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Callisia Fragrans − Useful Properties

Currently, the callisia fragrans is a traditional houseplant, also called an "inch plant" or a "home ginseng". For the first time, interest in this plant arose also among the Indians, who inhabit the tropical forests of South America. Just this place is rightly considered the birthplace of this inch plant, in science, which is commonly called "callisia fragrans". 

In this article, we will discuss the useful properties of it, how to make the callisia fragrans tincture and how to use it and so on. You will learn how to overcome the alcoholism by using the callisia and also to follow a diet with the help of this plant. 

Medicinal Properties 

The callisia fragrans as an ingredient in cooking is of little interest and is appreciated not over this (although it is sometimes used in culinary recipes). First, the callisia is valued for its healing properties. 

The leaves and stems of this plant contain the substances and compounds which are unique in their chemical composition, which, in the opinion of the researchers, have such a highly effective curative effect. So, the callisia fragrans contains the biphenols and the biologically active substances which act as the powerful antiseptics and delay the development of tumors and inflammations. 

Beta-sitosterol, contained in the plant and having hormone-like properties, has an anti-cancer effect on the cells of the human body. The callisia fragrans juice contains the chromium, which helps the body regulate carbohydrate metabolism, as well as control the level of sugar in the circulatory system. 

The deficiency of chromium leads to the formation and development of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system. In addition, this deficiency causes the disruption in the thyroid gland and gives impetus to the development of diabetes mellitus. 

Among the other micro-elements, contained in the callisia fragrans, the copper and sulfur are worthy of note. These substances contribute to strengthening immunity, the organism's ability to resist infections, purify the blood and slow the aging process. The copper helps the circulatory system faster and more to deliver the oxygen to the cells, and also improves the hemoglobin and participates in the metabolic process. 

It is not surprising that the plant itself, tinctures and preparations based on it, have the important healing properties. Thanks to the combination of useful biological compounds and substances, the callisia fragrans has been successfully used in the official and the folk-medicine.  

Using and Contraindications 

The callisia can be used for various pathologies, ailments and diseases. Especially effective it should be allocated in a case of occurrence: 

- various diseases of the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system;  
- in violation of the metabolic processes and the diabetes mellitus;  
- during the obesity and for the treatment of ailments associated with the joints and the spine.  

Depending on a nature of the disease, it is prescribed the use of callisia fragrans various parts. This can be determined and prescribed only by an experienced doctor. For example, with the development of joint diseases, the special ointments are used, based on the plant's stem. Therefore, the infusions and tinctures of the callisia fragrans are used in various kinds, concentrations and amounts.  

Many diseases are treated not only with the help of the callisia fragrans, but in combination with the other products and components − honey or oil, alcohol, cream and so on. The contraindications to the use of the callisia fragrans include the cases of kidney disease and prostate adenoma. Also, be aware that using the tincture of this plant, the vocal cords are damaged, so there is a feeling of the voice hoarseness. 

Preparation of Callisia Fragrans Tincture and Other Medicines 

The most known medicine based on this plant is an alcoholic tincture.  It is used to treat the osteochondrosis, bruises and the development of polyps, the formation of fibroids and myomas, as well as diseases of the respiratory system. 

To make a tincture of the callisia fragrans, it is enough to take the whole plant and divide it into the side shoots. They can be recognized by their brown-purple nodules. So, taking 30-50 plant's knees, you ground these segments and put them in a glass container. Next, these knees pour with 34oz of vodka and insist two weeks in a dark, cool place. Shake the infusion every day; and after it has acquired a dark purple color, strain and pour into the dark, glass container, putting it into a cool place. 

Another method of cooking the drug is based on the chopping the plant's side stems and leaves of the callisia fragrans. So, the crushed plant is poured with 34oz of vodka, and it also infuses 15 days in a dark place. Similarly, strain, pour into a dark container.  

The tincture is most often used to treat the diseases such as pancreatitis, diabetes and liver diseases.  With the ailments of the gastrointestinal organs and for the purpose of purifying the organism, the tincture of the callisia fragrans is also used. 

