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Flax Seeds − Benefits, Application and Contraindications

The history of the useful properties of flax seeds is very long. The earliest mentions of the medicinal properties of the flax seeds appeared in Ancient Egypt. Constantly hot climate, hard living conditions compelled to add the flax seeds to their food and drinks that is why the health was maintained at a sufficient level, no matter what. 

Today, the use of flax seeds is invaluable – it is manifested in improving the condition of skin, hair and slimming, treatment of gastrointestinal and other diseases. In this article, we will discuss what valuable properties else have the flax seeds, as well as say about the recipes of applications. 

Useful Composition of Flax Seeds 

This product has a fairly rich useful composition. The flax seed contains about 20 different amino-acids and proteins, virtually the same amount of vitamins, and even two times more fatty acids. This, in turn, makes the flax seeds a leader in its valuable content. 

The product is perfectly manifested its action in the cardiovascular diseases, helps lower the blood pressure and harmful cholesterol in the blood. A regular consumption of the flax seeds leads to an increase in omega-acids in the organism, which not only lowers cholesterol, but also protects the walls of the arteries from the forming plaques or clots. 

On average, if regularly eating the flax seeds, the organism decreased of cholesterol level by 15% and on 3-5% reduced the sugar level. These seeds are useful and to prevent the cancer, to protect the hormonal levels and to provide the anti-aging effect. 

The dietary fibre, part of flax seed, helps with the gastrointestinal diseases, and copes with the toxins. To do this, add them to the cereals, jellies, yogurts and other products that provide gentle to the digestive tract. 

In addition, the flax seeds are actively affected in the following processes: 

normalize of the liver; 
controlling for the functions of thyroid gland; 
wound healing and scarring ulcers; 
laxative impact; 
protection of the respiratory organs; 
improving men's and women's health; 
improving the condition of skin, nails and hair; 
weighting loss and losing the extra pounds.

Just in such cases and help the flax seeds. However, this is not far all. It is important to know one thing – it is healthy to consume the flax seeds and this is an unambiguous statement. If you have such opportunity, be sure to incorporate this product into your diet. 

Use of Flax Seeds 

To consume the seeds are also necessary in moderation, not damaging to the organism. For the prevention, improving the metabolism and strengthen the immune system, take 0.18-0.25oz of these grains daily. 

At a cold or flu, other infectious diseases, the dose can be increased up to 0.7-1.8oz per day. In order to achieve a rapid effect, it is necessary to increase the dose by 1.5-2 times. Do not worry, it will not cause much damage to the organism. 

Using of flax seeds in the case of kidney diseases, liver, or thyroid, expediently in the form of flour. For example, at inflammation of the digestive tract, the crushed seeds and flour are poured with the boiling water for the night. In the morning, add 1.4oz of this slurry in the cup of kefir and drink the resulting cocktail. The same remedy will fit in the case of the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and dry cough. Ulcers, abrasions and burns are the best treated with the lotions and tinctures on the basis of flax seeds. 

To prevent the cancer, drink 0.4oz of crushed flax seeds each day. Be careful, as when the seeds are ground into the flour, they will be lost one valuable micro-element called the lignan. The harm will not appeared, but and the benefits will become significantly less.

Use Flax Seeds for Weight Loss 

Particularly popular the seeds of flax are for women and girls who dream to lose weight. The advantage of this product is that thanks to the seeds you can get rid of excess weight quickly and "softly", i.e. without affecting the body. Usually, take a few recipes and diets for weight loss. 

Flax Seeds with Kefir


the 1-st week − a tea-spoon of crushed seed and half a cup of kefir; 
the 2-nd week − 2 tea-spoons of seed and half a cup of kefir; 
the 3-rd week − 3 tea-spoons of seed and half a cup of kefirt. 

It is used kefir on an empty stomach. Also, during the diet it is excluded the high-carbohydrate foods, the fatty and smoked products. 

Kissel of Flax Seeds

Another variant for the weighting loss is the kissel of flax seeds: for two tablespoons of seeds a liter of boiling water is taken, brewed in a thermos for two hours and after filtering drunk half a cup of such tea for one hour before eating. The simple recipe will help achieve results in a matter of weeks. 

Decoction of Flax Seeds

Pour over one tablespoon of whole flax seed with the boiling water (one cup) with and cook the mixture over the moderate heat, regularly stirring for 30 minutes. Once the broth is ready − to cool it down. Be taken before meals from 3.4 to 5oz for two weeks. The recipe is simple enough, and the effect of it is impressive. 

Infusion of Flax Seeds 

Place in a thermos one tablespoon of flax seeds and pour over with the boiling water (two cups). Leave it overnight for the seeds to brew. Take the infusion of 10 days at 0.5 tablespoon before meals. 

Flax Seeds for Skin and Hair 

Since the seeds of flax contain Omega-3 acid, they perfectly combat with the skin diseases, its inflammations and eruptions, during the development of eczema or dermatitis. The flax seeds stimulate a decrease in the secretion of the sebaceous glands, helping heal the ulcers and wounds efficiently within a short time. 

To improve the condition of your hair, nails and skin on the face, it is enough to soak 0.4oz of the flax seeds for night in the water, and drinking them in the morning. 

In What Cases Is It not Recommended to Use Flax Seeds? 

Despite all the harmlessness of the flax seeds, they have their contraindications. For example, they have a laxative effect, so it will not be quite the way, for those who suffer from the frequent diarrheas. The flax seeds can be individually intolerable to the people with developed allergic reactions to foods. 

It is not worthwhile to consume the seeds of flax to the pregnant girls and the nursing mothers. It is not recommended this product for the women with the polycystic and endometriosis, the developed uterine myoma. For men, the flax seeds are contraindicated in the case of problems with the prostate gland.

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