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Useful Properties and Use of Russian Thistle

Among the most useful herbaceous plants is the Russian thistle. It belongs to the asteraceae family and reaches a height of up to 1.5 feet. This plant is a two-year plant, and it can be learned easily from about prickles that cover its leaves. Many consider the Russian thistle a weed, but in fact, this plant has amazing useful properties, which everyone needs to use, who need them. 

Useful Composition and Use of Russian Thistle 

Russian thistle seeds contain numerous useful components, which to some extent have a healing effect for a person. This includes the vitamins D and F, many vitamins A and E, a group of vitamins B and the vitamin K. Also, the composition of Russian thistle contains micro elements, which also help with some extent by their properties. Among such elements it is necessary to allocate: 

- calcium and potassium; 
- selenium and zinc; 
- magnesium and boron. 

The silymarin in the plant contributes to the protection of cell membranes, and also stimulates the structure and formation of new cells. The substance actively stimulates the production of bile, helps neutralize poisons. The Russian thistle can be used as a treatment for the gallbladder and the liver. 

This plant contains the fatty oils, which getting into the organism, contribute to protection from the inflammation and harmful effects of carcinogens. In addition, fatty oils effectively normalize the metabolism. Also, in the thistle contains the essential oil, which in turn improves the work of gastrointestinal tract, and also improves the functioning of central nervous system. The resins included in the composition, effectively disinfect wounds and neutralize bacteria and microbes, strengthening the body's immunity. 

The resins in the Russian thistle are excellent for disinfecting the wounds, neutralizing the bacteria and the microbes, strengthening the body's defense. The Russian thistle is valued for its ability to excrete the phlegm during colds, in the inflammatory throat processes, etc. The extract of Russian thistle is one of the most popular medicines. 

The lignans in this plant contribute to lowering the cholesterol in the blood, effectively remove the toxins, and also stabilize the balance of hormones in the organism. This Russian thistle takes part in the oxygen metabolism. The flavonoids in its composition, improve the blood pressure, stabilize the heart rate and improve the work of adrenal glands. 

The saponins presenting in this plant, enhance the secretion of glands, normalize the salt-water metabolism and improve the work of hormones. The organic acids help remove slags and toxins. 

The protein contained in our plant improves the hormonal balance, and also facilitates the transport of hemoglobin in the blood. The alkaloids and the selenium help improve the blood circulation, relieve the pain, including preventing the development of various cardiovascular diseases. 

Thus, today the Russian thistle is widely used in therapy for the treatment of liver diseases, the hepatitis and the dystrophy. The Russian thistle is useful in the poisoning, including the alcohol, as well as the toxicosis of pregnant women. 

The Russian thistle is widely used in the cardiology and in the treatment of radiation sickness, the diabetes and the obesity. It is effective against the skin diseases (acne, psoriasis, etc.). And, of course, it is valuable as an immunostimulating drug for the acute respiratory diseases. 

Possible Harm of Russian Thistle 

Like other plants, this plant has its limitations in the application, so it should be used reasonably. Since it contains an increased amount of phosphorus and calcium, the Russian thistle is not desirable if the function of the heart valve is impaired. 

It is not recommended for the pancreatitis, the hepatic colic, the dyspnea, the depression and other mental disorders, and with the individual intolerance. However, basically, this plant can be used quite safely and effectively. 

The Use of Russian Thistle 

The infusion is effective in removing bile, restoring the liver functions, eliminating a pain in the joints. To make it, you need a seed powder of Russian thistle (two tablespoons). Pour into it boiling water (about 17 oz). Infuse it twelve hours. After percolation and squeezing, take inside about 4.5 oz per day four times. 
The oil from the seeds of this plant differs wound-healing, anti-burn, hepatoprotective properties. It is effective at the diabetes mellitus, the eczema, the liver disease, the psoriasis and the allergies. To make it, crushed seeds (five teaspoons) are poured over with the olive oil (about 17 oz). The composition was allowed to stand for 15 minutes under a water bath conditions. Then it simply insists 30 minutes. After filtering, the dose: three times a day − one teaspoon. 

A tincture treats the skin diseases. The plant's seeds (about 1.8 oz) are filled with the vodka (about 17 oz). After a two-week dwelling in the dark and a subsequent filtering, this tincture is taken for 20 drops per day. 

The broth promotes the healing of kidneys, pancreas and liver diseases. It is also recommended for the oncology. The plant's seeds (a little more one ounce) boil in 17 oz of water over a low heat until half of the water is bringing away. This decoction is taken each hour by one tablespoon for 12 hours. The treatment lasts up to three weeks. 

The Russian thistle syrup is also found in pharmacies. It is useful at the diseases of liver, spleen, bile ducts. It is prescribed for the colitis, the heart diseases and the respiratory organs. Drink three times a day for one tablespoon.

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