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Useful Properties of Horseradish

Sufficiently common plant of the family of root crops and cabbages is considered a horseradish. Often we can meet it on our tables as a snack for cold and hot dishes. The horseradish is a relative of radish and mustard, and also refers to the aromatic vegetables. 

However, using the horseradish only as a snack, people do not fully understand the benefits of this product and do not even imagine what kind of useful properties the horseradish has. In this article, we will discuss the healing properties of horseradish, from which you will learn how to overcome this or that disease with it. In addition, we will tell about some recipes for the horseradish preparation and harvesting it for the winter. 

Useful Composition of Horseradish 

We can say, by analyzing this product for the chemical components that in roots, stems and leaves of the horse-radish contains a huge amount of useful substances. First, it is worth noting the rich composition of vitamins − these are the vitamins PP and C, a group of vitamins B and E. The horseradish is rich with and the micro elements, such as the phosphorus and iron, chlorine and copper, sodium, sulfur and so on. 

In the horseradish there is an abundant amount of essential oils, glycosides and saponins. Also, there is, although in small amounts, dietary fibre, carbohydrates and starch. The fat and nitrous acids have found their place too. Caloric value of horseradish is about 60 Kcal per 100g of product. 

Useful Properties of Horseradish 

The horseradish is considered a very popular vegetable, which was used from the old days. He was a part of recipes for culinary dishes, to the table; more often, it was served in the pure form. However, apart from all this, the horseradish was used to treat illnesses and diseases, and also used in the cosmetology for making of healthy masks. 

One of the most effective properties of the horseradish is a bactericidal and restorative effect. It is recommended to be used to improve appetite. This root is widely used product for the treatment of the purulent diseases, with the stagnant processes inside the organism, lungs or gall bladder. 

With caution, the horseradish can be used as a cure for the gastritis but only in case of low acidity. A strong horseradish in the prevention of diabetes, because in its composition contains there is a natural sugar. 

Useful properties of the horseradish for the body are manifested as a diuretic. It is also recommended to use during the edemas, the development of kidney stones and dropsy. 

The high content of vitamin C promotes an active fight against the disease such as scurvy. The curative effect of horseradish can be seen in the treatment of excess mucus − it helps the decomposition of mucus in the places of its accumulation without damaging the mucous membrane. 

The use of horseradish is manifested in an antibacterial plan. Since its composition includes the phytoncides, which in their turn are considered a strong bactericidal substance, this plant helps destroy the bacteria and microbes that enter the body. Moreover, it is possible and not at all to use the horseradish in order to provide this valuable property. It is enough to put a few horseradishes' leaves in a usual vase. The allocation of its phytoncides into the air of room will kill the bacteria and you will breathe a clean air. 

At the angina and pertussis the horseradish also becomes very useful. For this, it is enough to mix the root with glycerin and vinegar. During the rheumatism or the facial neuralgia and at the frostbite, the poultices based on horseradish will be useful too. This plant is suitable and for the treatment of chronic rhinitis − for this recipe it is used the horseradish with lemon (see below). 

Useful Properties of Horseradish for Men 

The horseradish has an invaluable benefit and for men. Being a strong aphrodisiac, the horseradish helps increase a male potency. It is added to the composition of many medical products and drugs aimed at improving the male health. Regularly using the horseradish, a man significantly reduces the risk of diseases associated with the sexual disorders. 

To improve the potency, the following recipe for the horseradish tincture is used: 

The plant's root is peeled out, ground in a blender to the state of fine fractions. Next, the gruel is transferred to a three-litre can and poured 17oz of boiled, slightly warm water. The can is closed; the contents are mixed and retracted to a dark place for a week. 

After a week, 17oz of liquid honey is added to the composition, and freshly squeezed juice from the three lemons. The composition is again mixed, and again left for a week in a dark place. Then, use the ready tincture: one tablespoon in the morning and evening, half an hour before eating. 

Also, the useful properties of the horseradish for men are manifested in the fight against the alopecia and the hair loss. To do this, you need to rub the horseradish juice daily into the roots of the hair, diluting it with half-warm water. 

Useful Properties of Horseradish for Women 

For females the horseradish is useful during the monthlies, which are accompanied by the copious and severe pain. So, throughout this period and also for a month it needs to take one teaspoon of the grated horseradish. 

The horseradish helps cope perfectly with the cosmetic problems. For example, it perfectly and effectively whitens the skin, and the masks, which are making with this root, relieve of pigmentation of the skin, promote the cell regeneration and improve the blood circulation. The horseradish also helps cope with the acne, as well as this plant is a part of masks for the aging skin. It is marked its using for the hair, making them abundant, strong and healthy. 

Contraindications and Harm to Horseradish 

There are numerous useful properties of the horseradish, but there are also the contraindications to its use. So, it is desirable to exclude the horseradish from the diet in case of development the diseases of digestive tract, especially for chronics ones. It cannot be used for the people with kidney disease, the pregnant women and the persons with high blood pressure. 

Uncontrolled horseradish's consumption can cause the burns of mucous membrane in the organs of gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity. Individual intolerance and allergies are another reason to stop using the horseradish. 

Recipes for Horseradish with Lemon 

The horseradish with lemon is very effective in the fight against infectious and colds, bronchitis and cough. To prepare it, you need to take 5,3oz of the horseradish root, wash, clean out and put through a meat grinder. Squeeze out a juice from two medium lemons into the resulting mixture. Mix thoroughly and put in the refrigerator: the medicine is ready. Prepared mixture take one teaspoon in the morning before meals for adults, and for children − a half of the teaspoon. This tool also helps with colds. 

With the inflammation of the throat, this recipe will become very effective: 

- 5.3oz of washed and cleaned horseradish should be ground on a small grater; 
- pour the resulting gruel with one cup of the boiling water and cover it from above; 
- leave for 30 minutes and strain; 
- obtained gargle with a tincture is ready. 

This composition has an excellent antibacterial property. It can treat the inflammation of the oral mucosa. And to improve an appetite, this medicine should be taken one tablespoon at a time for half an hour before the meals. 

Recipe for Horseradish with Beets 

This recipe is not only delicious, but also very useful. The beetroot that is a part of the mixture gives the mixture a red tint and a piquant, sweetish taste. The following ingredients are required for such preparation: 

- horseradish rhizomes 10-12 pcs .; 
- beet table 1 pc .; 
- sugar, salt to taste; 
- table vinegar.

Clean the roots and rinse them thoroughly. Then soak the horseradish in the icy water for 5-6 hours. This will help reduce the pungency off, and will make it possible to prepare the seasoning. 

Next, grind the roots, pass them through a blender, or grate on a fine grater. Grind the raw beets on a grater too. Remove the juice from the resulting slurry. In the horseradish's gruel adds the beet juice, mix everything thoroughly and add two tablespoons of food vinegar. 

If the mixture turned out to be very thick, a bit of boiled chilled water should be added to the consistency of liquid sour cream. 

Stocking up Horseradish for Winter

There is a very simple recipe for stocking up the horseradish for the winter. To do this, you, naturally, need the root of the plant. It must be cleaned from the ground, thoroughly washed and rubbed on a coarse grater. After that, the crushed root is laid out on a baking tray, dried in the oven, but at a moderate, not high temperature. After that, the horseradish is comminuted and ground in a blender. The resulting gruel or "powder" is poured into glass containers and retracts into a dark, cool storage place.

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