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Benefits and Harm of Kiwi Fruit. All You Need to Know

With what only is a kiwi not associating? Some calls it "Chinese eatberry", someone calls it "hairy potatoes", but in fact the real name of this product is borrowed from another object. So, this fruit was named, therefore because it is very much like a famous bird of kiwi. However, we will consider only this fruit itself. The kiwi fruits grow small, and have a weight ranging from 2-4 ounces. Today, we will consider the main useful features of the kiwi, which can be valuable for us at one time or another. 

Useful Composition of Kiwi 

So, before considering the useful properties of the kiwi, and indeed any other product, you should get to know the composition of this fruit. After all, the kiwi contains many interesting substances and minerals, which in the other fruits are an order of magnitude smaller. This applies, for example, to vitamin A and a group of vitamins B. Yes, the other fruits also have these vitamins, but unlike the others, it is in the kiwi that their amount is somewhat larger. In addition, as in the other fruits, the kiwi contains vitamins C and D, as well as vitamin E. Besides vitamins, the kiwi also contains various nutrient and useful substances. It is worth noting the presence of beta-carotene and folic acid, antioxidants and vegetable proteins. In addition, the kiwi contains cellulose, which also plays a useful role in the human organism. Also, the kiwi fruit contains the following substances: 

- sugar and flavonoids; 
- pectin and other organic acids. 

As for the kiwi caloric content, it is not very large, and for the fruits it is average at all − only 60 kcal per 100 gms. Once in the kiwi there are the useful substances, means, there are also the useful properties. Therefore, let us look at the kiwi from this side. 

Useful Kiwi Fruit Properties. Practical Instructions for Using 

So, the useful properties of the kiwi, can be said, to encompass several types of the systems of vital activity of the organism and affect them to varying degrees. For example, the kiwi is very useful for the cardiovascular system. It is recommended for the hypertensive diseases, the high blood pressure, and the blockage of blood vessels. In general, the components of the kiwi affect the walls of the vessels and the capillary, thereby contributing to the improvement of the entire circulatory system. 

It is known the fact that if a person is much nervous and worried, he soon begins to noticeably turn gray. So, here the kiwi helps slow down this process to a great extent, along with it, calming the nervous system, favorably affecting it. The kiwi helps to get rid of the excessive amounts of cholesterol in our organism. In addition, it is used against heaviness and pain in the abdomen, insufficient work of the liver and kidneys. Speaking of the latter, we can note the fact that the kiwi contributes to the dissolution and removal of salts from the organism, which is extremely useful in the urolithiasis. The kiwi is useful not only for those who need to remove cholesterol or salt from his organism, but also to people who suffer from the excess sugar in the body. Thus, the kiwi is recommended for diabetes, as one of the most effective fruits. 

Separately, we would like to note the benefits of the kiwi as a means to lose weight. Because of the presence of substances such as enzymes in this fruit, the kiwi accelerates the fat burning, so it can be effectively consumed before and after the intensive athletic training, and it is also useful to eat a couple of kiwi slices overnight. In general, you can eat up to three kiwis a day, but only use them as an additive, a dessert and so on, shortly before or after eating.

Also, many girls are familiar with the fact that the excellent face masks obtaining with the kiwi. They help moisturize and tone the skin. Also, the kiwi has an anti-aging effect, thereby rejuvenating the skin. This is because the kiwi contains the antioxidants and useful minerals that favorably affect the skin. 

Harmful Kiwi Properties and Contraindications 

As for the harmful properties of kiwi, then there are several contraindications. First, with the kiwi it is always necessary to remove the peel since it almost always has an irritant effect in the mouth and on the lips. In addition, there is internal intolerance to kiwis, provoking the emergence of allergies in varying degrees of the manifestation. For example, it can provoke an asthmatic shortness of breath, or a feeling of swelling of the tongue. Also, because of the kiwi a throat dermatosis and partial obstruction of the respiratory passage can often occur. 

Like any other fruit, the kiwi is not recommended for the people who have problems with the high acidity of the organism, in particular, with the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, you should avoid an excessive consumption of this fruit, and observe the recommended quantity. Then, the kiwi will not negatively affect you.

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