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Why Is It So Important to Eat Peanuts?
A peanut (groundnut) is one of the few nuts, the fruits of which grow under the ground. And indeed, in fact, the peanuts are a legume plant, but the fruits of peanuts are usually called the nuts. This is one of the most used products among these types. Everyone enjoys it − the children consume the sweet or the salty peanuts, and the adults often buy the salted peanuts for a beer. Are there any benefits in these nuts, or have they any contraindications? Let us take a closer look at the peanuts to be absolutely sure of their useful or, however, harmful properties.
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Benefits and Use of Macadamia Nut
Among hundreds of nuts' species, one of the most valuable and useful is a macadamia nut. Its popularity is simply enormous. The nut macadamia is very valuable, and is widely used in the cosmetology.
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Benefits and Harms of Walnuts
A walnut − we all know this plant very well. As a rule, the prefix "Greek" is not used in our speech, so under the word "walnut" the majority understands namely walnut. The walnut tree grows almost everywhere in the warm climate because it is unpretentious to the conditions of life, and it can withstand low temperatures in winter, and the scorching sun in summer. As for fruits of the walnut, they begin to appear on a tree only when it turns ten years old, and, the more the age of a tree, the more it starts to set fruits. So, let us dwell on the useful properties of the walnuts, let us see how you can become healthier and stronger with them and what can be dangerous in them?
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Useful Properties of Pine Nuts
Pine nuts (pignolias, cedar nuts) are today considered a delicacy. And this is really so because in selling them far not so much as sunflower seeds, in addition, the prices for nuts are relatively very high. The nuts are procured from the cedar and the Siberian pine. Coniferous trees can grow for a very long time, and the maturation of cones and nuts does not happen very quickly. As a rule, their ripening takes a little more than a year, and in one cone there are only 100-150 seeds. That is why, the pine nuts are considered a rarity, and their cost in supermarkets is far from low.
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Pecan − Useful Properties
A pecan − the plant from the family of walnut, is very common in the United States, where its fetuses are used in cooking. The external appearance of pecans resembles a hazelnut, but the taste, the filling of this nut strongly resembles a walnut. However, in turn, the pecan is quite different from the walnut, having some advantages over it.
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Nutmeg - Benefit and Harm of Product
A famous, exquisite spice for preparing various dishes is rightfully considered the nutmeg, imported in the USA. Someone is sure of medicinal properties of this nut, and someone − argent that this is a poison and a hallucinogen. And, indeed, the nutmeg is not the easiest product to discuss. It has a dual nature, represents both a useful spectrum of action, and bears some harm.
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Cashew Nuts − or Naturally Occurring Drug from Brazil
Cashew nuts appeared on the shelves of supermarkets relatively recently. But, already at the first time of their sale, they found their fans. Perhaps, it is because of the strange shape of the nut, so often the cashew is called a small dried banana, or banana-nut. And maybe it is because the nut has a specific taste − it is not sour, it is not sweet, just some amazing and indescribable. But, anyway, this product is really very popular, and we cannot afford to simply bypass cashew side. So, let us look at what this nut is, what it is, and whether it can somehow be beneficial to our body?
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