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How useful is the grapefruit?

Many are not loved, but it is such a useful grapefruit − today, we will tell just about this fruit. This plant refers to the citrus fruits, which grows in the territories of subtropical climate. 

Fruits of the grapefruit grow on evergreen trees, which reach a height sometimes 33 and 46 feet. Ripe fruits have the average sizes, the diameter of which does not exceed six inches. A person, who is not familiar with a variety of these fruit citrus plants, can confuse externally a grapefruit with an orange because the latter looks just the same. And in truth, these two fruits have some similarities, but the grapefruit practically lacks a sweet taste − its fruit juice is sour, and the fruit's pulp has a bitter taste. That is why many simply do not like to use grapefruit, as its taste is retained for a long time in the oral cavity and with a bitter aftertaste it is necessary to walk all day. 

The origin of grapefruit is elementary − this citrus fruit was obtained as a result of hybrid mixing of pomelo (not to be confused with the witches' kind of transport − broom) and of all known orange. And it is not known how the grapefruit appeared − was it grown artificially or did it turn out to be a natural way? However, it is absolutely certain that on the basis already of this grapefruit were bred a very different, interesting citrus fruits and plants. These include the Tangelo, as well as the Mineola. The fruits of our plant under consideration ripen in 8-11 months, and harvesting takes place approximately in February. 

To date, there are about 20 different kinds of grapefruit. All these types differ in the appearance of their skin, size, structure and smell, and in the contents − the pulp has a different color, juiciness and so on. It is accepted that if the skin has the more red shade, the pulp of the fruit will be more sweated. 

Popularity in Cooking 

How can you use grapefruit in cooking? This question is simple enough to answer, if you know the properties of the product itself. However, running ahead, we note that the grapefruit is often used in the manufacture of low-alcohol beverages and non-alcoholic cocktails. It is also suitable for making salads, sauces and jam, you can also prepare jelly. The juice from fruit is used as a sauce or marinade for vegetables and meat products. A very useful essential oil is extracted from the concentrated grapefruit's peel, which is also used in cooking as a flavoring; and in the perfume industry − as an aromatic base for colognes, toilet waters, conditioners and shampoos, creams and balms, etc. From the same oil, confectionery syrup is made, as well as an extract for the preparation of alcoholic beverages. But, still mostly the grapefruit is used fresh, and with exceptionally cases − its pulp. Moreover, the fruit is cut by halves for the transverse arrangement of lobules. By the way, it can be cleaned like an orange, freeing each segment of the peel, but it takes quite a long time and requires accuracy. 

Nutritional Value and Calories Contained in Grapefruit 

Despite its impressive size as a fruit, the grapefruit is not the most caloric product because its caloric content is only 32 Kcal. This means that it can be classified as a dietary product and boldly used even by those who fear for the extra pounds. In addition, knowing how many calories the grapefruit contains, you can make very diverse food for diet. Concerning the nutritional value, it should be noted that the fats and proteins are practically absent in this fruit, and there is a very small fraction of carbohydrates (only 6.5 g). 

All You Need to Know About Beneficial Properties of Grapefruit 

And now we will briefly define the useful composition of this fruit. Naturally, as in any other tropical fruit, there is just a huge amount of different vitamins and minerals; let us look at what specific substances are present and what benefits they represent: 


- many vitamins A and C; 
- in a sufficient number of PP and B1-B6; 
- some amount of vitamin D. 

Minerals in the grapefruit: 

- calcium and phosphorus; 
- sodium and iodine; 
- a sufficient amount of iron and copper; 
- cobalt and zinc; 
- fluoride, etc.

Mostly, the grapefruit is used as a dietary product, which is able to enter into the fight against excessive weight. Firstly, this is due to the fact that in its composition there are the substances that have the ability to split and at the same time excrete cholesterol from the organism, and also greatly to accelerate the metabolism and significantly reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. To stabilize the cholesterol and to reduce the amount of insulin used in diabetes, doctors advise to eat one grapefruit a day. On the basis of this citrus, there are several effective diets that require the special consumption of fruit − eat a few grapefruit slices or drink 3.5 oz juice about 20 minutes before eating. 

Those who suffer from the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, we can also advise several methods of the treatment. The acidity of gastric juice after the treatment directly depends on how many acids are there in the grapefruit. For example, one type of treatment involves the consumption of fruit juice in an amount of 7-9 oz twice a day − always on an empty stomach, and just before bedtime. To the grandparents, fruit will help reduce blood pressure, as well as overcome the signs of the atherosclerosis. Among other things, the grapefruit improves the activity of the nervous system − it normalizes sleep and reduces the number of headaches. 

Among other things, the vitamins, which are present in these fruits, help strengthen the immune system and help remove puffiness from the skin of the face. For the pregnant girls are good for consuming the freshly squeezed juice, of course, not only the grapefruit juice, but also the orange, pomegranate, etc.; however, in small quantities, so as not to cause allergies. And also, this juice is useful to drink in the early spring − when the epidemiological situation is particularly unfavorable, viruses awaken, etc. 

The grapefruits are also used in cosmetology. How? − Everything is quite easy and simple. They are used in the preparation of masks for face and skin. These masks have whitening and cleansing effect. In addition, in order to whiten the skin, as well as get rid of any pigment spots, you can use a very simple recipe: 

- for this you need to prepare a gauze; 
- fold it several times; 
- moisten the gauze by the grapefruit's juice; 
- attach it to the face and wait until completely dry. 

If you deal with very bright pigment spots, this mask should be used once every two days, and after a while (presumably two-three weeks), the result will be noticeable. Also, the fruit essential oil is used as a soothing and relaxing remedy, which can be added to both a hot bath and, for example, to an aroma lamp. 

The only thing you need to fear when using the grapefruits is incompatibility with the certain medicinal products. In particular, this may concern contraceptives − these fruits simply neutralize the effect of the chemical preparations that make up such drugs.

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