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Iceberg Lettuce − Benefits and Harm of Product

An interesting vegetable product is an iceberg lettuce. Many can confuse it with the cabbage, but looking closer, it immediately becomes clear that this is actually so. For the first time, the cultivation of this lettuce began in Egypt − the valuable seeds were extracted from the salad and the oil was produced, but it soon became clear that the leaves are also very suitable for nutrition, while possessing the useful properties. And as a matter of fact, the iceberg represents a set of leaves, twisted into one tuber, like the cabbage. The taste of the iceberg largely depends on the amount of water contained in it. Today, we will look at the useful properties of the iceberg lettuce because it can help many who suffer from these or other problems. 

Nutritional Properties and Composition of Iceberg Lettuce 

Because of the high concentration of water in this vegetable, the nutrients are quite fuzzy, but they are still present. So, the iceberg contains a large number of vitamins, such as A and C, as well as vitamin K. In addition, it contains both vitamin E and several vitamins of group B. There are also mineral components, such as potassium and iron, phosphorus and copper. A distinctive feature of the iceberg lettuce is the presence of dietary fibre, the beneficial properties of which are known to many − and this is a reduction in cholesterol and help during weight loss or diet. 

Despite such a meager, in comparison with other products, the composition, the iceberg still has many useful properties. However, we will consider the most useful and most effective of them, which really can help many of you. Well, as is already mentioned above, the lettuce is effective in losing weight. So, because of the large availability of water and the content of dietary fibre, as well as the practical absence of fat, the iceberg lettuce is often recommended for weight loss not only by dietitians, but also the physicians working in the field of human body's anatomy. This lettuce is an indispensable source of health for the cardiovascular system, and for the heart in particular. Thanks to its chemical composition, the lettuce substances are better absorbed and quickly enter the blood, where they perform their specific functions. Thus, the iceberg is used in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks, and also largely helps prevent the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis. 

The lettuce is also useful for maintaining a high-level of immunity. First, you will need to raise immunity with the help of various other foods and complex nutrition, and not excluding, of course, the iceberg lettuce, and then maintain its level with the help of the latter. Again, this contributes to the mineral substances that make up the product − manganese, iron and so on. Among other things, the presence of iron in the salad contributes to the prevention and treatment of a disease such as anemia, and therefore will help get rid of it in a matter of weeks. The iceberg lettuce is also useful with a pain in the stomach and problems with the digestion. If you are sure that your organism has a tendency to the constipation or the diarrhea, the heartburn or any other problems, you need to start eating this product. To do this, lettuce's leaves are best brewed in the boiling water. It is also natural that the salad in large numbers will be contraindicated for consumption for the pregnant women, and be extremely cautious with its using in this case. 

The use of this lettuce is also contributed to the normal development and functioning of the skin. Thus, the lettuce iceberg contributes to the formation of epithelial tissues, nourishes them with the mineral substances, and has a refreshing effect on them. The use of this vegetable is also good in the cases when it is necessary not to have a very concentrated amount of vitamins. That is, in order to prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficiency, it is necessary to consume vitamins in a diluted form, so it is very effective to consume the salad, in particular, and the iceberg one. 

Few thought about the name of this product, but it was called the "iceberg" because it has a refreshing effect and chilling taste, like the eucalyptus. The lettuce is easily perceived by the stomach and therefore can be useful for the mild forms of gastric diseases. 

Possible Harm of Iceberg Lettuce 

To the possible contraindications and harm to this lettuce, you can include the individual intolerance because there are a large number of people who simply cannot consume greens fresh. Such people, as a rule, have bitterness in the mouth, which is accompanied by small pains and colic in the region of the liver or the pancreas. Therefore, you should carefully monitor the using of the iceberg lettuce, if you are aware of the fact that you are intolerant of the product.
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