Almost identical is collected from the broth from the callisia fragrans in a water bath. You only need to prepare 20-30 plant's knees, grind them and pour boiling water, leaving for ten hours in a dark, cool place. 

For the preparation of this plant's ointment, it is necessary to take the leaves and stems of the callisia, crush them to a mushy state and mix it with a cream or petroleum jelly in the proportion of 2:3. Further, the ointment is transferred to a suitable vessel and stored in a cool place − the refrigerator is ideal for this purpose. 

For the skin diseases, the oil of the callisia fragrans is used too.  To make it, you need to take the fresh leaves and stalks of callisia, wring out the juice from them, and dry the resulting oilcakes and chop them. Pour the olive oil and insist for twenty days. Then, strain and pour into suitable dishes. 

Callisia Fragrans Against Alcohol Dependence 

For the treatment of chronic alcohol dependence, it is the most rational to use a decoction of the callisia fragrans. The tincture in that case can only develop a patient's desire for use, and not always favorably affect his condition. Carry out the treatment is based on the next schemes:  

Intake of the decoction − 21 day, break - five days, and all once more and more, until the complete health recovery. 

The decoction's drink: one tablespoon three times a day for one hour before meals. The infusion is taken: one dessert spoon three to four times a day for forty minutes before meals. 

After the first course of the treatment on schemes, i.e. drinking of the infusion, and then the decoction, the dosage of the drugs is gradually reduced. 

During the treatment the patient should not take other alcohol-containing medications. When there is an uncontrollable craving for alcohol, drink one-time two tablespoons of infusion (preferably in the morning).  

With insomnia, headache and depression, it is recommended to take a bath with a mixture of infusions of mint and callisia fragrans. Before going to sleep, you can lubricate your temples with the oil of callisia fragrans.

Recipes of Tea from Callisia Fragrans 

On the basis of this plant, as a rule, prepare two kinds of tea − the vitamin and soothing teas. The first tea is used during the exacerbations of chronic diseases, as a means to combat avitaminosis in autumn and spring periods. 

Recipe 1 


- 1 tablespoon of wild rose's berries; 
- 1 tablespoon of rowan red; 
- 2-4 leaves of callisia fragrans. 

Cooking method. Components crushed, pour three cups of boiling water and insist 1.5 hours, then, filter. The tea is drunk: 1/4 cup three-four times a day for 20 minutes before meals. The course of preventive treatment is ten days.  

Recipe 2 


- 2 tablespoons of black currant berries; 
- 1 teaspoon of nettle leaves; 
- 2/4 leaves of callisia fragrans; 
- 1 teaspoon of honey.  

Cooking method. Berries of black currant, the nettle leaves and callisia fragrans are crushed, add two cups of boiling water and insist for three hours. Then, the tea is filtered, cooled and mixed with honey. The tea is drunk: three tablespoons two-three times a day for 30 minutes before meals for five days.  

Soothing Teas

They are especially useful for the treatment of nervous disorders, depression and weakness of the cardiovascular system. Among other things, the substances that make up the callisia fragrans tea help regulate the psychological imbalance. 

Recipe 1 


- 1 teaspoon of ground valerian roots; 
- 1 teaspoon of mint leaves; 
- 1 teaspoon of hop cones; 
- 0.5 of a teaspoon of callisia fragrans alcohol tincture. 

Cooking method.  The roots of valerian, the mint leaves and the hop cones are poured into three cups of the boiling water and insisted for 20-30 minutes. Then, filter; add the tincture of the callisia fragrans and mix. The tea is drunk: in one quarter of cup three times a day for 20 minutes before meals for five-seven days.  

Recipe 2 


- 1 teaspoon of motherwort, 
- 1 teaspoon of cumin, 
- 1 teaspoon of fennel, 
- 0.5 of a teaspoon of lemon balm, 
- 2/8 piece of callisia fragrans.  

Cooking method.  The ingredients are mixed, poured into 2.5 cups of the boiling water, insisted until cooled, then, filtered. The tea is drunk: 0.5 cup one-two times a day 40 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is five-seven days.

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