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Raw Hen's Eggs − Benefits and Harm of Product

The delicate omelet − is an indispensable dish for breakfast. This is not just an appetizing recipe, which you can saturate within the morning, but also a very useful, valuable product. Cooked and raw eggs have long appeared in the culinary history's honor, but today many scientists put forward conflicting thoughts on this matter, arguing that eggs can cause a lot of harm to the human body. In this article, we will reveal the whole truth about the raw and cooked eggs and you will learn about all the merits and harmful qualities of this wonderful product. 

Composition of hen's eggs 

It is believed that this product is one of the most easily digested foods. The human organism perceives boiled eggs best of all. Fried chicken eggs are also easily digested, but due to roasting in some cases may become harmful − however, we will discuss about this later. 

The protein of raw eggs contains an abundance of amino acids, which are simply necessary for the human body. In the eggs' yolk there is a huge amount of vitamins of various groups and species. This is the vitamin A, E, D and a group of vitamins B, as well as the beta carotene. Among the beneficial micro-elements, eggs can gladden with an abundance of potassium and magnesium, a lot of zinc and calcium, iron and copper. The product is perfectly balanced in terms of the number of saturated and unsaturated elements, including the fats. The caloric content of hens' eggs is about 75-80 Kcal. This is very important for the people with diabetes because the product has a zero glycemic index (GI). 

Useful Properties of Raw Eggs 

Regularly eating the raw or cooked eggs, a person provides a beneficial work of the whole organism. Phospholipids, present in the composition, stabilize the amount of cholesterol in the blood, preventing the formation of plaques. Actually, it is an excellent prophylaxis against cardiovascular ailments. The raw eggs contain lecithin. Its function is a beneficial effect on the metabolism of fatty substances that occur in the body. In other words, these eggs prevent the deposition and formation of excess fat in the organism. Micro-elements, mentioned above, significantly speed up the metabolism, which in the sum gives a positive result. 

Interestingly, the hens' eggs contain "useful" cholesterol, which takes part in the formation of immunity and in the beneficial formation of the certain hormones (such as estrogen and testosterone). 

The hens' eggs in any form are an invaluable source of protein, which provides the muscular and bony systems with everything you need. If regularly eating eggs in the diet, the hair (for example, women') acquire an unusual shine, and the nails on the legs and the hands become very strong and healthy. 

The raw hens' eggs are known not only as a food product. Often, they are used as a part of cosmetic products the home recipes for face masks, body and hair. The nutritional masks become especially effective if in them adds eggs. 

Eating Raw Eggs and Harm 

Every one of us has such moms and dads, grandfathers and grandmothers who still claim that the raw eggs are good precisely to drink. In fact, the situation today is not so unambiguous, and the consumption of the raw eggs can turn into problems for the organism since the quality of modern hens' eggs today leaves much to be desired. 

Eggs in the raw form easily succumb to an infection such as salmonella. A variety of this intestinal infection poses a serious threat to the body − getting inside, this disease manifests itself very hard, even death is not excluded. Symptoms of such a disease are: 

- diarrhea and acute pain in the abdomen; 
- the high temperature. 

In case of illness, the treatment should be carried out only in a hospital, under the watchful supervision of specialists. For this illness the antibiotic therapy is used, and the success of the treatment will depend on how sooner or later the patient asked for helping. 

To prevent the infection and avoid the use of infected eggs, we recommend that you pay attention to the next things and follow the rules: 

- do not eat eggs whose eggshells were damaged before purchase; 
- before eggs' using, rinse with a jet of cold water; 
- purchase the product only from certified and reliable sources. 

Thus, the raw eggs are better to exclude from the diet and use only boiled or fried eggs. Of course, in this case, some properties of the product evaporate, but still it will definitely be safe. 

To eat the fried eggs is recommended to a lesser extent than cooked. The fact is that the fried eggs can cause disorders and stomach problems in people with the metabolic disorders, dysbacteriosis, gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. An allergic intolerance is another problem that a person of any age can face. However, namely children are more likely to suffer from the egg allergy, so in such situations, it is better to exclude the product from their diet. 

How many hens' eggs can you eat?

This question, of course, is purely individual. It all depends on the individual tolerability of the product, the presence/absence of problems with the stomach and intestines and other factors. In general, the situation is as follows: 

- up to two eggs a week, can be consumed by those who have chronic and acute diseases associated with the food system (the disruption of the liver, the cholesterol, the lack of mobility); 
- up to two pieces per day, if the diet is balanced, there are no problems with the stomach or intestines, and there is little physical activity; 
- up to three to five pieces per day, if there are absolutely no problems, but a person has the intense and high physical activity. 

Thus, the moderate consumption of the hens' eggs will help stay healthy, and avoid problems with well-being. An overabundance of this product can cause the blockage of blood vessels and muscles, the excessive amounts of cholesterol. Therefore, every time eating the hens' eggs, the properties of which we discuss in this article, remember the basic rule − everything will be fine, if you are doing it moderately.

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