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Useful Properties of Buffalo Milk. Similarities with Cow Milk

Many of us, at most, are only familiar with two kinds of milk − the cow's and the goat's. Indeed, this milk is familiar only because the cows and the goats are widely exploited in agriculture, which makes the product so popular. However, if you will dig a little in the search of varieties of milk, you can find a buffalo milk, which is obtained from buffaloes − as a rule, we are talking about domesticated animals − Asian buffaloes. The peculiarity of such milk is that the immunity and health of these cows is much stronger than common ones, and therefore milk itself is much more useful. 

This product contains many minerals and nutrients that can be useful to people of any age. In the countries of Asia have already evaluated the effectiveness of the buffalo milk, though it is not so widely spread with us, but if you want, you may still find it. Well, let us see what useful properties together with this milk, we will gain. 

The Composition of Buffalo Milk 

Traditionally, the milk of customary cows contains a lot of calcium. In buffalo, it is even larger, and it is more concentrated, which makes this milk more useful. In addition to calcium, it contains magnesium and potassium, sodium and zinc, iron, manganese and phosphorus, and other micro-elements. Besides, the buffalo milk is an excellent source of vitamins − A, a group of vitamins B and C and has the organic substances: 

- riboflavin and niacin; 
- folic and pantothenic acids. 

Let us say a few words about the fat content of this milk and its nutritional value. Typically, the fat content of buffalo milk is approximately seven-eight percents, which in combination with the low cholesterol − only 0.6 mg/g makes it very nutritious. By the way, even the cow's milk has not such cholesterol because it has about 3.15 mg/g of this agent, so the buffalo milk is much more effective and useful. In addition, this milk is a good source of protein and iron, and the phosphorus content in it is about 57%. 

Separately, we note that the similarities of beneficial properties of the buffalo and cow's milk are almost identical, but the cow's milk is at least three times weaker. Therefore, in order to obtain the same effect as drinking the buffalo milk, the cow's drink should be consumed three times more (which is often not so simple or even impossible at all). 

Why Use Buffalo milk? What Does It Contain? 

This drink is used not simply, as they say, only for the soul. Many use it to improve the body's health, to influence those or other organs or problems. So, the buffalo milk is an excellent product for strengthening and growth of bones, teeth and nails because it has enough calcium for this. In addition, the buffalo milk is useful for the cardiovascular diseases, as well as for restoring the strength of people who have suffered severe illnesses, surgeries and other periods during which the body was significantly weakened. 

Because of the high content of immunoglobulin and other beneficial substances that affect the immunity, the buffalo milk is excellent for dietary nutrition. So, the patients in the postoperative or after a painful condition have, as a rule, weakened immunity, which requires the recuperation. Usually, it is raised with the help of medicinal and chemical means, but as a rule, the medical preparations at the same time negatively affect other vital organs. Therefore, it is in such cases that the buffalo milk fits like nothing better. Also, the important role of the buffalo milk has been proven in the treatment of the diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or high blood pressure. As a rule, about ten percents of this disease's cases are associated with the genetic causes. So, the drink in question plays an important role in curing such diseases because it has in its composition enzymes that fight with these ailments. Similarly, the buffalo milk removes inflammation and irritability of the intestine, if it takes place to be. 

Also, this buffalo milk is an excellent means for preventing such diseases as: 

- tuberculosis; 
- leukemia; 
- brucellosis; 
- other infectious diseases. 

It is noteworthy that the buffalo milk is more resistant to heat treatment, and after it, it retains much more substances and minerals. And consequently, the useful properties are, which are also important.

Milk Taste and Use 

In a nutshell, let us say about the properties of milk itself. In general, it is exactly the same as the cow's milk, and on fluidity it is practically the same as the cow's one (a couple of percentages of the difference is impossible to distinguish visually). As for the taste, it is more saturated, and has a more spicy smell. Concerning the use of the buffalo milk, it should be mentioned that it is used exactly like cow's milk, and practically does not differ in this regard.

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