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What Are Actually Useful in Apples?

Of course everyone knows that apples are the most useful fruits, and in general this product is a symbol of all fruits. And it is not for nothing that it is considered so since many different stories are associated with the apples, the songs and the poems are devoted to them, in some countries the apple is considered a national or sacred fruit, and is also a symbol on the state emblem. In a word, it is almost the ideal product with a pleasant taste, and a large number of useful and medicinal properties, to which we will stop today. 

The Composition of Apples 

If you look at the composition of apples in detail, you can write a whole book from this because this fruit contains simply a staggering amount of various minerals, vitamins and so on. The most important constituents of any apple are phytochemicals. These are the especial chemical compounds that are parts of many plants and fruits, and possess the strong antioxidant properties. That is, due to the presence of these substances, oxidative processes in the organism are significantly slowed down. These processes, as a rule, damage free radicals in the cells and tissues of our body. So, phytochemicals can slow down the damaging much more effectively than any other vegetables or fruits (but unfortunately they cannot completely stop these processes). 

Also, the apples contain pectins and tannins, which are very useful and necessary. Thus, the pectin is soluble cellulose that improves digestive processes, has a positive effect on the cleansing of the intestines and the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. As for the tannin it prevents the development of diseases associated with the genitourinary system, it is also useful and for the cardiovascular diseases. Among other things, in apples there are plenty of vitamins, we can say that almost everything is here − from vitamin A to vitamin U. Also, there are more than 60 micro- and macro-elements, among which the most popular is the iron. Exactly the iron most of all are situated in the apples. Well, let us look at the useful properties of apples, and what can be cured with their help? 

Useful and Medicinal Properties of Apples 

The apples have a significant effect on the digestive processes in the organism. So, they contribute to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, they can be used to prevent the abdominal pain, constipation and other digestive problems. Also, the apples perfectly stimulate appetite, and contribute to the release of the oxalic acid, which plays an important role in our body too. In addition, these fruits are excellent for the liver complex and the liver as a whole. 

Essentially, the apples will help reduce cholesterol in the blood, thanks to the same pectin, which is included in their composition. Also, the special organic cellulose that is contained in the apples' skin is involved in this process. Therefore, when eating apples, we advise you do not peel them because it can contain up to 0.18 ounces of such fibers. An apple juice has the valuable properties too. It can be obtained by squeezing or boiling the apples. And also you can take the fresh apples, getting from them a sufficient amount of the juice. First, it reduces cholesterol in the blood and the liver, and secondly, it helps improving digestion, cleanse the body of the toxins and the harmful substances, preventing the development of any diseases caused by these toxins. 

It is efficient to use of the apples in the diseases such as gout or chronic rheumatism. The reason for this is an obstacle in the formation of uric acid. In general, the apples have a general strengthening effect on the body. This is a product containing a lot of energy and vitamins, which you can get by simply eating it. The lack of vitamins in the body − eat apples, digestive problems − eat apples! You have the signs of poisoning or toxicity in the body − eat apples! In addition, a lot of different dishes and preparations can be made from the apples. This number includes the apple jam, juice, cooking fruit puree, adding the grated apples to a cottage cheese, pies and cakes and a lot of other dishes. In addition, in any case, they will still be of use to you. So, let us outline the main useful properties that distinguish the apples: 

1. The ideal dietary product, used in a variety of diets. 
2. Drug effects on the heart and cardiovascular system. 
3. Improve the condition of the teeth and the tooth enamel. 
4. Improve the work of the intestines, contribute to its purification. 
5. The effective product against colds. 
6. The valuable source of vitamins and minerals. 

Contraindications and Harm of Apples 

Unfortunately, contraindications to the apples include the prohibition of their use in peptic ulcers, especially if they occur in the area of the duodenum. This is undesirable because in the apples there is a considerable amount of acids (mainly, malic one), which can have an irritant effect on the digestive system. 

And in general, the apples are advised to use to everyone, regardless of gender, the age or the position of a person.

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