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Benefits and Harm of Bananas

Tropical fruits are often regarded and classified by us at a price. We know the expensive fruits such as mangoes, avocados or pineapples, or cheap ones, such as oranges and tangerines, as well as a banana, which we will consider today. We know that bananas are the most common fruits today, and that they are useful, that is for sure. However, from the bananas can take have and the harmful properties, so to understand how to get from them only benefit, you should get acquaintance with the bananas closer. 

Often, one can observe a picture how of green, yellow, or even dark bananas lying on the store shelves. This indicates their degree of their maturity, and on this it also depends a lot. Also, you will learn about what value maybe from using of the bananas' rind, and how to choose this fruit correctly. 

Useful Properties of Bananas 

The bananas contain a considerable amount of useful substances. For example, there is so much potassium in one banana, how in some other fruits there are not accumulated and a half. In turn, the potassium is useful for the muscular system, has a positive effect on the nervous one and promotes the progressive work of the brain, and is also useful for the heart and blood. In addition, the banana contains: 

- iron and calcium;    
- sodium and phosphorus;    
- magnesium and cobalt.    

All these substances, one way or another, have a positive effect on the body, and in the amount of substances, this effect increases. Interestingly, the bananas' DNA is the same as the human's for as much as 50%. This means that their use will only benefit us, and the fact that the allergic reactions from their eating should not arise, and this is already great. It turns out that the bananas can be consumed absolutely by everyone, from small children to old people, whose teeth are no longer there to eat anything solid, therefore the bananas will be suitable in the best possible way.    

Also, in the bananas, there are vitamins − many vitamins. For example, this is the mass of vitamin A and vitamins B − mainly vitamins B1 and B2, B3 and B6, as well as vitamin B9.    Still there is vitamin E, which is known for its antioxidant properties, as well as vitamin PP that activates and greatly helps the human immunity. In general, the vitamins work as follows, they: 

- improve the memory and the attention;    
- slow down the aging process in the body; 
- increase the working capacity and lead the organism in tone;    
- help get rid of the insomnia and the stress;    
- cleanse the skin, heal the wounds, relieve the acne and the dandruff; 
- establish the hormonal processes.    

And there are many other useful properties, albeit less effective. The banana's rind, as a rule, is not eaten and is not used by us.    However, in the South African countries, various creams and mixtures are prepared from the rind, which help to get rid of abdominal pain, heal wounds more quickly and counteract the diseases of the bone system. The bananas are recommended to be used after heavy physical exertion, as they help restore strength. By the way, do not eat too many bananas after training in the gym. 

The banana is a hard-to-digestible product, so you should not overload the digestive organs. In this respect, in our cosmetology, the banana is used only as a cosmetic means for preparing face masks. 

How Properly to Choose Bananas?

Let us talk now about how properly to choose the bananas, and which of them will be the most useful. It is logical that the most correct choice will be a ripe banana − not green and not overripe, just ripe. Such banana will have a bright yellow hue, on the surface of which will be visible the small black dots. This means that the banana's main components have already matured, and that it has accumulated the sugar, so this banana is worth buying. 

The bananas with dark spots are also basically edible, but if the surface of the fruit is covered by them no more than 40%. If the banana is more than half blacked, it is better to rid yourself of it. As for the green bananas, they are also loved by many but they are    not very recommended, especially for those who have any problems with digestion. 

Harmful properties of Bananas 

Unlike other fruits, the energy value of the bananas is very big, so it is better not to use it for those who are overweight. Also, the banana is a sugar-containing product that does not benefit people suffering from diabetes.   

Among other things, we would like to note an interesting feature, according to which, the bananas have not quite a pleasant property. The point is that the people who eat the bananas are more likely to become the victims of mosquito bites, so you need to pay attention to this fact, if you do not want to be bitten by insects. And in the rest, the bananas are not dangerous fruits which are recommended practically almost to all.

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