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Useful Properties of Fir Needle Oil

Have you ever guessed that some essential oils can replace many of the medicines in your home medicine cabinet? One of these is fir oil. It has many useful properties − bactericidal, antifungal and other not less useful qualities. In our today's article we will consider the benefits of fir oil for the organism, as well as learn the recipes on the basis of which you can prepare several useful compositions for the body. 

The fir oil is extracted from the young twigs and needles of special tree - a fir, which grows in some regions of China, Mongolia, as well as in the Far East of Russia. This oil has a yellowish-greenish shade and a specific smell. 

The composition of fir oil includes phytoncids and phenols, unique substances under the names of camphor, bisabolen and myrcen. Thanks to these substances, the fir oil has an antiviral and antibacterial effect. 

Useful Properties of Fir Needle Oil 

First, the fir oil is known due to its bactericidal, anti-fungal and therapeutic effects. Along with the eucalyptus oil, it is used for disinfection and treatment of respiratory diseases. 

This product favorably affects on the endocrine system, helps strengthen immunity and it is not just words. Moreover, the oil increases the resistance of the body, thus, blocking the access to it of bacteria and viruses. It is used for the inhalations, for soothing, strengthening and toning. 

The fir oil helps reduce pain in the joints, it is popular for massages and adding to a hot bath. It is excellent for inhalation, and also as an expectorant. It has antimicrobial properties, so it is advisable to use it for the skin care, against acne, acne, etc. Adding a few drops of fir oil to the facial cleanser, you will be doomed to clean and healthy skin of your face. 

Adding five to six drops of fir oil in a half litre of clean water, and wiping all the surfaces in the house from dust, you will deprive your home of dirt and myriads of bacteria, and inside the house will smell fresh and fir flavor

Note that the fir oil is not considered a folk-remedy. Today, it is widely sold in the pharmacies, the cosmetology centers and shops. This is one of the few products that from the status of "people's" got out, and moved rightfully to the category of the official medicine. You can see the fir needle oil in the formulations of immune preparations, cosmetics for the face and hair. 

Application of Fir Needle Oil 

The most useful for colds and flu are ten-minute inhalations with the addition of two or three drops of the fir oil. In addition, rubbing with fir oil of the palms, the feet and the chest is very helpful. 

During the development of osteochondrosis, the joints are triturated with a mixture of vegetable oils with the addition of fir, and also the numerous compresses are made. 

Combating with the mycosis. The mycosis of feet and nails are also a very delicate and unpleasant problem. Using the warm compresses of vegetable oils with the addition of fir oil, you can quickly get rid of the fungus on feet and under the fingernails. 

Fungus on feet can be cured with the lotion from pure fir oil. The duration of the lotion is 25-30 minutes. 

When the fungus attacks the fingertips, it is the best to find the opportunity to dip your feet into a vessel with fir oil and keep them there for 25-30 minutes. The treatment is carried out until the fungus disappears, which usually takes seven-ten days. 

In the case of intertrigo, the legs are smeared with the pure fir oil two or three times a day. It is the most convenient and effective to apply a bandage, impregnated with the oil (for five-ten minutes). 

The fir oil from a cough. For this treatment, you can use the fir oil against a cough in a variety of ways: make baths, put compresses, do a massage, an inhaling, take it in with juices and honey. You can make a common, or a local or a sedentary bath. For the first kind of bath, mix warm water with 50 ml of oil. Take this bath for 15 minutes. A sitting bath is done in a similar way, but it does not lie in it, but is sitting. The time of taking the sedentary bath is ten minutes. 

The local bath is feet or hands bath. Pour the hot water into the enameled reservoir, add 20 ml of fir needle oil and dip down your legs or hands into it. Take the local baths for five to ten minutes. 

No less effective is taking inside the fir oil from coughing. Take any natural juice (except citrus) and add the 6 ml of fir oil. Put one teaspoon of honey and take three times a day one hour before a meal. 

At bronchitis, rub your breast with five drops of fir needle oil; put a warm towel for one or two hours, wrapping a warming pan in it. In these ways, you can cure the various diseases and ailments with the help of fir oil. 

Harmful Properties and Contraindications of Fir Needle Oil 

It is strongly recommended not to use the fir oil in developed and chronic kidney diseases. Notes, that the fir oil is not used in its pure form since it is too concentrated. For this reason, it is used in diluted form.

Do not recommend the using of fir oil for patients with the bronchial asthma, as well as for the children under three years of age and the pregnant women. Nursing mothers should also avoid using the fir oil. It would be better to visit a doctor before applying it.

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