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Benefits and Recipes of Cherry Plum

One of the few spiny fruit-bearing trees is a cherry plum (alycha). Rarely, it happens in the form of a shrub that has thin, brownish-green shoots, reaching heights of 10-20 feet. Its blossoms can be white or pink, usually single. This wonderful tree is blossoming in late April or early May. As a rule, fully ripe fruits are waiting for us only in the middle of August. By the way, the cherry plum is an excellent honey-plant for bees and is a distant relative of the present plum. 

The plum's fruits of are roundish, juicy yellow. There are also red fruits of the cherry plum, differing in small sizes − only one-two inches. As a rule, the fruit's shape is round, but less often it can be slightly elongated and flattened, already presented in an oval form. The fruits have a very smooth surface and a small longitudinal groove. 

In a Nutshell about Calorific Value of Cherry Plum 

The cherry plum is a dietary and not fatty product, with a calorie content of only 30 kcal. This allows it to be accessible to the vast majority of people, regardless of whether the person is inclined to obesity or not. As for the other components, then the situation is as follows: 

- in the plum there are about 0.2 g of proteins; 
- about 0.1 g of fat; 
- approximately 8-8.5 g of carbohydrates; 
- about 89 g of water. 

However, the whole essence of cherry plum is hidden in its useful composition, and the properties that follow from this composition. So let us get to know better about them. 

Useful Composition and Properties of Cherry Plums 

As the varieties of the cherry plum differ between themselves, the useful composition are also differs. Some substances may be more in a certain sort than in others, but in general, the structure of all varieties is very similar. The cherry plum is represented by many of vitamins, in particular, they are: vitamin of PP and vitamin A, vitamins of group B-B1 and B2, and ascorbic acid, also vitamin C. Vitamin E is present too, which is also important in the composition of this fruit. In addition, the cherry plum is represented by the useful substances and minerals, such as: 

- calcium and iron; 
- magnesium and phosphorus; 
- sodium and others. 

This fruit is useful in both fresh and processed forms. First of all, the cherry plum is recommended to give to the small children for stable and effective body growth. Recommend it and to the pregnant women for growth and health of their fetuses, to the nursing mothers and elderly people. The cherry plum is also recommended for the chronic or inflammatory diseases of organs − liver, kidneys, intestines and many other life support systems. 

This fruit is excellent as a medicine for the prevention of diseases such as scurvy, night blindness, beriberi, and even for the treatment of constipation. Since in the structure of the cherry plum there are the pectins and dietary fibre, it promotes the removal of radionuclides from the body. The plum's juice is used to heal wounds, as well as a sweatshop and antitussive drugs. Aqueous infusion of a cherry plum is the most often used for the treatment of the liver and kidney diseases, and even for the treatment of impotence. A mucus derived from the gummy exudate is used to treat the peptic ulcers of the stomach, as well as a remedy for vomiting or nausea.

A cherry plum's bone also confers benefit. As a rule, the oil is extracted from it, which, surprisingly, has a very similar composition with the almond oil. In the cherry plum's bones there is almost 41-44% of the oil. The oil from the cherry plum contains glycoside and amygdalin, which in turn have been transformed into the glucose and the benzoic aldehyde. In plain language, the oil from cherry plum is very nutritious, and it also allows it to be a part of many cosmetic and perfume products, and in the manufacture of medical soap. 

Recipes Based on Cherry Plum 

Jelly from Cherry Plum 

Such jelly will be very useful for the catarrhal and viral diseases. Also, it is very suitable in the disease of the upper respiratory tracts, and the recipe for making the jelly resembles a usual plum recipe. Therefore, the description of the next method of making jelly from the cherry plum can be used in the preparing of a plum jelly. So, the following ingredients are needed for cooking: 

- slightly more than two pounds of the cherry plum; 
- about two pounds of sugar; 
- one cup of water. 

To begin with, rinse the cherry plum and clean from the peduncles, then cut off the beaten and rotten areas of stone-fruits. Then, spread the cherry plum into the enameled bowl and fill it with a cup of water. Start to cook first on a fresh fire, about 15 minutes. After, in small portions, shift the cherry plum to the colander and perfectly grate the fruits with a spoon, fork or any other improvised remedy. Separate the pulp from bones, and gradually, with small portions, return it to the saucepan. Then, prepare the sugar and pour it in the cherry plum, put all on a slow fire, stirring regularly. After all the sugar has dissolved, put the future jelly on an average fire, and, continue stirring, finish the preparation in 40 minutes. Then, remove the jelly from the fire, pour it in the jars and cover with the clean lids. We roll it up and put it in a cool place, covered with a blanket. 

Jam from plum − that is good and taste 

This recipe will be slightly similar to the preparation of jam, but still somewhat different. In particular, the process of preparation of the cherry plums is very similar. And in either case it is necessary to wash it well, removes the peduncles from it and cut off the rotten parts, if any. In addition, it is necessary to puncture each stone-fruit with a toothpick. So, take two pounds of the cherry plums and pour a little water. Put the bowl with the mixture on medium fire and warm it for three-five minutes (so that the water is heated to a temperature of 167-176 ° F). Remove the vessel from the fire and drain the water, flooding the cherry plum with a new portion of cold water. From the water that we have drained, it is necessary to prepare the syrup. We do it this way: 

- for 10 oz of water you need about 25 oz of granulated sugar; 
- pour the sugar into the water and put the liquid on a slow fire; 
- after heating the mass, bring to a boil and completely dissolve the sugar. 

Now, it is necessary to lay out the cherry plum in a deep bowl and pour this hot syrup, for about four-five hours. At the end of this time, it is necessary to put the saucepan with the syrup on the fire and bring to a boil. After the bubbles begin to appear on the surface of the consistency, turn off the fire and leave the mixture alone for another four-five hours. Thus, perform the operation three times. After the last operation, the jam must be boiled for fifteen minutes and then pour into a container. 

Simple Recipe for Jam from Cherry Plums in a Multi-cooker 

It is much easier and quicker to prepare the jam from cherry plums in a multi-cooker than to do it on a stove. To prepare it, it is necessary to prepare the cherry plum in the standard way − to rinse the fruit, to clean from the peduncles, to remove rotten areas and, if possible, to remove the bones. Further everything is extremely simple. Fall asleep plum into the multi-cooker, add sugar to it, set a certain regime, wait for a certain time and that is all. And now, a little more detail. After loading the cherry plum (before filling it boiled it for five minutes) load the sugar at the rate of 10.5 oz of sugar for 3.5 oz of plum. If, say, there is the cherry plum − 14 oz, then load 35 oz of sugar. Then, on the multi-cooker set the "Baking" mode and set the time timer for 40 minutes. After this time, you can get the jam from the multi-cooker and pour on jars.
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