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Beneficial Properties of Tea Tree Oil

One of the most common essential oils is considered a tea tree oil. Interestingly, the oil is derived from the plant, called "Melaleuca" (Australia) and for the first time it began to apply by the ancient natives. Today, the tea tree oil is used as a product for the treatment and protection of the body, and in this article we will discuss the useful properties of this oil.

Properties of Tea Tree Oil 

The oil is a fluid, perfectly transparent product, practically no coloring. It has an easily recognizable, strong flavor. The smell of tea tree oil is a dramatic, invigorating, and intense, bitter and spicy aroma. 

The tea tree oil is widely used in cosmetics, folk- and official medicine. It practically has no analogues, and its main useful properties include the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect. Thanks to the tea tree oil can you get rid of numerous skin diseases, and the oil itself is a true antibiotic, an immunostimulant. 

The aromatic tea tree oil helps deal with the infections, and also useful at the debilitating or chronic diseases. It can be used to cure the cold, the flu and other epidemics. 

This product has a calming and disinfecting effect. The oil is used to provide the first emergency care, it is used to treat the injuries, the burns, and the dental problems. 

The tea tree oil is able to arrest the symptoms of poisoning, has a positive effect on the stomach, the intestines, and helps get rid of cystitis or inflammation of the urinary tract. One of the most important is the antibacterial effect of tea tree oil, allowing it to cope with bacteria and viruses. 

The tea tree oil is:

- The magnificent antiseptic.
- It stops the development of antiviral infections, especially effective at the ARVI and the influenza.
- Has the analgesic properties.
- With success is used to treat the skin infections.
- Has the antifungal properties.
- Is a good immunostimulator.
- Reduces the likelihood of oncological diseases.
- Removes the puffiness.
- Has the sedative effect.
- Positively affects the nervous system.
- The recuperating.
- Increases the mental activity.
- It rejuvenates the skin.
- Has the wound-healing activity.
- Strengthens the hair.

The tea tree oil has the analgesic properties, it is widely used for the treatment of dermatitis, dermatoses, fungi, lichen and other skin diseases. It is a great immunostimulant and sedative. It should be noted that the tea tree has a positive effect on the nervous system and brain. To use the tea tree oil, enough to apply it on the skin, add to the aromatic lamps, the creams, the shampoos, the beauty masks. During bathing, it is enough to drip a few drops of oil into the bath that will be very useful for the skin and body. 

To remove pimples on the face or other body part, it is enough one-two times a day lubricate the affected areas with the tea tree oil. You can add it to the cream, the cleanser face, etc. 

Surprisingly, but the tea tree is able to whiten the teeth. To do this two-three times a day rinses the oral cavity with a cup of water with two-three drops of the essential oil. In addition, this oil will help get rid of dental tartar, strengthen gums and neutralizes the odor. 

Using the oils for hair is also particularly effective. To strengthen your hair and promote their growth, it is sufficient to add ten-twenty drops of essential oil in 17 oz of shampoo, or just wash added two-three drops on the palm of the hand. 


For preparing the oil aroma-bath, enough to take this bath no more than for ten minutes, adding into the water ten drops of tea tree oil or four drops of tea tree oil and the same quantity − drops of lavender. For compresses, applications and bandages, washing the wounds add in a cup of warm water no more than four drops of tea tree oil, and to rinse − not more than ten drops. 

The hot inhalations spend no more than ten minutes, inhaling the steam from the water, in which added five drops of tea tree oil or two drops and the lemon. For the massage for every tablespoon of oil's base add up to eight drops of oil. For taking inside the tea tree oil, take one drop of this oil together with the vegetable oil and bread no more than two times a day. Add five drops of tea tree essential oil in the remedies of intimate hygiene, and the same quantity is used for douching.

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