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Useful Properties of Oregano (Marjoram)

Aromatic herb, seasoning, which can be found in the kitchen of any housewife - is oregano. This plant has many other, no less famous names, among which the most familiar is the "Marjoram". In any case, due to the names of oregano its useful properties absolutely will not change.

In this article, we will try to discuss the medicinal properties of oregano, possible contraindications and methods of using this plant. After all, it is interesting not only from a culinary point of view, but also as the people's medicinal product. 

Description of oregano (marjoram) 

This plant belongs to the family of perennials; during the flowering time it blossoms in light pink or white flowers. The flowering period is from June to September. The oregano's fetuses are the brown small round roots, which appear on the plant in August-October.

The oregano occurs most often in the desert, dry and steppe terrain. However, you can meet it on forest glades, near roadsides, and almost everywhere, except for cold, northern regions. Oregano is easily confused with other fragrant herbs, for example, with the stone-basil. However, in the latter, unlike the oregano, its stems are not so branchy. 

Gathering the oregano is as follows: carefully cut off the tip of the plant, up to 12 inches long, in dry weather. Next, the plant is dried, spread out in a thin layer, in a ventilated dry room. In order to separate the plant's flowers from the stems, it is passed through the metal gratings and then, threshed in the bags. Preserved grass is stored in the hermetically sealed containers. 

Composition and properties of oregano 

The oregano is rich in the essential oils, the valuable active ingredients, such as the thymol, the geranil acetate or the carvacrol. In addition, the plant contains vitamin C and other, no less useful, substances, for example, the tannic compounds. The energy value of oregano is about 270 Kcal per 100g, and among the fats, the proteins and the carbohydrates, the most are the last (about 80 mg). 

The oregano is considered very tasty, it is the fragrant seasoning with a characteristic aroma. It is added to almost all dishes − to the first and the second courses, the soups, the stews and so on. 

This plant finds the application in folk- and official medicine. So, the oregano is used to treat the anorexia, caused by the complication of psychological state, at the hyperacidity and the chronic gastritis. The oregano helps accelerate the secretion of gastric juice, normalizes the appetite and the digestion. 

The decoction on its basis is considered an excellent expectorant, and will be very useful at the colds. The marjoram will also help those who have the trouble sleeping, having the calming effect. The oregano is good for skin diseases; it is used in the treatment of furuncles, with itching rashes, and is also recommended for washing and applying the compresses. It can be bought without problems in any pharmacy, but buying the oregano in a store, it is better to use it as a culinary seasoning. 


This plant has a beneficial effect on the women's health, tones and stimulates the muscles of the uterus. Teas and decoctions based on the oregano are used to improve and normalize the menstrual cycle, bringing the monthly in order in the case of delays or cycle disturbances. 

Brewing oregano is easy enough − you will need a thermos or another container in which you can keep the heat for a long time. Fill two-three tablespoons of oregano with the 34 oz of water, and after 30 minutes begin to use. Drink 15-20 minutes before meals, about three times a day. 

Recipes and application of oregano (marjoram) 

Compresses from the broth of oregano heal the furuncles. With the strong toothache, the periodontal disease and the stomatitis, the oregano grass is chewed. Alternatively, you can attach a piece of cotton wool soaked in special oil on the base of oregano to the sick tooth. 

The way of cooking such oil is as follows: a handful of very finely chopped herb oregano is filled with the vegetable oil and put in a dark place for 8-10 hours. 

With the neurodermatitis, the children's eczema applies the therapeutic baths (proportion: about two oz of herb oregano per a bucket of water). The powder made from the dried and mashed plants, it is recommended to sniff at a headache and a strong cold. 

With the muscles' pain and the liver colic it is necessary to make the compresses with the oregano oil. To do this, add three to four drops of oil in the 17 oz of warm water, and then moisten this liquid with a gauze folded in six-ten layers and attach to with a bandage to a sore spot. It is advisable to keep such a compress for two hours. 

Contraindications to Use 

As for the harmful effect of marjoram on the body, it is enough to note only a few points. Oregano is not recommended for the pregnant women, and also for the men − not get carried away, as this plant can cause their sexual weakness.

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