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Benefits of Shilajit: Use and Contraindications

One of the most useful natural remedies is rightfully considered a shilajit. Use it began in the Middle Ages, but to this day the product is popular in the official and folk-medicine. In this article, we will discuss the benefits that the shilajit can bring to the body, what useful properties the product has, and also learn a few recipes for applying the shilajit. 

Externally, the shilajit is a plastic substance of brown, dark brown or black color. It dissolves perfectly in the water, coloring the water in the brown shade and when kneaded it becomes soft, like a plasticine. It has a bitter taste and a specific smell. 

Benefits of Shilajit for Organism

The shilajit has a unique effect on the human body. Firstly, this product acts as a general restorative, and secondly, as an anti-inflammatory and choleretic. And, of course, it is impossible not to evaluate its bactericidal, antitoxic and regenerative impact. 

As a remedy, the shilajit has long been used in the medicine and the cosmetology. With its help it was possible (actually, and now it is possible) to cure the fungal and inflammatory diseases, as well as the infectious ailments. 


Usefulness of shilajit was found with the frostbite or the burns, with the fractures and the bruises, the formation of purulent wounds and trophic ulcers. The shilajit's usefulness was found with the frostbite or the burns, with the fractures and the bruises, the formation of purulent wounds and trophic ulcers. It is especially effective in the sclerosis, the cataracts and the liver diseases. The using of shilajit in the combating diseases of cardiovascular system, bladder ailments also affects positively. 

Proper use of the shilajit positively affects the work of the central nervous system − a person will be less subjected to the stresses, the nervous overload and the irritability. This substance is particularly useful for the girls during their menstruation's period. In addition, the shilajit improves the blood flow and enhances the immunity. 

The shilajit deserves useful properties thank to its unique composition. Surprisingly, as for the product produced in caves, it contains a lot (about 80) of valuable substances. These include the hormones and amino acids, the enzymes and vitamins, the oxides and essential oils, micro-elements and so on. 

Contraindications to Use of Shilajit 

Like all products and useful substances, the shilajit is good in moderation using. There are limitations and contraindications to it, which are associated with our organism. First, one should never resort to the self-treatment with the shilajit. 

As a rule, the main mistake is that the people start to abuse it because of ignoring the age restrictions. In acute and severe forms of diseases, it is the best to be treated by traditional methods. Also, do not delay the treatment with the shilajit; otherwise the organism will experience a habituation. In general, the shilajit has no side-effects, if it is applied in moderation. 

Applications Shilajit 

The treatment with the shilajit can take place both internally and externally. For intaking the special shilajit tablets are used. Their amount is strictly dosed, depending on the body weight and the age. The shilajit tablets are bred in the pure water, juice, tea or milk. Doses of consumption are calculated according to the table: 

As a rule, the course of treatment with the shilajit is three to four weeks, one-two tablets a day. The product is taken 30 minutes before meals in the morning, and 30 minutes after eating in the evening. 

For the external using, various ointments, compresses, masks and lotions are used. For example, in order to heal the small skin damage, 10g of shilajit is enough. Dissolve it in a half cup of water and lubricate the affected area twice a day. 

The more serious wounds and the purulent formations can be treated with a solution with 30g of shilajit in a half cup of water. To get rid of joint pain, for the prevention of mastitis and radiculitis, the special compresses with the shilajit are used. For this, you need to take 5-10g of shilajit, unroll it into a flat cake, apply to the affected area and wrap it with a plastic wrap. Compress is the best done for night, with a frequency of once every three to four days. 

The shilajit is effective against the cellulite. To prepare the necessary composition, it is enough to take 4g of shilajit, place it into a small amount of water, and add it to the tube of a baby cream. Apply the composition once a day to the problem areas; store in the refrigerator. 

It is known to use the shilajit for hair, in particular, against their loss and for strengthening. It is enough to prepare a one-percentage solution of shilajit (1g per 100 ml of water) and infusion of burdock with the mint (1 tablespoon of the mixture on a cup of boiled water as a tea). Mix both solutions in equal amounts and rub into the scalp once a day. 

With the burn alopecia 3g of shilajit dissolved in 150 ml of water, add 150 ml of distilled water. Rub the solution once a day. 


To restore the split ends, the recipe for applying the shilajit for the hair is as follows. In 100 ml of kefir, dissolve 30 drops of thistle oil and 2g of shilajit. Apply the mixture over the entire length of your hair, hold it for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with the warm water. 

The shilajit is against the dandruff and the itching. In equal proportions, it is necessary to mix dissolved in the water shilajit with the decoction of burdock roots. You can use it as a balm rinse or rubbing in the scalp. 

Nourishing mask with the shilajit. 100g of cranberries must be insisted for four hours in boiling water, then four tablets of the shilajit dissolve in the infusion. The mixture must be rubbed into the scalp or perfused the hair roots with a sprayer. 

Another option is a mask with a shilajit to restore. This mask includes many components: honey, garlic, aloe juice, egg yolk (taken one to two tablespoons), as well as 1g of powder of the main ingredient. After thorough mixing, the product is applied to the hair for 30 minutes. 

And, finally, let us leave a few reviews of the shilajit for the hair, in which the girls write about their impressions, after consuming the tablets and applying the masks.

Like the most girls and women, I add the shilajit tablet into the shampoo, the hair becomes soft, and the shampoo foams much better. However, as the shampoo on hair I hold minutes three-five, I have decided to add the shilajit in a mask. (During over forty minutes much more useful substances will penetrate the scalp). 

For a mask it is necessary: 

- two-three shilajit tablets; 
- blue clay − two tablespoons (medium length hair); 
- a water; 
- a couple drops of vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) or another base oil.

Before the mask, I usually smear the ends of my hair with some oil (almond, grape seed, sea-buckthorn, tocopherol acetate and others) so that they are not dry and look well-groomed. I dissolve two tablets of shilajit in the water (two-three tablespoons), also dilute the clay with water to the state of sour cream or kefir and add a couple drops of oil. I put one part of the mask on the roots of my hair, and the rest − along the entire length. Then, I put on a shower cap, after forty minutes I wash it off! Primarily, by the ordinary water without shampoo, further, they can be washed out by the shampoo with the addition of shilajit! (The mask is washed off very well, the hair after it shines and elastic to the touch!). 

About a year ago I read an interesting article about the beauty of hair in one magazine. If briefly convey the point was this: buying expensive shampoos in no way will improve the structure of your hair. Therefore, the shampoo should be treated only as a remedy for washing off the dirt from your hair. And attention should be paid to the hair balsams and masks. 

Now, when I buy the hair balm, I add about ten tablets of shilajit to it because they contain a lot of useful biological substances (amino acids, about thirty micro- and macro elements). 

As soon as the shilajit dissolves, the improved balm is ready! Also, once a week instead of balm for hair nourishing, you can use the skimmed yogurt, adding one tablet of the shilajit to it. Your hair from such procedures will be well-groomed, and look good. 

That is how and my hair began to look (the photo was done immediately after washing the hair, after it had dried).
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