottage Cheese's Benefits and Harms − All You Need to Know

Discussion of the topics about sour-milk products have always been a few controversial. Some say that the dairy products are certainly useful and indispensable for the human organism, while others believe the opposite – they are not suitable for everyone. Moreover, many refuse to use for food them in general. Today we will look upon the cottage cheese and prove that it really is a useful product, rather than vice versa.

So, from all sour-milk products, namely cottage cheese is the most useful. His discovery happened almost immediately after it was found and the milk itself, and therefore it was used by the ancient people. The process of obtaining the cottage cheese is quite simple – it just is synthesized from sour milk, turning into thick white lumps. So, the sour milk warmed up, and then decanted from the mixture of obtained lactoserum, after which, the cottage cheese had been left in its pure form. Just note that the useful qualities of the cottage cheese are much more than harmful, so first let us look upon it with its positive qualities.

Useful Properties of Cottage Cheese

So, we all know that the dishes are based on the cottage cheese much easier and better absorbed by the human body than from milk. And all because of the substances that make it difficult to digest are removed along with the lactoserum while getting the cottage cheese.

It is also known that the cottage cheese contains abundant quantity of calcium, which is definitely useful for everybody, beginning from children to the elderly. This component contributes to the growth and strengthening of the osseous system, hair growth and teeth, and so on. That is, the benefits of calcium is known to all, as well as its deficiency which leads to bones' diseases and the cottage cheese is useful in the first place for those that eliminates this deficit.

In addition, the second important function of the cottage cheese is very high protein content, which in turn is a very useful component of the diet of each person. That is why the cottage cheese in huge quantities is consumed by athletes, bodybuilders and the people who wish to gain a muscle mass. In addition to the athletes, the cottage cheese is recommended to use to pregnant women and children, especially in the period of their active growth. Of course, an alternative to the cottage cheese in terms of protein content can be a number of other products – fish, meat, but the absorption of the cottage cheese is occur many times faster than animal products. The assimilation of meat may not always be useful, but the assimilation of the cottage cheese is completely harmless, so the last can be unequivocally attributed to useful products.

Subject to daily allowance of cheese, and for an adult is about 0.4 pounds, for a child from 0.04 to 0.1 pounds, the person increases the tonus of his body, filling it with a whole set of useful microelements, which often lack the body. Also, the cottage cheese has a positive effect on the alimentary system – stomach, intestines and pancreas.

Following substances of the main components of the cottage cheese are:

-    potassium and zinc;

-    iron and phosphorus;

-   sodium and number of amino acids.

Of course, the cottage cheese contains the next nutritional vitamins – this group of B vitamins, as well as adequate amounts of vitamins A, D and a little vitamin E. depending on how fat it turned out the final product, depends on the total calorie content of the top cheese, and overall it is 75-220 kcal for every 100 g of product.


Fat Content Influence on the Energy Value and the Composition of the Cottage Cheese

Fat status

Energy value

(kcal for 100 g)


(g for 100 g)

Vitamin A*

(mg for 100 g)

fat (18%)




bold (9%)




low-fat (0.6%)




* Vitamin A is presented in the sum with beta-carotene

The human body is designed so that it does not have enough own amino acids. Therefore, it needed a constant flow of these substances from the various products. And the cottage cheese is such a useful dish that fully satisfies anyone who needs the amino acids. In addition, it is recommended for people who are constantly suffering from allergies, as it helps reduce the reaction force on the source of allergies, and helps the process flowing more easily and painlessly.

Dangers of Cottage Cheese. Is It Truth or Myth?

As for the negative qualities of the cottage cheese, there are some drawbacks (as with any other product) here. However, above all, it should be understood that much depends not on the cottage cheese itself, but from its freshness, storage conditions and cooking.

In general, the cottage cheese is a safe enough fermented milk product which in its pure form will not harm a person. Another thing, when this product has given a time to become unfit for use because the cottage cheese is quite rapidly deteriorating, and this is its weakness. However, any natural healthy product is usually rather quick to rot (though, there are some exceptions, for example, the honey). Or, in the process of making the cottage cheese it was used the broken technology. In this case, too some problems may arise.

The only thing when the cottage cheese can negatively affect an organism so it is used by people with renal diseases. The fat cottage cheese is contraindicated for them. However, the defatted product can be safely used when the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are present.

And yet, some believe that cottage cheese and milk are the same because both get from a cow. However, the cottage cheese − is a fermented milk product, so its composition is different. It, unlike milk, has no lactose, therefore, the milk intolerance one should never associate with such a useful product like the cottage cheese.

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