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Benefits and Use of Lavender Oil

Lavender is considered a famous decorative culture, which attracts not only its beauty, but also its own benefit. This modest plant was liked by the people a very-very long time ago. And a lavender essential oil began to be used still in the last millennium. Today, the lavender's essential oil is used in the aromatization of premises, in the folk- and official medicine, in the household chemicals. 

In this article we will discuss the beneficial properties and application of lavender oil. You will learn about where, how and in what quantities the lavender oil can be used, where it should be added in and how to make the most of it. 

How Get Lavender essential oil? 

For the entire millennial history of the lavender oil using, it was obtained by various methods. The main method of obtaining the aromatic essential oil is the steam distillation of the lavender's inflorescences. 

In brief about steam distillation − the lavender's inflorescence is placed in a flask on a special mesh, the flask is filled with hot water. When it is heated, the high temperature and the water vapor begin to split the lavender's inflorescences cells, at which the aromatic essences begin to release in the form of steam's droplets. Further, this vapor escapes into a separate vessel, after which the lavender essential oil is obtained. 

For the production of lavender oil, the certain plant varieties are used − a narrow-leaved lavender, real and ordinary, spicate. Actually, these varieties can be ranked as one, only with different synonymic names. The main region of the lavender growth is the countries located in the Mediterranean region. France, the Canary Islands, part of the Crimea, the Caucasus, Morocco and so on. 

Composition and Properties of Lavender Essential Oil 

According to its external properties, the lavender oil is a colorless, less often − yellowish-green liquid, with a bitter and a burning taste and the smell of lavender flowers and wood. The composition of lavender oil is extremely rich and has about three hundred organic components. Among them, the most significant are: 

- linalyl acetate (about 35 - 55% of the composition); 
- linalool (about 30 - 35% of the total composition); 
- terpinene-4-ol (up to 5% of the total composition); 
- lavandulyl acetate (1-2% composition). 

It is noteworthy that the lavender essential oil is perfectly combined with the other aromatic oils, such as a pine and a clove oil, a chamomile and a rose oil, a lemon and a nutmeg essential oil, a tea tree oil and a geranium oil, and so on. 

Properties of Lavender Oil 

Basic Beneficial Properties

The main beneficial properties of lavender oil include the bactericidal and antifungal effects, the antiviral and antiparasitic ones. The lavender is very effective in the combating with bacteria, fungi and viruses, leaving them no chance, when ingested. 

The essential oil from the inflorescences of lavender is considered a strong antiseptic, anticonvulsant and antiallergic remedy. It has the expectorant and antispasmodic properties, tones the cells and tissues in the organism, stimulates the immunity. It has a sedative effect on the organism, has the excellent choleretic and diuretic properties. 

A distinctive feature of essential oils is their positive effect on the central nervous system is considered. There was no exception to this property and for the lavender oil. So, it contributes to the balancing of nervous system processes, helps improve mood, calm and relieve overexcitation. It is excellent cope with insomnia, acts as a strong antidepressant. 

The lavender oil takes part in the permeability of cell membranes, thereby significantly increasing the energy potential of human body's tissues. Thus, the lavender helps to increase the viability of cells. It helps normalize the oxidative reactions in the organism, stabilizes the lipid metabolism and reduces the level of lipids, which provoke the development of certain diseases, for example, such as the atherosclerosis. 

This lavender oil promotes toning of the heart vessels, heart, blood vessels of the brain. That, in turn, improves the functioning of the blood supply system, reduces the heart rate and stabilizes the blood pressure. 

The lavender oil acts on the hormonal status. In particular, it increases corticosterone (the hormone of the adrenal cortex) almost in two times, helps improve the attention and the memory. Lavender oil improves the quality of the work done and reduces the number of errors. For the girls, the oil will be useful as a tool for regulating the menstrual cycle. For the pregnant women, it accelerates the childbirth, enhances the uterine activity and also reduces the pain. There is a positive effect of lavender essential oil for gastrointestinal secretion and improvement of digestion. 

Benefit for Skin Condition 

Of course, one of the most popular ways of applying the lavender oil is its ability to treat the human's skin integument. The  lavender oil is suitable for almost all skin types − for the oily and aging, inflamed or the irritated skin. 

The essential oil wonderfully copes with redness, eliminates peeling and causes the skin to regenerate new cells. As a result, the abrasions and the wounds, the various kinds of scrapes, ulcers and burns heal much faster and more efficiently. 

Equally effective, the lavender oil is used to treat the purulent and the inflammatory skin diseases. In particular, it is used for the treatment of acne, furuncles, purulent wounds and abscesses. It stops the development of the most skin diseases and contributes at their disposal. 

Using of Lavender Oil 

As an antidote in the snake bites: rub the bitten place with the oil, the poison is neutralized immediately.  

When biting insects: the affected skin is rubbed with a mixture of lavender oil and alcohol in equal parts. 

For massage − five drops per ten ml of base vegetable oil. 

In the inhalers − two-three drops, the duration of the procedure is five-seven minutes; in the aroma lamps− five-seven drops. 

The alcohol solution − ten drops of oil per ten ml of 90% ethyl alcohol. 

For the enrichment of creams, shampoos − seven drops per five ml of base. 

For the bathtubs − seven-ten drops, previously mixed with an emulsifier (1/4 − 1/3 cup of milk, raw cream, whey, sea or usual salt solution).

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