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Useful Properties and Application of Verbena

A verbena officinalis has the useful properties. It began to be used in the folk-medicine since the time immemorial. This plant has many other names − the tear of Juno or the nerve of Venus, the pigeon or the sorcery grass. However, today the plant is known and spread precisely under the name of "verbena". 

What is its usefulness, and what therapeutic qualities can it have for the human body? In this article, we will look at this, and also learn the recipes for verbena's using to strengthen the health and cure the various ailments. 

Benefits of Verbena 

Due to it’s unique and rich composition, to the essential oil which contained in verbena, this plant exerts a tonic, firming and normalizing effect on the organism. Especially, it contains glycosides and flavonoids in large quantities. 

The verbena is able to reduce the raised temperature, the fervor or the fever. It significantly increases the secretion of sweat (which is especially important for lowering the temperature), and also speeds up the secretion of bile. Among other things, this plant has an antibacterial property, and is also able to rid the organism of muscles' spasms. 

The use of verbena leads to the rapid healing of wounds, various injuries on the surface of the skin and inside the body. The plant is used both externally and in the form of embrocations. In particular, the verbena is useful at: 

- the ulcers and the rashes; 
- the eczemas, the furunculosis and the scabies; 
- the psoriasis, the neurodermatitis and the acne; 
- at occurence of furuncles, etc.

It is able to heal the inflammation of gums, eliminate the bad breath. To do this, you need to properly prepare it's broth. The verbena is effective and for the central nervous system. It will help calm down at the nervous breakdowns and the disorders, at the strains and the insomnia, at the hysteria or the depression. To cope with the chronic fatigue, it is enough to prepare the correct verbena's tincture. 


This herb is useful and for the women's health. In particular, it is effective for the treatment of genitourinary system, is involved in reducing the symptoms of premenstrual cycle or menopause. In addition, for women, the grass is useful as a cosmetic to maintain their beauty and youth. 

The properties of verbena can also be described as the presence an anti-atherosclerotic effect. It perfectly cleans the vessels of cholesterol plaques, thereby improving the blood circulation and substantially reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In particular, the verbena prevents the appearance of thrombophlebitis and thrombosis, is useful in the rheumatism and the gout. 

It has also the astringent properties; it is used at the indigestion − in cases of stomach disorders and diarrhea. The herb is eliminates the lack of appetite and helps in the treatment of allergies. This plant is useful at the anemia and the colds. 

Verbena's essential oil 

Essential oil is made on the basis of verbena. It is recommended for at the chronic fatigue and the stress − at the relieving the latter and at the severe depression. The verbena oil helps remove the irritability, and relieves the insomnia. It is used as follows: 

- in aromatic lamps − 3 - 5 drops; 
- for massage − 4-6 drops of essential oil per 10 ml of base oil; 
- for rubbing− 7-8 drops per 10 ml of base oil; 
- for bath − 3-6 drops of emulsified essential oil. 

Recipes of Verbena Application 

General prescription. One tablespoon chopped herb pour 17 oz of water, cook at low boil five minutes. Insist 45 minutes, drain, bring the volume of boiled water to the original. Take 0.5 cup for one time a day.

With the atherosclerosis, the thrombophlebitis, the thrombosis, the occlusion of veins, swelling of veins. Two teaspoons of herb pour the one cup of boiling water. Insist one hour, strain. Take one tablespoon of mixture every hour.

With the bronchitis, the pneumonia, the colds, the laryngitis, the tracheitis, the fever, the acne. One tablespoon of herb pour the one cup of boiling water. Cook in a water bath for 30 minutes, insist ten minutes, drain. Take 1.7 oz each three times a day before meals. 


With the varicose veins, the physical fatigue, the nervous breakdowns, the apathy, the exhaustion. One tablespoon of herb pour 8.5 oz of water. Boil, insist during two hours, drain. Take 3.4 oz two-three times a day. 

With the cholecystitis, the cholelithiasis, the chronic gastritis, the anemia and the hypotension. One tablespoon of herb pour one cup of the boiling water. Insist 20 minutes, drain. Take the 3.4 oz two times a day. 

Rinses. Use at the inflammation of mucous membranes, the bad breath from the mouth. Three tablespoons of grass pour 17 oz of the hot water. Boil on a low heat for 20 minutes, drain, bring the volume of boiled water to the original. Rinse the mouth and the throat with the warm decoction three-five times a day. 

Warnings and Contraindications 

We strongly recommend that you stop using the verbena to the pregnant girls. This plant stimulates the musculature of the uterus, which can lead to the termination of pregnancy or can provoke the premature birth.

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