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Kefir Is Most Useful Sour-Milk Product

The products of dairy origin are certainly very useful for our organism. Among such products as cheese, milk, cottage cheese, however, one of the most useful is the kefir. This product has an expanded list of useful properties and therefore, it is on the list of the extremely useful balanced food products. 
Today, the technology and the method of producing kefir are very diverse. However, even home-made kefir differs in its usefulness because it is obtained as a result of fermentation, or, so-called sourdough. And microelements that appears during this process, while eating help to assimilate food easier and much more efficiently than without the kefir. However, let us take a closer look at all the useful properties of the kefir, and learn about its "dark" sides.

Useful Properties of Kefir

Useful properties of the kefir have been proven for a relatively long time. And its secret lies in the manufacturing technology that is precisely because of the special method of fermentation. By the way, even today it is still possible to develop innovative methods of the kefir's ferment, opening up new and new useful qualities of this product.
Kefir is the product that can be consumed by people of any age − from babies and children, to adults and the elderly. This useful product, considering by us, has the properties of restoring the balance in the human organism, and it concerns not only the digestive system. The presence of useful micro-elements in the composition of kefir, such as copper, fluorine or iodine, various groups of vitamins A and B:

- increases the energy generation; 
- adjusts metabolism and assimilation of substances;
- promotes more favorable assimilation of microelements;
- normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract. 

In addition, the kefir favorably affects: 

- the human nervous system; 
- helps strengthen and growing the skin, nails and teeth; 
- reduces the amount of salt in the joints of bones, so it is recommended for the people suffering from brittleness of nails, development of diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis and so on.

By the way, this is due to the fact that kefir contains a high amount of calcium, more than in other fermented milk products.
As for the energy values of the kefir (per 100 gms of product):

- 4 grams of carbohydrates;
- 2.9-3 grams of proteins;
- 3-3.2 grams of fat (of course, it is necessary to take into account the fat content of the kefir);
- the energy value of 60 kcal.
Malnutrition is the cause of the development of diseases associated with the digestive system, and not only (this is reflected in many human organs). Truth be told, the most of us are eating the wrong and unbalanced, which makes it felt. However, the use of the kefir can help to assimilate the products, restore the natural balance in the body, even if there are minor disturbances in the diet. It is not for nothing that today advertises the various bio-kefirs. They are contained useful bacteria that also have a positive effect on the organism, promote effective metabolism, improve the acidity of the organism, purify it of harmful substances and toxins. 

Here is a list of ailments and diseases, in which case, kefir can help:

- overweight;
- problems and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
- disturbed metabolism (dysbacteriosis);
- poisonings and frequent feelings of nausea;
- dry and pale skin;
- hair loss (especially in girls);
- fragility of bones, nails; 
- dental disease;
- problems with the nervous system (stress, depression, mood drop, etc.).

Contraindications to Kefir

It is worth considering and a few nuances about the use of the kefir, which can result in negative consequences. Firstly, the kefir cannot be consumed in large quantities, in any case. And with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, increased acidity of the gastric juice in the organism, for example, with ulcer and gastritis diseases, the kefir should be consumed in quite limited quantities (1-2 cups a day) and only fresh (the freshness: 1-2 days).
Also, there are a lot of people who simply cannot tolerate the spirit of this product. In this case, do not rape your body, and do not eat the kefir. To begin with, you have to put up with it on a psychological level, and only then it will start to be of use for you. Otherwise, there will be no sense from it. It is not recommended to drink too cold kefir, and not only because it is easy to get sick (although for that reason too), but also because then its useful properties are slightly less than in warm (room's temperature) form. As for children, they should also not be fed with one kefir − one cup a day will be enough for the full and productive work of the child's organism.
Well, as you can see, the kefir is not absolutely an ideal product, but its useful qualities can really be felt after the first intake of this product.

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