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Benefits and Harm of Fungi to Human Organism

From school lessons in biology, many know that fungi belong to a separate realm of living organisms. They cannot be attributed to either animals or plants due to the full lack of chlorophyll in their composition. They support the natural cycle, removing dead and inorganic substances. Some cultures and peoples are sincerely convinced that the mushrooms cannot benefit a person, bearing only the real harm. From a scientific point of view, such a judgment is incorrect, and the benefits of fungi to humans are sometimes invaluable. In this article, we will discuss about the beneficial properties of fungi and about the harm, once touched on this topic. 

From Biology Point of View 

Unconsciously, we still refer the mushrooms to the plants because we are used to the fact that the animals, insects and other living things move and give signs of life. The mushrooms are static, they do not run and do not fly and they grow out of the ground that is why we treat them as such living beings. However, they cannot be attributed to the plants either since they do not have roots or branches; they do not blossom like an overwhelming number of plants and multiply with the help of spores. 

There are about 100.000 species of fungi, some of which are parasites (that is, they feed on the other living organisms), some are not considered such because they feed on organic substances. Naturally, the parasites do not bring any benefit to the animals and plants, and the saprophytes contribute to the process of decomposition, returning the organic substances to nature. The use of parasites' fungi is strictly forbidden, while the saprophytes are highly recommended. So, the use of the champignon and milk agarics, the oyster-mushrooms and suillus is of a great value to the person. Choosing the mushrooms, pay attention to the appearance, whether they are edible or not. 

Benefits of mushrooms and rational nutrition 

The balanced nutrition is an effective tool on the way to a healthy organism. A rational approach to eating dishes leads to the body's saturation with useful substances − proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, micro-elements and other useful ingredients. 

Therefore, the food should not be monotonous. There should be a place for meat, bread and dairy products, fish dishes, fruits and vegetables in the human diet. Naturally, the diet should also include the fungi. This product is the leader in the content of proteinaceous substances and vegetable fats. Numerous of them are found in the champignons, the boletuses and the pickled suillus, in the orange-cap boletuses and saffron milk-caps. And this amount in some cases exceeds the protein content in meat or fish. 

The most valuable is the benefit of mushrooms, still young, in their caps there are other useful substances. The mushrooms are sources of vitamins and minerals. In particular, there is the vitamin A and a group of vitamins B1 and B2. The benefits of the vitamin A affect the improvement of vision, the maintenance of strong immunity, protecting the organism from the viral and cold microbes, helps regenerate the skin, and is useful for the pregnant women. Retinol (also known as vitamin A) promotes the normal fetal development. 

Vitamin B1 is effective in the hypertension, it has a beneficial effect on the strengthening of memory and it makes its use in the disorder of the intestines and other gastrointestinal ailments. Also, it is useful for the people experiencing the intense physical activity during the day, useful for pregnant and the nursing mothers. Vitamin В2, also known as riboflavin, is considered a component for beauty and health, and its absence does not have a better effect on the body. Many of the vitamins of group "B" are contained in such mushrooms: 

- milk agarics and chanterelles; 
- suillus and honey agarics; 
- birch and orange-cap boletuses. 

In addition to vitamins, the mushrooms contain micro-elements, among which are the potassium and calcium, the phosphorus, the sulfur, the iron and magnesium, the sodium and silicon, etc. About other useful properties of micro-elements, you can read on the other pages of our site. 

How to Use Mushrooms? 

In order for the benefits of the mushrooms to be noticeable, you need to know how to use them better and correctly. For example, the benefits of the milk agarics are best manifested if they are salted or fried in sour cream with onions. This recipe allows you to get rid of excess weight and make a slim figure. 

However, the honey agarics are better to pickle, or as fry with onions, as well as mushrooms. This kind of mushrooms is a source of energy, helps people with diabetes. The benefits of champignons and oyster-mushrooms also affect the figure − the use of these products leads to the burning of fats, which, in fact, makes the figure slim. 

The porcini mushrooms are the best dried, marinated or salted. They can and fry, but in this case, the properties of the product will be slightly volatilized. However, in the pickled porcini mushrooms, you will keep all the vitamins and minerals, consuming them while eating. And, of course, you need to choose the mushrooms not only for "usefulness", but for taste. Eat those mushrooms that are the most suited to your taste. 

Harm of Fungi and Contraindications 

There are many sad and negative rumors about the dangers of mushrooms. Unfortunately, these rumors are not without foundation, and the most of them are true. A person can easily be poisoned by the substandard fungi. The inexperienced mushroom pickers can confuse with the species of mushrooms for, which as a result will be deplorable. 

It is known that the fungi absorb the harmful substances from the air and radiation. Therefore, do not buy the product from untested vendors. The best way to avoid problems with the mushrooms is to purchase them in the store. These can be done safely since such mushrooms are grown in the special rooms, so it is impossible to confuse them with inedible or pollute with dirty air, etc. 

Do not trust even the canned mushrooms from unfamiliar traders because during the time of conservation, a poor-quality or inedible mushroom secretes poisonous substances. Choosing marinated and pickled mushrooms make a purchase only in supermarkets and shops, in which you can find out all the necessary information about this product on the packaging labels.

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