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What Kinds of Honey Exist?

Absolutely everybody has heard a lot of about the useful and medicinal properties of honey. Moreover, many people know that there are a lot of different kinds of honey that they are collected by bees from different flowers, that the honey is different in color and taste. However, not many know specifically what sort of honey it is, from what kind of flowers it has produced, and what honey appears on the sale before, and which one can be enjoyed only in autumn. Thus, today we will consider all kinds of the honey that can be found today on our shelves.

Types of Flower Honey

So, the floral honey is the most common. In turn, it is divided into two more types, and this:

- monofloral honey;
- polyfloral honey.
These two species have fairly simple differences − the polyfloral honey is produced by bees from the various types of flowers. In turn, the monofloral honey is made by bees on the basis of single nectar. The flower honey is, as it were, summarized species, as the bees produce such honey from the different colors and nectars. It can be like ordinary field flowers, and flower plantations, fields with various grains and other crops.
In addition, the taste of the honey visibly depends on the place where it was done. The bees, which live constantly in sunny, warm and appropriate conditions, produce more delicious honey than those that did not have the proper care. Also, the taste of honey is influenced by the other factors. For example, it is the soil on which flowers grow and where the bees live, as well as the types of bees, in which there are also different "recipes" for the preparation of this product.
The most popular types of the flower honey are following:
Linden (Lime, White, or Basswood) honey. One of the most common, useful and tasty honey, possessing unique qualities. In addition, it is one of the earliest honey that appears on the shelves of stores. It is famous for its crystalline, pure composition, an unimaginably golden-sunny shade that does not have turbid sediment.

Buckwheat honey. This honey is extracting by bees from the basis of buckwheat flowers. It has an unusual aroma, and is also very specific to taste. The medicinal properties of the honey are highly valued in the folk-medicine. The buckwheat honey can lift a person to his feet after the heavy operations and injuries, helps in the fight against colds and much more. It has a brownish color, so it can easily be distinguished from the other types of honey.

Sweet-clover honey. It takes its name in the same way as the other types of honey − from the plant from which it is obtained. This, so-called, sweet clover (melilot). In the folk-medicine it also plays a crucial role in various types of diseases. For the same reasons, the honey from the sweet-clover is as useful. For example, it helps fighting pains in the abdomen, is useful in the gastric diseases. Like all kinds of honey, it is very effective in fighting colds and so on.

Sunflower honey. Just like the linden ones, it has a golden hue, only it is somewhat darker, and is known for its rapid crystallization. The sunflower honey has a weak aroma, although this is not its fault. After all, such honey can be consumed by those who do not tolerate sharp smells, for example, the women during pregnancy.
In total, there are about ten different kinds of the flower honey that differ in the variety of flowers from which the bees extracted nectar. All these species are more or less useful to our organism.

Honeydew Honey

A distinctive view of honey − is just the honeydew honey. It does not include floral nectar, and this is one of the conditions for its "purity." This honey is produced on the basis of sugar secretions of the insects living on the leaves of the fruit-bearing plants.  It is extracted by the bees from various tree species so its taste, color will depend on the type of a tree. Such honey is also very useful for humans, but it is, strange as it may seem, destructive for the bees. It is impossible to admit that this honeydew honey has been with the bees more than four months, further it will begin to release harmful substances, which will ultimately destroy the bees' organisms.

Artificial Honey

Today, people have learned to make the artificial honey, without the participation of bees. And this, it is worth acknowledging, unfortunately is not very useful. After all, such honey will not bring all the benefits that natural analogs give. It does not have aroma, its taste is only approximate to the natural honey, and if you just try this product, you can notice that this honey has a large amount of sugar. The artificial honey is only a distant clone of the real honey, and from this product of maximum benefit does not work. You should abandon it.

Sugar Honey

Such honey is produced by the bees, however, not from flowers or honeydews, but from the sugar syrup. It should be recognized that unlike other types of honey, sugar is less useful, but even such honey is more useful than artificial honey.
Well, now you have a good knowledge of what honey can be, what kind of food should be avoided, and what honey should be paid close attention in order to get the most out of it.

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