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Whole Truth about Dried Dates

Among the huge number of exotic fruits, there are a few numbers of the most common and most useful products. Among this set there are also the dates − some of the most valuable fruits. For us, the date is better known in the dried form because in this condition this product is very tasty, stored for a long time and remains useful. In some countries, the date has long been considered a sacred product because it has the unique medicinal properties and a positive effect on the human organism. We can say that this is a vitamin in a pure natural form, and we will get acquainted with its qualities now.

Useful Properties of Dates

The dates are the most useful for colds, for preventing the health and the raising immunity. So, during the colds, the dates can be effectively taken with warm milk, and in a few days a relief will be felt. The dates' effect is somewhat reminiscent of the effect of honey − they are also useful and are interchangeable. In addition, the date is also a source of clean energy. Despite their relatively low energy value (274 kcal per 100 mgs), the dates have a good digestibility and contribute to a fruitful metabolism, helping the other products to split up and turn into energy.
The dried dates are influential a positive effect on the mouth cavity. Reduction of bleeding and strengthening of the gums is also due to this product. In addition, the dates have a positive effect on the teeth. Few people know that in some Muslim countries the dates were used as a dentifrice (like toothpaste in our time). For this, several dates were put in the mouth, and they were chewed for 3-4 minutes. After that, the gums became firm, and the teeth white.
Also, the dates are a favorite product of vegetarians and raw foodists. By the way, many such people can only live on the dates for a long time, and there is nothing unusual or contraindicated in this for them. In fact, the dates contain a full range of vitamins necessary for our health, including:

- vitamin A and E;
- a group of vitamins B and D;
- vitamin C.
Also, in the dried dates there are useful substances, such as magnesium and potassium, sodium and calcium, a large amount of iron and phosphorus. They contribute to the growth of the whole organism, muscle mass, bones and hair growth. Among other things, the dried dates are useful with the presence of various acids, in particular the pantothenic acid (B5), which affects the vision organs, improves them, stimulates the work of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, and also affects the external tissues − preventing skin problems. Also, the use of the dates helps in the fight against dandruff, reducing its number to a minimum, and even getting rid of it completely.
For correct and useful use of the dates, you need to know the amount that you can eat. It will be enough just 10-15 dried dates during the day − that is, you can eat them both before dinner, and after it, later in the evening or in the morning, it does not matter. These dried fruits will still do their useful work.
The dried dates are very useful also for the pregnant women. They have a positive effect on the prenatal period. With the use of them in the diet, such period will not be too painful and will be much easier. They will also be useful for the diets' fans, when sweet foods are completely forbidden, but still want to eat a sweetie anyway. In this case it is the dried date, as a source of natural fructose that can come to the aid and satisfy the taste desires. The only thing to be avoided is using of the dates with the citrus fruits, since the substances in them and the dates are poorly compatible and may have an unpleasant effect on the process of digestion.

Harmful Effect of Dried Dates

As for the harm of dried dates, it should be noted that this product is not so safe. Though in general, its harmful qualities are practically absent, contraindications concern only for one category of people − the patients with diabetes mellitus. Yes, because of the high content of fructose and sugar in the composition of this product, diabetics should avoid using it, or at least have small amounts.
Note the fact that the dates are imported from abroad, so in the process of preparation and transportation they may be handled with various chemicals that can bring, albeit not significant, but the harm to the organism. This can be accompanied by prolonged headaches or discomfort in the abdomen.
Well, now you know everything about the dried dates, and most importantly, you understand that this product is extremely useful for our organism, so do not go past them in the store.
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