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Medicinal Properties of Agrimony, Recipes and Contraindications

Known to all an agrimony has another affectionate name " Small-fruited argimony". It is this plant has a wide popularity and widespread prevalence, which saves people from many ailments and diseases. In this article, we will try to discover all the useful properties of agrimony, and also find out what it is possible to prepare useful recipes based on this plant. 

Composition and Components of Agrimony 

The agrimony's composition contains a huge amount of useful substances. Actually, this explains the whole useful spectrum of this plant. So, you can find flavonoids and tannins, a concentrated amount of essential oil, organic and fatty acids in the agrimony. Mucuses, part of the grass, accelerate the healing of wounds and contribute to the production and removal of sputum from the bronchi. 

There are vitamins in sufficient quantities − most of all vitamins of group B. It did not happen without mineral substances; in particular, the agrimony contains a huge amount of ferrum. Based on all this, you can imagine the whole useful spectrum of described plant. 

From the agrimony make a lot of broths, tinctures, teas and lotions, its extract is applied externally and inward, so the use of it is huge, both for external use as a cosmetic product, and internally, for the treatment and the prevention. 

Benefits and Medicinal Properties 

This plant is of great value in diseases of the digestive tract, liver diseases, as well as the pancreas. As a result of using the agrimony, you can significantly alleviate the health condition and reduce pain in ulcers, gastritis, cirrhosis and cholecystitis. 

The agrimony helps cope with one of the most complicated and severe diseases of gastrointestinal tract, pancreatitis. Any treatment, regardless of whether it is an official medicine or folk, takes a very long time. In the process of treatment, it is necessary that the pancreas can produce enough enzymes to assimilate a food, and so, the preparations based on the agrimony help and stimulate the pancreas to normal work, and a sufficient isolation of enzymes. 

A recipe for the preparation of infusion at pancreatitis. Above-ground parts of agrimony in the amount of one tablespoon soar with a steaming cup of freshly boiled water. After an hour, filter and take on 3.4 oz of decoction before you sit down at the table, but not more than three times during the entire waking period. 

Doctors recommend a three-month course of treatment, but do not forget to take breaks for ten days every three weeks. However, remember, with such serious illnesses, it is first of all to consult a doctor, and only then to start the treatment. 

The agrimony is useful and at gastritis. So, the incoming biological substances in the composition of this plant are involved in the restoration of glandular and muscle tissue in the stomach. During the treatment, infusions and decoctions of the agrimony strengthen the secretory function of the stomach, which accelerates the excretion of its contents. In addition, the agrimony has a sedative effect. 

A recipe for infusion at gastritis. Mix between themselves the agrimony and the St. John's wort (one part each) with the peppermint, the plantain and the chamomile (two parts each). A tablespoon of this herbal composition should be boiled with 14 oz of boiling water, wrapped, and after 60 minutes − filtered. Take at 3.4 oz four times a day. 

For the diabetes mellitus the agrimony is useful not less than in the gastrointestinal diseases. The drugs based on this plant synthesize the production of their own insulin, while reducing the amount of cholesterol and putting in order the hormonal background. 

In addition, the components of agrimony are the excellent prophylaxis of obesity because they help stimulate metabolic processes in our organism. Enemas with the agrimony decoctions − this is an effective way to the organism's cleanse. 

A recipe for decoction in diabetes mellitus. Half a tablespoon of grass soaks with the 6.8 oz of boiling water and put on fire. After ten minutes of soaking on a slow gas, wrap, after two hours filter and drink at one tablespoon four times during the entire waking period. 

An expectoration remedy. Ingredients: 

- ground ivy -1 part; 
- snake-root- 1 part; 
- agrimony - 1 part. 

Three tablespoons of herbal composition pour with three cups of boiling water, insist the mixture during the day. This filtered composition is as an effective expectorant taken at five oz three times a day.

An infusion at the laryngitis. Six tablespoons of agrimony boil over for three minutes in 34 oz of water (cover it with a lid), then insist four hours. The filtered infusion is used warm as a rinse. 

A herbal composition against stones in the gallbladder. Ingredients: 

- agrimony − a bit more of 0.7 oz; 
- pimpinella− a bit more of 0.7 oz; 
- ground ivy − a bit more of 0.7 oz; 
- hops − a bit more of 0.7 oz; 
- mint − a bit more of 0.7 oz; 
- wormwood − a bit more of 0.7 oz. 

Three tablespoons mixtures pour with 34 oz of fruit wine (you can replace the wine with the apple wort) and leave for 12 hours. Next, this cold extraction quickly warm up to a boil, then remove from the heat and leave for 30 minutes for infusion. The filtered and warm tincture is poured into a preheated thermos. The warm drug is taken eight times a day (i.e. every hour), one tablespoon.

Contra-indications and Possible Harm 

Like any other natural remedy, the agrimony has side-effects and contra-indications for using. It should be avoided for the people who have happened the constipation, who have the predisposition to the thrombus formation and obstruction of the biliary tracts. The agrimony is not recommended for pregnant women and children up to six years.

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