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Healing Properties of Ginseng

Probably every adult person has heard of such a plant as the ginseng. The plant itself has a relatively small benefit. The most important part of it is the root, about the useful properties of which we today and will talk. 

Healing properties of the ginseng have been known to humans for a long time. It is useful because of the diversity and complexity of the chemical compounds that there are in its composition. One of the main active substances in the root of this plant is glycosides. They are present in all parts of the plant − leaves and roots, in the stem and fruits. However, the content of these substances is at the root − very highly. The ginseng's root contains polyacetylene, alkaloids and starch. Here, there are the pectin and tannins, a sufficient number of resins. As in all other plants, the vitamins E and C, the micro-elements and the useful enzymes are present. 

Peptides, polysaccharides and essential oils − all this also saturates the root of ginseng. These and other, no less significant, substances have a beneficial effect on the human body, as well as positively affect the health status during the illnesses and the diseases' foci. 

The effect of using the ginseng root's tincture has a serious pharmacological effect. Scientists have managed to investigate and determine that this root can be used to treat the first type diabetes mellitus, the diseases associated with complications of diabetes. Such diseases include the necrosis, the trophic ulcers, various neuropsychiatric ailments, the hypotrophy and the chronic fatigue. 

According to recent studies, it turned out that the alcoholic infusions based on the ginseng's root, increase the blood pressure, while infusions and decoctions on the water bath, only reduce it. 

The ginseng helps in the fight against the obesity, and is considered an effective tool for a weight loss. Medicines based on this plant are used as a means of slowing down aging. Polysaccharides, which are found in its root and leaves, are used in the prevention and treatment of cancer patients. 

The ginseng is useful as a restorative and immuno-stimulating product. Preparations and prescriptions based on the ginseng have a positive effect on the central nervous system, the working capacity of the organism, are useful for the physical and mental stress. Infusion of the ginseng root improves an appetite, restores and stimulates the sexual functions. The root is perfectly suitable as a medicine for a depressive state or mental imbalance. 

It is simply legendary the using of ginseng root for the men. It significantly enhances sexual activity, improves sexual function and increases the mobility of seminal fluid cells (spermatozoa). In just two months of taking the root tincture, you can completely get rid of problems of a sexual nature. 

Moreover, this root improves the secretion of the bile and increases the hormonal background of the organism, increases the immunity and improves the sharpness of vision. It is affected the metabolic processes, helped break down the fats. 

Properties of Ginseng in Cosmetology 

The role of ginseng in the cosmetology is known. Due to improving the metabolic processes in cells, the ginseng promotes the active blood circulation, which in turn leads to the regular cell renewal. This, in fact, is necessary for the normal state of the human skin. 

Products based on the ginseng root are used to get rid of deep wrinkles, they help improve the skin, making it elastic and elastic. Prepare a mask for your face with this wonderful plant, it is quite simple. 

Grind the root in any convenient way, put the two tablespoons of it in any vessel and fill with boiling water. The amount of water is estimated by eye − it is necessary that gruel is obtained. Apply a warm (but not hot!) mixture on the face, and hold the mask for 20-30 minutes. 

Precautions and Harm of Ginseng 

Of course, such a strong plant also has the contraindications. So, its root is contraindicated in the infectious processes and the bleeding, during the pregnancy, as well as in the cases of increased excitability. We do not recommend taking the ginseng-based drugs in the second half of the day. In case of an allergy or overdose, a person may experience symptoms such as the nausea and the headache, vomiting and increasing in the blood pressure. In that case, stop taking the medication, and wait for the improvements, maintaining a normal water balance in the body. 

Ginseng Tincture − Using, Preparation and Other Recipes 

The Eastern medicine has favored against water tinctures based on the ginseng root. In domestic practice, the preference is given mainly to mixtures based on the alcohol. The last has one negative feature − increase the pressure, but our drug is more effective and stored substantially longer, than what was prepared in a water bath. 

Tincture from Dry Root 

To make such tincture, the dry root is ground to a powdery state and then poured with vodka from the calculation of one oz of root per one litre of vodka, insist for three-four weeks, periodically shaking. Ready tincture is filtered. 

For preventive purposes, 20 drops of tincture are taken once or twice a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 1.5 months. After a 30-days break, repeat the course. 

For the treatment of various diseases the tincture of ginseng is taken in the doses set by the doctor (usually 30-40 drops). 

Tincture of Fresh Root 

To prepare this tincture, the root is washed with the cold water, dried, ground, poured with vodka from the calculation of 3.5oz of root per one litre of vodka; insist for three-four weeks, periodically shaking. Ready tincture is filtered. 

For preventive purposes, 15-20 drops of tincture are taken three times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals. After a month of treatment, take a break for ten days, then, repeat the course. Instead of vodka, you can use 40-50% medical alcohol to make the tincture. The prepared ginseng root is poured into it at a ratio of 1:10, insisted for two weeks and then, filtered. 

For preventive maintenance tincture take 10-15 drops three times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is one month. If necessary, after a 30-day break, the course of treatment is repeated. 

Decoction Based on Root 

To prepare the decoction, two to three tablespoons of the ground ginseng root are poured with one or two cups of cold water, boil on a low heat for three to five minutes, then filter and cool to 98-104 °F. 

Tea of Ginseng Root

For preparation of this tea the dry ginseng root powder is poured with the boiling water at a ratio of 1:10, insisted for ten minutes, then, filtered. The tea is drunk on one tablespoon three times a day for 20 minutes before meals for 30 days. After a 30-day break, the course of preventive treatment is repeated. 

Such folk-medicine recipes are used on the basis of the ginseng root. There are many more complex and not very recipes, right up to the point that the ginseng can be added in small amounts directly to the tea with lemon or the green tea for prevention. The product itself can be found on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets; it is available in a free sale. Just before the treatment, consult a doctor.

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