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Benefits of Flax-seed Oil for Body

A flax-seed oil is the valuable mean, created by nature itself. It contains in the flax flowers and is extracted by the cold pressing. This oil has a huge mass of useful properties; it is widely used in folk and official medicine. Of course, the flax-seed oil, the benefit of which is very huge, has a negative side. All this will be discussed in this article. 

The flax oil was very common and is ordinary in everyday life. However, it was replaced by the now more common sunflower oil, which in modern cooking is an essential product. From this the flax-seed oil does not lose its beneficial properties, and today, even though less popular, valued not only in the cooking but also in the folk-medicine, it is part of the popular medicines sold in the pharmacies, etc. 

Composition of Flax-seed Oil 

This product contains the high amounts of omega-3 that is polyunsaturated fatty acid. By the way, according to this indicator, the flax-seed oil is second only to the cod-liver oil. These substances are absolutely safe for the organism, bring it a huge favor and do not have harm. Vitamins are present in the flax oil − foremost the vitamins A and B and C and E. They help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, stimulate proper metabolism, improve immunity. 

Antioxidants are also included in the composition, playing its role in the human body. They prevent the formation and growth of the cancer cells, in particular, it relates to the digestive organs (including the rectum). The minerals and micro-elements − is another strong point of this product. It contains potassium, magnesium, zinc. The flax-seed oil has a high calorific value of 800-900 Kcal. 

Using of Flax-seed Oil 

Certainly, the useful properties of flaxseed oil make it possible to excel in health, preserve youth and beauty and extend life for a further ten years. The main thing is to know how to take and use this oil for ailments. 

The flax-seed oil is becoming a great helper to restore the feminine beauty. Correct use of the product prevents the development of breast cancer, eliminates the problems associated with the menopauses. The fresh flax-seed oil or in capsules can be taken for these purposes. Moreover, it helps maintain the normal hormonal balance "calms" the menstrual cycle, as well as improve the function of the uterus. 

This product is very useful for the pregnant women. Using the flax-seed oil in small doses, the expectant mother ensures the normal development of fetus, reduces the risk of abnormalities and other problems. 

In addition to valuable properties for the organism, the flax-seed oil is useful in the cosmetology. The substance is included in many cosmetic products aimed at skin rejuvenation. The flax oil is used as a means for massaging, a treatment of the acne pimples and rashes, such as eczema or psoriasis. 

The benefits of flax-seed oil also lie in its participation in the folk's recipes of masks for hair, face, nails and hands. It helps to soften the skin, makes it smoother and firmer, thereby rejuvenating the skin. 

Tool for Weight Loss 

Among women and men, especially delicate is the topic of excess weight. The flaxseed oil is an irreplaceable drug in this matter. Excellent dietary properties of this oil allow you to comply with the diet regime without any restrictions. 

The flax oil improves the process of metabolism in the cells, thanks to it there is purification in the organism, the lipid metabolism is stabilized. This product promotes the breakdown of fat, helps cope with excessive appetite. Sitting on a diet, the salads, porridges and other dishes it is useful to add the flax-seed oil. The golden rule of using such oil is to add it only to the cold and warm products, but in any case, not too hot. 

For Digestive System 

The flax-seed oil is known for its effects on the digestion. Once in the organism, the oil coats the stomach wall protecting it from the acidic substances and destructive components. It is possible to cure the gastritis, permanently get rid of the heartburn. Especially effective is this oil for the peptic ulcer diseases. 

The use of flax-seed oil on an empty stomach beneficially effect on the biliary organs. This oil is an excellent remedy for the stone formation, reduces inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. 

For Heart and Other Diseases 

The properties of flax-seed oil are not limited to the digestion. It is useful in the cardiovascular diseases, the prevention of ischemia and breast-pang; it helps for high blood pressure. The flax oil lowers cholesterol level in the blood, and also, according to the research results, reduces the risk of heart attacks. It is effective in case of colds. So, the flax oil is helpful with sore throat and tonsillitis, inflammation and ulcers in the oral cavity. To troubleshoot these problems, take one tablespoon of oil, holding it in your mouth for five minutes. 

How to take flax-seed oil? 

In each case, the intake of the flax-seed oil is completely different. To restore the amount of the useful acids in the organism, it is enough to take one or two tablespoons of oil a day. With ailments of cardiovascular nature, it is recommended to take the same amount of flax oil before bed. 

Get rid of constipation with the product, you can take the flax-seed oil every time before eating. To treat atherosclerosis, the flax-seed oil is taken within a month, with a break for three to four weeks, after which the course of treatment is worth continuing. Against gastritis, the flax-seed oil should be consumed in the amount of one or two tablespoons on an empty stomach, every morning, for a month. Next, take a break for two weeks and continue the course of treatment. 

As a cosmetic agent, the flax-seed oil should be used as follows: for massage the oil is slightly heated, then rubbed into the skin with light, massaging movements. Based on it, you can make an embrocation or a compress with the oil in the case of skin's trauma.

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