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Benefit and Harms Avocado

Another interesting exotic fruit is an avocado. In other countries, it is consumed and compared to a pear, because the fruits, and perhaps the trees themselves, are also a bit like them, and in other words the avocado is called the "alligator pear". According to the scientific, the avocado is called the "persea americana", and as you can guess, this fruit comes from America. Avocado trees are medium in size, sometimes there are tall trees, up to 50 feet; fruits are thickly growing on the trees.
By the way, the avocado fruits themselves can have different shapes, for example globular or oval, and also be in the shape of a pear. The fruit size is not very large and fluctuates from about 2.8 to 5 inches in length, with a specific gravity of 7-17 ounces. Like any other plant, the unripe avocado is green, and after ripening the peel changes its shade and then changed to a very dark one. Also, in the avocado there is a pit, which is best not to be consumed, since it contains concentrated toxins that cause unpleasant consequences with digestion. So, let us look at the essence and benefit of this amazing fetus.

Ingredients of Avocado Fetus

The fruits of avocados differ in surprisingly good caloric contents, unlike other fetuses and fruits. So, it is about 240-250 kcal per 100 gms, although any harmful fats practically absent in the avocado. On the contrary, this fruit is considered a dietary product and often becomes the main food of vegetarians in the form of cold dishes and salads, snacks and other. The most popular, perhaps, appetizer from avocado is the Mexican guacamole, where the avocado's pulp is the basis of this dish. 

The useful composition of avocado contains various acids, in particular, oleic acid, the properties of which are known to many − it prevents the appearance of excessive cholesterol in the blood and helps other substances in splitting this cholesterol. Naturally, in the avocado there are vitamins, among which:

- a large amount of vitamin C and E;
- vitamins of group B;
- vitamins A and D;
- some amount of vitamin PP.
As for vitamins C and E, their content in avocado is really great, and their action is very valuable − they help slow down the aging process, enriching the cells with oxygen, thus providing an anti-aging effect. Also, the mineral substances needed for the body are in the avocado. Potassium and sodium, phosphorus and zinc, as well as manganese and iron, can be found in its fetuses in the largest quantities. In addition, there are other useful minerals (about fifteen), but their number, like the effect, is insignificant.

Useful Effects of Avocado

Of course, the useful composition of the product tells us that it has no less important useful properties. In fact, the avocado has its positive effect on many human organs and systems, in the list of which it is possible to include the circulatory, digestive, nervous and genitourinary functions of the vital activity of the organism. For example, the avocado helps to concentrate attention and improve memory, relieves emotional tension and helps rehabilitate the work of nerve cells. The effect on the cardiovascular system is also significant. For example, the useful avocado substances increase the oxygen flow in the blood, help fighting the cardiovascular diseases, such as anemia or atherosclerosis, due to the fatty acids contained in the composition. The work of the heart, and at the same time the functional of the whole organism, is greatly improved. Avocado also has an effect on the circulatory system as a medicine to relieve pressure. Therefore, it is better to refrain from it to those who have already been depressed.
The avocado undeniably brings the beneficial effect to the digestive system. This fruit helps with constipation and pain in the stomach and pancreas. It helps to cleanse the intestine and normalizes its functioning. The avocado has a purifying effect on the genitourinary system, promoting the dissolution of salts. It is known to use avocado and in perfumery, for example, in the moisturizing creams. Also, the avocado is effective in treating:

- scleroderma;
- parodontosis;
- arthrosis and Paget's diseases;
- eczema.
Thus, the avocado is an excellent medicine for severe diseases, and, of course, just for the prevention. Now, only one question is remained: has the avocado any negative properties for the human organism?

Harmful Properties of Avocado

Unfortunately, not much, but it does. First, as we have already said, this is contraindicated for people with a low blood pressure. Secondly, it is necessary to be careful with avocado's pits because they contain toxins. If you notice that the pits have rotted up to the flesh, simply discard the product.
Also, there is an individual intolerance to this fetus, accompanied by the allergic symptoms. And in the rest, the avocado has only positive properties, which every one of you knows now.

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